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Meet: Top 10 Most Iconic Anime Maids (Ranked)

One of the personas from Anime and Manga that admirers fantasize about a great deal is the maid.

Each part of their personality, including their demeanor and attire, is distinct. It’s probably safe to assume that anime fandom adores this unexpectedly captivating profession.

Additionally, maids receive a great deal of affection in the Anime community.

Here is tabularize a list of characters who served as maids in various Anime.

Name of MaidsAnime
Mey-RinBlack Butler
Kaho HinataBlend S
RemRe: Zero
RobertaBlack Lagoon
MariaHayate, The Combat Butler
Virgo Fairy Tail
ChihiroShounen Maid
Saika Totsuka My Teen Romantic Comedy
Content table for most iconic Anime maids

Let’s dive into the detailed analysis of these characters;

What is a maid in anime?

Maids are featured in these anime: women – or seldom men – who are hired to cook, clean, run errands, or do whatever their master demands.

Maids are now essentially a moe stereotype. Maids are a favorite of otaku characters such as Sakurasou no Petto na Kanojou’s Ryuunosuke Akasaka, Lucky Star’s Konata Izumi, and the Genshiken gang. Even K-non-otaku On’s Sawako Yamanaka dresses the Light Music Club girls as maids.

For a period, every show included a maid character, and numerous shows centered entirely or partially on maids, who may or may not be androids (e.g. Hand Maid May, He is My Master, Hanaukyou Maid Tai, Koharu Biyori, Mahoromatic).

1. Mey-Rin

You’re accurate when you say that Mey-Rin of Black Butler appears to be a snobby maid who’s really incapable of performing her duties. Meanwhile, her mask as a maid serves only to conceal her true talent as a sharpshooter who can target from whatever distances due to her eyesight.

As burglars break into the Phantomhive estate in season 3 of the animated series, Mey-Rin demonstrates her actual strength. She regards her responsibility to rid the estates of grime completely and thus can shoot with ease from buildings without the need for a telescope. Mey-Rin is the ideal option if you’re looking for a warrior maid.

2. Kaho Hinata

Kaho performs as the stereotypical tsundere Anime maid while working at Stile Bistro. She genuinely has a very friendly nature, and her favorite pastimes include engaging in video games and blowing the whole of her money at the arcades.

Since the tsundere character is well-liked by the visitors and Kaho enjoys playing online games, she is a well-liked maid at Stile Bistro.

Kaho Hinata from Blend S
Every time one of her coworkers makes fun of her for enjoying violent video games, her true tsundere personality comes out.

Her true tsundere personality emerges whenever her colleagues make fun of her for loving violent games. All across the series, Kaho frequently enjoys taking her colleagues to the arcades, which leads to some endearing and enjoyable encounters among companions.

3. Rem

Rem works as a maid at Rosmaal Palace, and so when Subaru shows up out of nowhere, she initially considers it difficult to believe him.

They engage in numerous conflicts and experience numerous adversities across the whole course of the series. Subaru and Rem gradually form a relationship, and Rem finds it increasingly simple to confide in him.

Although she is a courteous lady, she occasionally reacts before even thinking about things thoroughly. Although Rem and her identical twin sibling Ram were grown up in an oni community, their lack of two horns meant that they weren’t ever considered to be actual oni.

4. Roberta

Four years were spent by Roberta, a maid, serving the Lovelace household. Roberta is in a greater position than the maid who has already been on this ranking and can defend herself from invaders.

She was formerly recognized by her real identity as a notorious criminal globally and a previous assassin in Cuba.

She is traumatized as a result of her previous mistakes and particular fragrances. Roberta admitted to killing kids and anybody who stood in her path, but she still managed to get away by settling in with the Lovelace family despite having no housekeeping skills. It is remarkable that she overcame a terrible situation to turn hers completely.

5. Maria

Maria is extremely trusting and susceptible to deception.

She appears to enjoy doing household chores and keeps the Sanzenin villa immaculately neat and tidy. The fact that she is the single person who comprehends Hayate and Nagi’s bond and cares for them as a mom makes things even more convenient.

