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One Piece: How Strong Is Boa Hancock? (Discover)

The Shonen series One Piece is filled with strong, female characters. They control the weather, hunt for the world’s everlasting youths, fight alongside the Marines, and gather swords. 

One may have the high heels required for doing so, even though there is a very steep running for which a woman can stand over them all. 

One of the most formidable female pirates in One Piece, Boa Hancock was the sole female member of the now-defunct Seven Warlords of the Sea. 

She is in charge of the tribe of warrior women known as the Kuja, who live on the island of Amazon Lily, where males are not allowed. 

Because of her frequently comical position in the series, including being madly in love with the innocent Luffy, Hancock’s power is concealed. 

Her Devil Fruit and Haki mastery help to some extent, but her powers are actually top-notch.

Boa Hancock, aka the Pirate Empress, is the person in question. Boa, who attained Warlord level when her reward was only 80 million berries, is one of the series’ most formidable pirates. 

She is perhaps Kuja’s strongest as well. Boa stands head and shoulders above them all with her strong kicks and enigmatic Devil Fruit in a realm where beauty is strength.

What is One Piece?

One Piece (stylized as ONE PIECE) is a Japanese anime television series created by Toei Animation that debuted in October 1999 on Fuji TV. It is established on the manga series of the same name by Eiichiro Oda.

The world dubbed all of the treasure amassed by Pirate King Gol D. Roger the One Piece. During the Void Century, at least a portion of it belonged to Joy Boy. The treasure is said to be unimaginably valuable and is currently located on the Grand Line’s final island, Laugh Tale.

The One Piece is the driving objective of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, as well as several other pirates, who all want to claim the treasure and become the next Pirate King, following Roger’s dying words during his execution.

Who is Boa Hancock?

“The Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock is the Kuja Pirates’ captain and was the organization’s only female Warlord of the Sea before it was disbanded.

She is the current empress of Amazon Lily, also known as the “Snake Princess,” and she rules over the Kuja tribe with her two younger Gorgon sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold.

The Risky Brothers first cited her at the end of the Thriller Bark Arc when resembling her legendary beauty to that of mermaids.

She is the main antagonist of the Amazon Lily Arc before befriending and tumbling in love with Monkey D. Luffy in the same arc and eventually commits both her love and loyalty to him after understanding the story behind how he punched a Celestial Dragon and hearing his declaration that he only despises the World Nobles, and not her who had to suffer as a result of their heinous actions, leading to her becoming one of his most steadfast allies.

Throughout the rest of the Summit War Saga and the Return to Sabaody Arc, she becomes his ally. She is also Luffy’s ally in the 3D2Y special, the Cidre Guild filler Arc, and the film One Piece: Stampede.

Is Hancock the strongest?

The leader of Amazon Lily and commander of the perilous Kuja Pirates is Boa Hancock.

She has a very complicated personality and occasionally can be a real pain. 

Boa Hancock has very grave reasons for not trusting anyone besides her sisters. Boa and her sisters were sold to the Celestial Dragons as children after being abducted. 

They were forced to consume devil fruits, and the Celestial Dragons used them as entertainment. 

Before Fisher Tiger freed them and the other slaves from Marijoa, the sisters had no hope.

The three sisters improved greatly after returning to Amazon Lily, and soon they became the Kuja Pirates’ best fighters. 

The Kuja Pirates made an impression on the World Government during their maiden voyage, and as a result, their captain, Boa Hancock, was given the chance to join the Shichibukai. 

Boa Hancock accepted because it would allow her to protect her island from any disturbances. 

Despite being a Shichibukai, Boa has made very few appearances in the series, making it difficult to accurately assess her strength. 

However, with the recent One Piece chapters, it has become a little bit simpler to do so.

Boa Hancock is the captain of the dangerous Kuja Pirates and the leader of Amazon Lily.
Boa Hancock can turn anyone attracted to her into a stone.

Is Boa Hancock stronger than Sanji?

It might be a fairly entertaining fight between Sanji and Boa Hancock. Both of them are shooters whose past kicks have killed a lot of people. 

Boa even performs the same handstand maneuver that Sanji utilizes to eliminate big groups of opponents. 

Sanji might be a respectable opponent for her given his improvement in Haki. 

Boa Hancock, however, could quickly dispatch the Straw Hat chef because Sanji is canonically ineffective versus every female combatant. 

Boa Hancock’s ability to turn perverts to stone with both her beams and her kicks is another significant disadvantage Sanji faces even in a reluctant conflict.

Sanji is having his cigarette on his mouth.
Boa Hancock is stronger than Sanji since she has some other abilities which can be a disadvantage for Sanji.

Why is Boa Hancock so powerful?

While Hancock was a slave to the World Nobles, he was forced to consume the Mero Mero no Mi (Love-Love Fruit). 

