Animes Featuring Doomed Romance (Top 9)

Wholesome romantic Anime is quite common these days. However, love is only sometimes as pleasant as fantasizing. More often than usual, it requires sacrifice.

This state of love is illustrated in Anime very often. Therefore, we have come to the rescue to provide you with the best Anime in this genre.

Anime Where To Watch
Your Lie in AprilHulu
Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl SenpaiHulu
Clannad: After StoryHulu
Plastic MemoriesHulu
Angel Beats!Funimation Now
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That DayNetflix
I Want to Eat Your PancreasNetflix
5 Centimeters per SecondNetflix
Where to watch your favorite Anime

Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April is about Kousei Arima who is a child prodigy renowned as the “Human Metronome” for his accuracy and perfection in piano playing.

Kousei, who is guided by a stern mother and hard training, tops every competition he enters, garnering the adoration of his musical contemporaries as well as public applause. He is unable to hear the sound of a piano after his mother suddenly passes away, and he never goes back on stage.

As a junior high school student, Kousei leads a calm and modest existence with his buddies Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryouta Watari. As he tries to accept the loss of his mother, he holds on to music.

His monotonous existence is turned upside down when he meets the eccentric musician Kaori Miyazono, who hires him as her accompanist. Through a little deception, these two young musicians become closer as Kaori attempts to colorize Kousei’s reality.

The male and female lead of the Anime touching eachother's hands.
Fun fact: The Anime is based on a true story.


It may seem impossible that Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura could get along. After all, Hori combines beauty and intelligence, but Miyamura seems humble and distant from his peers.

The two, however, have a fateful encounter that reveals both of their hidden selves. Hori is well-liked in school, but she doesn’t spend much time socializing with her friends because of her workload. On the other hand, Miyamura lives beneath his classmates’ noses, his body covered with concealed tattoos and piercings that make him appear to be a kind delinquent.

The two quickly become friends and routinely hang out in Hori’s home despite having different personalities. As they both emerge from their shells, they share a side of themselves that is hidden from the outer world.

The protagonist looking shocked
For four years, Hiroki Adachi, popularly known as HERO, has self-published her four-panel comics. 

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Puberty Syndrome, a rare and perplexing condition, is regarded to be a myth.

It’s a rare illness that exclusively affects teenagers, and because of its bizarre symptoms, no one thinks it exists. However, Sakuta Azusagawa, a high school student, knows from personal experience that it is extremely genuine and is fairly common in his school.

Mai Sakurajima is a third-year high school student who rose to stardom as a child actress in her youth but later ended her promising career for reasons undisclosed to the public. She is well known throughout the school, but no one dares to connect with her—that is, until Sakuta notices her prowling the library in a bunny girl costume. 

A scene from the Anime, the male and the female leads look joyful
Puberty syndrome is an uncommon condition that only affects teenagers, and due to its peculiar symptoms, no one believes it to exist.

Clannad: After Story

The sequel to the critically popular slice-of-life series Clannad, Clannad: After Story, begins after Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa. Together, they experience the highs and lows of growing up.

Uncertain about his future course, Tomoya learns the value of a strong work ethic and the strength of Nagisa’s backing. They push on to address their challenges, develop their existing relationships, and form new bonds because of the couple’s dedication and unity of purpose.

Time passes in the Illusionary World as well. The Garbage Doll and the Illusionary Girl encounter a dreadful situation as winter draws near, which reveals the world’s true purpose.

A character from the Anime, looking sharp with a cigarette in his mouth
Because of the couple’s commitment and shared goals, they continue to face their obstacles, strengthen their current bonds, and create new ones.

Plastic Memories

Tsukasa Mizugaki, eighteen, has failed his college admission examinations, but after manipulating some connections, he lands a job at the Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation.

SAI Corp is responsible for the development of “Giftias,” highly evolved androids that are nearly indistinguishable from normal people. In contrast, the greatest lifespan of a giftia is 81,920 hours, or nearly nine years and four months.

