Why Stream Vampire in the Garden? (Reviews)

Budding friendships amidst the Vampire vs Human warzone is the perfect way to define the Netflix original Vampire in the Garden.

This 5 episode Anime was not based on a Manga or a light novel, the premise was completely original and executed directly on the screens. 

There are some brilliant action sequences, animation stories, and characters that make you want to know more about their world.

It’s not a ripoff of the typical vampire love stories but a portrayal of the two sides of the war grounds. 

Fine from Vampire in the Garden
The Netflix original Vampire in the Garden is best described as friendships forming in the midst of the vampire vs. human conflict.

Keeping in mind that Vampire in the Graden is a Netflix and Witt studio production, just like its other series Spy x Family there is zero fan service and pure entertainment to pull viewers to the screens.

Here is why Vampire in the Garden is such a great series:

Title Vampire in the Garden
GenreDrama, Dark Fantasy, Horror
Release year 2022
IMDb Rating 6.7/10
StudioWIT Studio
About Vampire in the garden

What is Vampire in the Garden?

Wit Studio’s original Japanese net animation series Vampire in the Garden. The series was originally scheduled to release on Netflix in 2021, however, it was pushed back to May 16, 2022.

A chance meeting between a human and the vampire queen could affect the course of history.

One harsh winter, humanity lost its fight against the vampires and, with it, most of its homes. A tiny group of survivors built a wall of light in a small town to protect them and provide them with a peaceful place to dwell. Momo, the heroine, leads a constrained existence yet aspires to coexist with the antagonists, the vampires. Fine, the vampire queen formerly loved mankind before fleeing the battlefield.

Is Vampire in the Garden worth watching?

Vampire in the Garden has the perfect amount of gore and horror drama to take you back to the mid-200s era of Anime. After seeing the vampires and no gardening in this Anime, the sophisticated imagery of Vampires you get from Hollywood and some cliché Anime will be shattered completely. 

Vampire in the Garden pulls off your heartstring and makes you shed some tears while watching the series.

The honest portrayal of a grim post-apocalyptic society and the beautiful friendship between Momo and fine bring life to the story.

It will take you only a day to finish the series due to its fast-paced plot but it may not be the most memorable Anime after a week or two. 

Trailer for Vampire in the Garden

The main plot is nothing exceptional; in fact, one could argue that it is sometimes overly predictable because every time the two main characters experience a brief respite from one another’s antics, “something” always bursts through the door to keep the plot moving quickly toward the next “something.”

Why Stream Vampire in the Garden? 🩸

Vampire in the Garden’s plot

Momo and Fine set out on a passionate quest to locate Eden, a mythical sanctuary where vampires and humans may live in peace together, in order to escape the degradation of their respective societies.
Momo and Fine set out on a passionate quest to locate Eden, a mythical sanctuary where vampires and humans may live in peace together, in order to escape the degradation of their respective societies.

In the brief five-episode encounter, Vampire in the Garden fluently delivers the anti-war message.

The world of Vampire in the Garden is set in several generations after a protracted and horrific conflict between humans and vampires has completely destroyed it.

In its desperation, human civilization has changed into a war machine that is only concerned with surviving.

They have even gone so far as to discard practically all of its remaining cultural practices, particularly music, in order to minimize the possibility of coming into contact with their undead adversaries. 

Momo, the main character, was born a human and raised as a soldier in one of the last human cities to be guarded.

She meets Fine, the reluctant vampire queen, whose delicate relationship with the human world has caused her to abandon her role as the heir to the vampires’ lineage.

The two flee together in pursuit of a better existence, if not an actual paradise, away from the fight.

Momo and Fine embark on a passionate journey to escape the decay of their cultures and find Eden, a mystical place where vampires and humans can cohabit in harmony. 

Is there romance in Vampire in the Garden?

Two people defy their preordained destiny, despite coming from opposing cultures, classes, species, etc.
Two people defy their preordained destiny, despite coming from opposing cultures, classes, species, etc.