She may use a Paramecia Devil Fruit to turn into stone anyone who is attracted to her. 

Because of Hancock’s famed beauty, the fruit’s abilities affect almost everyone she comes into contact with, regardless of gender. 

There are numerous ways to accomplish this. Hancock can blow kisses at enemies or shoot a heart-shaped beam (Mero Mero Mellow) or heart-shaped arrows (Slave Arrow) at a distance to convert them to stone. 

At close range, she may physically strike opponents to convert them to stone.

Hancock also has the ability to make anyone she has terrified normal. A few restrictions apply to the power of the Mero Mero no Mi. 

Due to his pure heart, Luffy is resistant to it, and even incredibly powerful pirates like Sir Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk appear to be impervious to its effects. 

Vice Admiral Momonga was able to negate its effects as well by stabbing his palm, the anguish which he felt overcoming any thoughts of pleasure. 

Hancock’s Devil Fruit has some serious power, but it’s how she employs it that makes her so dangerous.

In addition to her Devil Fruit, Hancock is a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant who, like Sanji, appears to favor using kicks. 

Her blows are strong enough to shatter stone and easily defeat the tough Pacifistas. 

She is a master of long-range warfare, like all Kuja fighters, which allows her to aim her Slave Arrow assault almost perfectly.

Hancock is one of the few people in the world that can utilize all three varieties of Haki and is a skilled user of them. 

These include the extremely rare Conqueror’s Haki, which she currently only shares with Luffy, a select few other extremely strong pirates, and former Fleet Admiral Sengoku

Observation Haki enables her to sense things others can’t and read the opponent’s moves. Armament Haki helps her improve her physical attack.

Have a look at this video to know more:

How Strong Is Boa Hancock?

Boa Hancock vs. Other One Piece Characters

Big Mom can defeat Boa in terms of strength.
Mom is better than her in every aspect because of her supernatural will, extraordinary strength, and size.
Boa Hancock vs Big MomBoa Hancock may be referred to as the “Pirate Empress,” but there is only one other character in the series who truly merits the title. One of the most powerful female characters in the entire One Piece series, if not the history of the entire universe, is Big Mom. Boa may have amazing Haki, martial arts prowess, and a potent Devil Fruit, but Big Mom is superior to her in every way thanks to her otherworldly will, unnatural strength, and size, as well as an even more potent Devil Fruit. Big Mom is the winner of this contest if strength equals beauty.
Boa Hancock vs BrookFair enough, Brook is among the Straw Hat Pirates’ best fighters. He is a gifted swordsman who enhanced his abilities with supernatural, spiritual abilities. This may indicate that Brook can keep up with Boa Hancock given his natural pace. But I think that’s going to be it. Boa Hancock has the ability to kick a man’s marrow right out of his bones, and her Devil Fruit also gives her the natural ability to kill perverts. The only thing left will be bones, then stone.
Boa Hancock vs NamiBoa might be overjoyed to battle Akainu, but she’d definitely take this one first. If given the option to fight one of the Straw Hat Pirates’ women, Boa would certainly put forth a valiant effort because she views them as her greatest threat to being with Luffy. That does not imply that the battle will be simple. Nami excels at evasive actions and has Zeus and her Clima-Tact behind her to help her control the weather. Boa, however, was still likely capable of dodging some of Nami’s attacks, if not all of them. Once she actually approaches close enough to strike, it will be game over.
Boa Hancock vs AkainuBoa Hancock could be genuinely thrilled about this one. After the Paramount War, Akainu left Boa’s beloved Luffy shocked and hurt, which must have triggered something in the Pirate Empress’ heart. It’s simple to picture Boa jumping Akainu at first sight and launching into some of her most passionate attacks. They might, however, be ineffective in the face of Akainu’s own blazing rage. The Fleet Admiral of the Marines and one of the most powerful soldiers in the unit is Akainu. He has the strength and ability to at least compete with the Emperors, and he is capable of annihilating any rank beneath them. Boa’s attack could be a lovely gesture, but it wouldn’t accomplish anything.
Boa Hancock vs. other One Piece characters.


  • Whether they are male or female, Boa Hancock is one of the One Piece series’ most formidable warriors. In Amazon Lily, the Kuja tribe is currently ruled by the Snake Princess. 
  • Remember that every single warrior has had thorough Haki training. However, one individual sticks out from the rest. One of the rare characters who are capable of using every type of Haki is Hancock.
  • She is undoubtedly a very strong fighter in the One Piece series. Although Hancock is an expert with Haki, her combat style also depends on a damaged Devil Fruit.
  • Anyone who lusts after her can be turned to stone thanks to the Mero Mero no Mi. However, given the correct conditions, she is defeatable.

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