Tsukasa’s station, Terminal Service One, is in charge of collecting Giftias that have reached their expiry date before they lose their memories and turn hostile.

Tsukasa is quickly coupled with a lovely Giftia called Isla after entering Terminal Service One. She is a Terminal Service veteran and is considered the best in Giftia retrievals despite her little stature and composed manner.

But time is ticking, and Tsukasa must confront his love for Isla before it’s too late. Nothing lasts forever, no matter how much someone wishes it.

A scene from the Anime, the female lead has tears in her eyes and looks unhappy
Giftias that have reached their expiration date must be collected by Terminal Service One before they begin to lose their memories and become hostile.

Angel Beats!

Death is one of the mysteries that have baffled humans since the start of time. However, the pressing issue of what happens to the soul after death is quickly answered by 17-year-old Yuzuru Otonashi. He awakens in a place between life and death, where he discovers the awful truth of the afterlife.

This strange realm, shaped like a high school, is intended to house individuals who died untimely deaths. Feeling betrayed by God during their earthly lifetimes, the students of the school have formed the Afterlife Battlefront, a rebellious party determined to fight their god-like student council president, Kanade “Angel” Tachibana.

Yuri Nakamura, the group’s leader, enlists Otonashi in their war against Angel to seize control of their own life. Otonashi, however, questions the morality of their deeds and goes behind enemy lines to learn the other side of their common fate.

In a scene from the Anime, all the characters looking in different directions
The school’s students have created the Afterlife Battlefront because they believe that God has betrayed them during their earthly lives.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Jinta Yadomi lives as a loner, spending his days away from school and instead playing video games at home.

One hot summer day, his childhood buddy Meiko Honma (Menma) comes and begs him to grant a forgotten request. He ignores her, which irritates her, but he doesn’t care. After all, Menma died years ago.

Coping with the death of a friend or loved one is difficult no matter your age and everyone copes with their loss in various ways.

Adults can drink themselves into a stupor, embark on a voyage of self-discovery, immerse themselves in their profession, or find another coping method. Unfortunately, this is not true for youngsters, who are often unable to deal with the emotional turbulence that happens.

A scene from the Anime, Jinta Yadomi looks frustrated of Meiko Honma
The Anime is written by Mari Okada.

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

A bookworm is completely cut off from its surroundings. He is sure no one is interested in him. His story begins when he finds a diary titled “Living with Dying.”

He soon realizes that it is the private diary of his classmate Sakura Yamauchi. She then tells him about her pancreatic illness and how she knows her time is running out. Only her family and closest acquaintances know about her terminal illness.

Despite this discovery, he sho

wed little sympathy for her suffering, but caught in Sakura’s constant stream of buoyancy, he eventually spent the rest of her days accompanying her.

In a scene from the Anime, The female lead looks happy while the male lead remains calm.
I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, is written by the Japanese writer Yoru Sumino and directed by Shin’ichirô Ushijima.

5 Centimeters per Second

In a scene from the anime, The male lead is standing while the female is walking in a distance.
The Anime is directed by Makoto Shinkai.

Childhood friends Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara were forced apart by circumstances beyond their control. They agree to stay in touch, and even if time widens their separation, the connection created by their shared experiences endures.

5 Centimeters per Second is a romance drama about the monotonous and brutal realities of long-distance relationships. Takaki and Akari hold onto the prospect of running into each other again because they are stuck in the past and unable to make new memories. They live mediocre life, affecting both themselves and the people around them.

Get lost in this doomed romance as you listen to the OST of this movie here:

5 Centimeters Per Second OST


  • Wholesome romantic Anime is quite common these days. However, love is only sometimes as pleasant as fantasizing. More often than usual, it requires sacrifice.
  • We have listed the top 9 Anime, which we found interesting. Everyone, however, has a personal choice.
  • Your Lie in April tops the list as it depicts the sad and harsh reality of love.

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