Animes For People Interested In Politics (Top 5)

Almost all Anime series have some political aspects to them, but a few are actually known for being political on another level.

These types of series are driven by their rooted political stories and are completely centered around them. They don’t only involve politics in just a few arcs or cover it superficially, but in fact, go deep into the subject.

Although many people watch Anime series to escape the already politically charged world, this doesn’t mean that politics in Anime can’t be enjoyable or thrilling.

If you’re one of those people who enjoy such political Anime series, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing 5 Anime that people who are interested in politics should watch.

So let’s get right to it!

What does political anime deal with?

Many anime series deal with politics in some form, whether they are set in wholly fantasy settings or are grounded more firmly in reality.

However, few titles are nearly exclusively oriented on political intrigue, immersing themselves in complicated political games over the whole series rather than touching only briefly on the subject or covering it for only a plot arc or two.

Furthermore, while many anime watchers watch it for leisure and escapism from the world around them, especially in today’s sometimes politically heated society, anime concerning politics can be both interesting and pleasant.

Is there a good political plot in the Attack on Titan anime?

While most media portrays a group of adolescents transforming the world, Attack on Titans clearly has a political undertone.

He begins by discussing how popular the anime is but then goes on to compare it to anti-Semitism, “far-right Japanese politics,” the Holocaust, and a range of war crimes committed by the Japanese army. Attack on Titan is geared at an older audience than popular anime like Bleach and Naruto, and you can see why if you watch the anime – it’s gory, violent, and full of graphic portrayals of death.

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

First on the list is this Anime series which is known for offering viewers a lot of political drama. Moribito is a Japanese Anime series that was released in 2007 by Square Enix.

The series is written by Nahoko Uehashi and illustrated by Kamui Fujiwara. Moribito is an amazingly realistic Anime that revolves around a lot of world-building.

It allows the viewers to deeply understand how the political systems and motivations work and depicts the ramifications behind the decisions that each character makes.

However, this doesn’t make the show dry because it’s also heartfelt and sincere which makes it interesting for the audience.

It manages to create the perfect balance between being politically intriguing as well as emotionally captivating.

Main Plot

The main character of this series is Balsa who is known for being wonderful and realistic.

Balsa is a spearwoman and a bodyguard.

She’s on the journey of saving eight lives in order to make up for the eight lives that she took as a warrior in her past.

It’s on this journey that she also ends up saving Prince Chagum and this leads to her becoming his bodyguard. Prince Chagum’s mother asks and convinces Balsa to protect her son from the Emperor himself.

The ruler of Shin Yogo Empire wants to take the life of Prince Chagum, which ironically is his own son. Now, this is where the series begins to get political!


Originally, Kingdom is a Manga series, which was later made into an Anime adaptation. It is written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara.

According to some reviews, people have described that this Anime has an “overwhelmingly well-displayed storyline”. The fictional series is set in the Warring States period of China. You will come across a lot of battles in this Anime.

Politics have had a huge role during the war eras as well. The series offers a lot of characters which allows the audience to learn about different sects in the world.

Kingdom can actually be regarded as the perfect combination of politics and warfare. If that’s something you like, then you’ll actually enjoy watching Kingdom!

Main Plot

The main character in the series is Li Xin. The character of Li Xin is based on the real-life General of the Qin Empire. He’s a young man who comes from a low background but has big dreams.

The series depicts that Li Xin had a very difficult childhood but it was also inspiring. He wants to unify China under Heaven. He was successfully able to go to higher ranks because he helped the aristocrats.

In the series, Li Xin is depicted as a man who takes charge and loves action. He knows how to get the job done and doesn’t enjoy dealing with bureaucratic approvals.

The Anime, Kingdom, is actually very political as it portrays a political leader like Li Xin and it’s his charisma that helps in achieving his goal of unifying China.

Li Xin’s rough upbringing is depicted in the series, yet it was also motivational.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

This Anime series combines historical fantasy with the politics of ancient Persia. Initially, It was a Japanese fantasy novel series which was written by Yoshika Tanaka.