The maid who was previously Nagi’s home mentor and became one of her dearest friends is Maria. Rather than being a boss and worker, their connection seems to be more comparable to siblings.

6. Virgo

In line with her own masochistic impulses, she uses chains as weapons.
In line with her own masochistic impulses, she uses chains as weapons.

Formerly a maid, Virgo of FairyTail first performed for crooked leader Everlue prior to joining Lucy Heartfilia’s staff.

One of the 12 Golden Keys that Lucy holds in her custody is Virgo, a supernatural entity that appears as a maid with chains surrounding her hands.

She wore a totally distinct demeanor when she was with Lucy. She wields chains as weaponry, which connects to her own masochistic tendencies. She refers to Lucy with the endearing title of Princess and is fiercely devoted to whoever possesses her.

7. Tama

Tama is a maid that works at Otose’s Kitchen and Hayashi designed her as a robot, not really a person.

Tama possesses green hair and eyes that are dark red. Her hair is typically picked up and braided, with the upper bun being fastened with a big screw. She is lucky enough to experience emotional responses similar to humans.

Unfortunately, her poor understanding of the outside environment frequently appears to strictly control her encounters with actual living people. Tama prefers to use a whisk that Gengai has modified with something like a flare gun fixed. She can also speak to technological tools and appliances, frequently offering assistance when something breaks down.

8. Chihiro

Chihiro from Shōnen Maid appears to be a sweet little girl, however, he is a male in reality.

Despite having the innocent appearance of a little girl, Chihiro from Shōnen Maid is actually a boy.
Despite having the innocent appearance of a little girl, Chihiro from Shōnen Maid is actually a boy.

He couldn’t stop himself and moved in with his Uncle following the tragic demise of his mom. Chihiro soon begins serving as a maid at his uncle’s apartment with uniforms and everything, because he didn’t intend to become a parasite.

In addition, this person’s work ethic is quite admirable, particularly in light of his advanced years. He dresses in a maid costume since his uncle prefers feminine attire. On daily basis, Chihiro prepares dishes and maintains the house.

9. Saika Totsuka

In addition to demonstrating that delicacy has nothing to do about gender, Saika, a part of the sports club, seems to have a women-like appearance. He seems to be the prince charming of the fellow girl of a classmate.

Saika encourages Hachiman to enroll in the clubs, and as time goes on, he becomes one of the handfuls of the class’s students who converse with Hachiman and often hangouts with him frequently.
Hachiman noted his outstanding leadership abilities. Additionally, it was revealed when he led the red team there in Athletic Festival’s Bo-Taishi competition.

10. Saber

Saber, the protagonist of the animated series Fate, portrays Norma Goodfellow’s faithful Anime maid. She is a youthful, brave warrior who typically reveals the truth but is prepared to tell lies when needed. She is fearless, tenacious, and committed to obtaining the Holy Grail. The truth about Saber is now more apparent than ever.

Saber from Fate

Owing to her group’s reputation for having great numbers throughout every domain, Saber is considered one of the Anime’s finest servants. Additionally, the group has superb riding skills and owns spell resilience.

Why is Maid Sama! so popular?

Maid Sama offers a rather normal, cliched high school romance shoujo story, yet a story may be cliched and still be fun.

It’s a fairly funny story with lovable characters and fun character interaction. Many people praise the main female protagonist for her diligent, tough nature and the main male protagonist for his “sexy” and “mysterious” qualities. All of the main characters are quite ordinary, but they have a pleasant connection that I believe people love.

I also believe that because Maid Sama! is a shoujo anime, it faces less competition than a shounen anime.

Final Verdict

  • A growing number of anime creators are including the concept of maids in their shows, with some episodes focusing exclusively on the dynamics of maids in restaurants.
  • The inclusion of such kinds of characters is well-liked by a large number of audiences.
  • The above article ranks the most notable ten with a somewhat brief analysis.

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