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Akame ga Kill! Anime VS. Manga: Which Is Better?

There are so many Anime shows out there, that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Akame ga Kill! is one of them.

Akame ga Kill! is the Anime adaptation of the Manga with the same name published in 2010 by Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro. White fox released the Anime version in 2014, and since then there has been a debate on how this series differs from its Manga.

Continue reading to know about it more.

Tatsumi the protagonist of Akame ga kill
Tatsumi is the protagonist of Akame ga Kill!

The plot of Akame ga Kill!

The plot begins with a youngster named Tatsumi approaching the Capital city for money to save his starving village due to the rising taxation. He then discovers that the city is entirely corrupt.

A group under the name of ‘Night Raids’ cleans up corruption. He becomes a member of the group and begins killing corrupt people.

TitleAkame ga Kill!
GenreDark Fantasy, Action, Thriller
Season 1
IMDb Rating7.8/10
Written by Takahiro
Illustrated byTetsuya Tashiro
Publishing DateMarch 20, 2010 – December 22, 2016
Airing DateJuly 6, 2014 – December 14, 2014
Production StudioWhite Fox
Some important data about this Anime

Where is Akame ga Kill set?

The story of Akame ga Kill! takes place in a fictional world with various countries, the most notable of which is the Empire.

The earth encompasses numerous climate zones, from deserts to exotic islands to tundra, and includes a variety of sceneries, with mountain ranges appearing to be fairly frequent. It is home to a variety of Danger Beasts.

At almost 2,500 kilometers in length, it is the longest of the several canals that ring the Capital. It was built in seven years through the exploitation of thousands of workers and immediately became enormously profitable, assisting the Capital in increasing its influence.

The Canal was also used by the Emperor’s cruise ship Ryuusen, aboard which Tatsumi and Bulat fought the Three Beasts.

The Appearance of Tatsumi

Tatsumi is an average-sized young man with green eyes and medium-length brown hair with a cowlick that falls with its weight.

He used to wear a white, high-collar jacket over a tan sweater vest, black pants, brown gloves, and combat boots, but he later changed his attire to a more typical white assassin jacket over a slender purple hoodie and a black base-layer shirt with black jeans. He carries Incursio’s key, a small sword with a chain-link tassel at the hilt, in its scabbard on his back.

Tatsumi has had a very slender, strong build because of his training in sword and hand-to-hand combat since he was a child.

Why are the Akame ga Kill! Anime and Manga so different?

The final episodes of the Anime are hurried and fast-paced.

Although the Akame ga Kill! Anime’s story starts with the Manga, it ends before the manga’s conclusion, which certainly means that there must be differences between Manga and Anime.

The Anime drifted from the Manga when the Anime caught up with the Manga. Some of the major reasons are:

A Different End

Unlike the Anime, the manga had a different ending.

Since the Anime ended 2 years before the Manga’s conclusion, it may sound odd to watch or read a series with two different endings.

Less Screen time

In comparison to Manga, the Anime gave the characters far less time. All of the characters had a limited time. I believe the studio was eager to wrap up the animation.

The Anime only had 24 episodes, therefore all storylines could not be told. That’s why they reduced the player’s screen time.

Character Development

If you’ve ever read manga, you’ve probably observed that the characters have adequate character development.

Character development in Anime, on the other hand, is quite bland owing to the shorter screen time.

Akame ga Kill! Anime Ending

The Anime gave us a kill then another and so on… no breaks, unlike the manga.

For me, the last six or seven episodes were too rushed. It was a fast-paced story in which one death escalated into everyone’s death. As it turned out, Akame managed to put up a solid battle against Esdeath and won.

We didn’t have time to weep or mourn the slain characters because we had to go on to the next kill. It’s a strange feeling. Many of the characters’ death situations did not make sense to me.

Akame ga Kill! Manga ending

To the fans’ relief, none of these deaths occurred in the Manga.

Almost everyone is present in the story, from the antagonists to the main leads. Tatsumi, the figure considered to be the story’s second protagonist, is very much alive in the Manga.

Instead of portraying the antagonist tragically, the manga served the character with the punishments for his propaganda.

A video about the ending of Akame ga Kill

Is Akame ga Kill! Anime better than the Manga?

No, the Anime doesn’t do justice to the Manga. Since the Anime had only 24 episodes, it was not possible to wrap up the whole story in them.

There were many plot holes in the Anime, an entire arc was missing from the Anime. The Wild Hunt Arc, one of the most exciting parts, was not even mentioned in the Anime.

Wild Hunt is a gang of delinquents who committed the most heinous crimes while posing as the Empire’s Secret Police. A gang is made to find these criminals, led by Honest’s son, Syura.

Another thing that many think the Manga handled better was giving closure to Akame’s character. Akame resolves to travel to the realm of the East in the Anime.

The Manga provided her with a more satisfying ending. She had several reasons to leave, one of them was to murder the assassins hired by the Revolutionary Army. She had also resolved to discover a solution for the sword’s curse.

Akame from Akame ga Kill
The Manga’s resolution was more fulfilling for Akame.

Should I read Akame ga Kill! Manga or Anime?

You should read the Manga before the Anime. 

Akame ga Kill! Manga version is far better than the Anime. The plot progressed slowly in the Manga. Allowing for meaningful character development while maintaining the series’ suspense.

Whereas the Anime rushed through everything. It did not provide the major characters enough screen time or sufficient character development. Even the end was shocking.

Has Akame ga Kill! manga ended?

Akame ga Kill Manga by Takahiro

Yes, Akame ga Kill! Manga has ended.

Akme ga Kill manga debuted on March 20, 2010. On December 22, 2016, the six-year-long series came to an end.

Its writers Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro gave the manga a satisfying finish in its fifteenth volume, which was liked and appreciated by many.

Does Tatsumi end up with Akame?

No Tatsumi did not end up with Akame.

Both in the Manga and Anime, Akame never expressed romantic feelings for anybody. And Tatsumi ended up with Mine in the Manga.

Akame was probably more like a close friend to Tatsumi.

I feel the several awkward moments Tatsumi and Akame experienced, the amount of time they spent together, and how much they supported each other throughout the novel, may have misled the audience.

They’re more like best buddies than lovers, they even pledged to kill each other if necessary. He also tells her that following Sheele’s death, he would not let Akame go through the agony of losing more companions and that he will surely live.

Later, Akame joins him in keeping his promise by murdering the Tyrant.

Final Verdict

Akame ga Kill! Manga is better than Anime because:

  • There was thorough character development in the Manga of characters like Tatsumi, Run, Wave, Budo, Mine, and Kurome.
  • Deaths were more logical and less frequent in the Manga.
  • Fights and the levels of strength make a lot more sense (especially that of Tatsumi, Akame, Esdeath, and Budo)
  • The development of Incursion makes a lot more sense and is much more attractive.
  • The climax is well-detailed and makes much more sense in the Manga.

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