Later on, it was made into an Anime adaptation, which was directed by Mamoru Hamatsu. It’s a very old series and was released in 1991.

The Anime series is inspired by real-life figures and events which took place in sixth-century Persia. Such incidents and events include the East Roman-Persian Wars and Cyrus the Great.

The politics involved in this series is very intricate as well as sophisticated. Therefore, instead of reducing the impact of the characters and storyline of the show, it adds to it.

Main Plot

The main character of the series is the Crown Prince Arslan of Pars. His country was invaded by the neighboring nation, known as Lusitania, and he nearly lost his life during this time.

This invasion is regarded as a treacherous plot to overthrow his father, King Andragoras III. Now the story revolves around Arslan trying to regain and reclaim Pars.

The Anime depicts the struggles of Arslan against the invaders. However, the prince isn’t alone and has help from many of his loyal servants, like Daryun, as well as other fellows.

The series can be regarded as a historical military piece and is a great watch for those who are in search of something new and unique!

Joker Game

This is another political thriller Anime that is based on real-life events which took place during the time of World War II.

The series is an episodic and dialogue-driven one. This is an Anime adaptation of the novel series, written by Koji Yanagi, and its first episode was released in 2016.

Not only it is a series of historical dramas, but it’s also a political spy thriller. It focuses more on mystery than it does on the action.

The tone of this Anime is serious and not playful. This does make it a little slow paced. However, it’s a great Anime for those who like a lot of realism involved with politics.

Main Plot

Joker game revolves around the D Agency, established by Japan and it specializes in espionage. It gathers intelligence upon the start of World War II.

The D agency is an organization that consists of very well-trained spies. The spies are able to hack into the systems of England, France, China, Germany, America, as well as the USSR.

This allows them to access information that will give Japan the longer end of the stick in politics.

Their skills include being able to manipulate and they also have a lot of endurance. The survival of the nation is upon them.

Now if this isn’t a true depiction of politics in the world, then I don’t know what is! The series is a great one for people who like to keep it real.

Here’s a review of this series that you may enjoy!

Code Geass

Last but not least on the list is Code Geass, which is also an amazing political Anime. It was released in 2006 and its final episode was streamed in 2008. The Anime series is written by Goro Taniguchi and Ichiro Okouchi. It has also won many awards.

Code Geass is about rebellion and revolves around a lot of battles and tactics. All such battles and rebellions have a political aspect to them.

Through the series, the audience is able to immerse themselves in politics which takes place all across the world.

Therefore, this Anime is about navigating the political world so that the rebellion can also gain the necessary power.

Main Plot

The Anime is set in an alternative timeline and follows the story of the exiled Prince Lelouch vi Britannia. The Holy Empire of Britannia invaded the country of Japan and started to call it area 11. The residents lost their rights and were now identified as elevens.

This Empire used very destructive and powerful robotic weapons known as nightmares. This allowed them to stay in control.

Prince Lelouch has the power of absolute obedience, which he obtained from a very mysterious woman, CC. This power is what’s known as Geass.

The Prince uses this supernatural power to lead the rebellion against the holy empire of Britannia. This leads to a series of mecha battles.


Here’s a table of the 5 political Anime series and their genres:

Political AnimeGenres
Moribito: Guardian of the SpiritSword and sorcery, adventure fantasy
KingdomEpic historical military
The Heroic Legend of ArslanHigh fantasy, sword, and sorcery
Joker GameDrama, thriller
Code GeassMecha, action, alternate history
Now you can decide which one you’d like to watch!

Final Thoughts

  • There are several Animes that revolve around the concept of politics. However, there are a few which are deep-rooted in political issues and don’t just cover the topic superficially.
  • The five Anime for people interested in politics include Moribito, Code Geass, Joker Game, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, and Kingdom.
  • These five Anime series are politically driven and revolve much around world-building. They allow the readers to understand how politics and governments work in the world.

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