The show has a charming plot and approaches the topic of vampires and humans in a unique way. The Anime features a bittersweet plot but also a lighter side.

It’s enjoyable to observe Fine and Momo’s relationship as well as their character growth. Momo and Fine definitely have a meaningful relationship, but it is unmistakably a close platonic one.

They are close friends who support one another as they worked through their personal situations to discover hope for the future.

The story is enhanced by finding out more about the characters’ pasts as the episodes go on. It’s good that Anime uses dancing and music to bring people together. 

Two individuals from conflicting cultures, classes, species, etc., eschew their predetermined fate.

The majority of the show focuses on the adventure of this odd duo as they try to live, survive, and flee together while being pursued by both humans and vampires.

The show’s key selling point is its relationship. You can’t help but support them both.

What was the point of Vampire in the Garden?

Vampire in the Garden is a reflection of a post-soviet country a place that speaks for itself. The long waging war has left the humans on the verge of social isolation banning them from enjoying the splendor of life like music and dancing.

All that was left for them was to prepare for war and look for ways to strengthen their small armies. Momo is also a part of one of these troops as a low-ranking soldier who cannot kill anyone neither human nor vampire. 

On the other hand, Fine is a vampire that belongs to royalty but refuses to consume blood, vampires after defeating humans adapted to the aristocratic lifestyle; of music, dance, and etiquette, however, this did not hide their monstrosity.

The conflict between the humans and the predators is the main point of the drama that builds up in Vampire in the Garden. 

Vampire in the Garden: Sad or Not?

Yes, Vampire in the Garden definitely has a sad conclusion. 

Fine and Momo circle the globe in search of Eden’s alleged location based on an image they discovered on a postcard.

They encounter several difficulties while traveling, making it appear as though coexisting vampires and humans could only be fiction.

The two get quite close, especially once Fine begins teaching Momo music. It is also made apparent that Fine is weakening as a result of not drinking blood. It’s fine that Momo attempts to give blood, but she refuses it.

As the show nears the end and Momo is found by Kubo who convinces her to betray Fine but She refuses to do so. But the constant agony surrounding the two characters brings Fine to sacrifice herself to protect Momo’s freedom.

She consumes a drug that grants superhuman power at the expense of her life allowing her to destroy Kubo’s soldiers by herself while keeping him alive as evidence that she is not a monster. Momo walks away with the injured Fine.

Even though Momo meets her mother who also attempts to kill her, Momo is long gone she is not letting go of her friend and freedom at any cost. Before the titles start to roll, we see Momo getting ready to sing a song for Fine as she passes away while praising Momo for being her genuine friend.

Momo burying Fine beside a tree covered in flowers.

Where can you Vampire in the Garden?

You can watch “Vampire in the Garden” on Netflix, Netflix basic with Advertising. Trailers, teasers, and featurettes are all types of videos.

The show is directed by Ryoutarou Makihara and Hiroyuki Tanaka and takes place many years after a conflict has shattered the cordial connections between humans and vampires. Viewers meet Momo, a young girl who is tired of the battle between humans and vampires and would prefer to coexist. Momo meets a vampire queen named Fine by chance, and the two set out on a trip to find a place where they can live peacefully and without violence.

The voice cast for Vampire in the Garden included Yû Kobayashi, Megumi Han, Kellen Goff, Paul Castro Jr., and Luis Bermudez. It was created by Wit Studio, the animation studio behind Attack on Titan and Bubble.


  • The Netflix original series Vampire in the Garden depicts an unending conflict between vampires and humans over resources and territory.
  • A connection between a human girl and a vampire princess emerges just as they are getting ready to take over and may alter the path of history.
  • Although the overall plot is not very original, there are little shocks and suspenseful moments in each episode that entice the viewers.
  • This little series is very stunning and mesmerizing, and it packs more of an emotional punch in only five episodes than most shows do in a whole season.

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