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Why Are Manga Doing Better Than Comics? (Find Out)

A Manga is simply a story with certain themes and graphical representation written in Japan while if it is the product of the west or outside of Japan, we may regard it as a comic.

If you are up to finding which one between Manga and comics is better and what are the factors based on which we can consider one better than the other, you are indeed at the right place.

Here are some of the prominent differences both Manga and comic stories have in common. Have a look at the table below.

Black & whiteContrasting colors
Usually in JapaneseMostly in English
Published in the local paperThe high-quality paper is used for its publishing
Death Note, Dragon BallThe Avengers, Batman
Key differences between Manga and Comics
Retro camera on comic book
The persistence of Japanese cultural and creative history is highlighted from one author’s point of view in a Manga.

Let’s have a detailed look at the fact of how Manga and comics are different, which one is better and why? Continue reading to know in depth.

How Manga came into being?

Manga, in the context of storytelling comics produced in Japan, is a descendant of European-American drawings that were published in Japanese magazines in the late nineteenth century. The term Manga was first used in the late 18th century, but it wasn’t until the 1890s that it started to apply to different kinds of cartooning, and it wasn’t until approximately 1920 that it started to be used often.

Manga historians and authors have outlined two main, follow-ups that have insight into current Manga. One author’s perspective emphasizes the persistence of Japanese cultural and artistic heritage.

The alternative viewpoint claims that Manga was significantly influenced by American cultural traits, especially comics imported to Japan, both during and following the allied forces’ invasion of Japan.

Why is Manga so popular?

Akame Ga Kill! Manga is one of the popular Manga in Japan.
Akame Ga Kill! by Takahiro

One thing that is now becoming a fact, is that Manga series are now much more popular than comic ones. Behind this, involves a plethora of factors including the ones listed below:

1. Diverse Genres

Manga is clearly in the lead when it comes to dealing with various genres.

One will encounter a diverse range of genres as a viewer, comprising comedies, thrillers, adventure, and more. In addition to this, Manga also feels at ease delving into taboo subjects like aggression and scatology.

2. Grabs More Viewers

There are plenty of viewers and enthusiasts of both Manga and comics, although several people enjoy the first. It is due to the fact that Manga’s authors offer a varied tale that appeals to both adults and teenagers.

While usually just youngsters and teens are interested in American comics since they are primarily about superpowers defending humanity from wickedness.

3. Betterment of Characters

Manga protagonists typically tend to get better over time. In contrast, the characters in Marvel comics maintain their powers and just occasionally get better.

Manga is a pleasure to follow because of how every personality develops and goes on a voyage that the viewer enjoys seeing.

What kind of themes do Manga stories usually have?

A lot of Manga focuses on commonplace happenings, such as tales with central characters that are situated in institutions.

One of the scenes from Haikyuu! Season 4.
Young people commonly serve as the main characters in Japanese genre clichés, which also regularly employ Ganbaru and other supposed-to-come elements.

Sporting Manga is a well-liked genre that frequently focuses on high school teams and places an emphasis on perseverance, practice, and professional growth. The term “Ganbaru” refers to this idea.

Japanese genre tropes frequently include youngsters as the main characters and use Ganbaru and other supposed to come themes. Many of these are presented from the viewpoint of kids dragged into mature situations of battling crimes or going into combat. Another option is to use in-depth portrayals of kids’ internal anguish to highlight the blatant hypocrisy of the grown-up world.

Numerous light novels, which is a contemporary subgenre of Japanese modern fiction including the supernatural, are also adapted into Manga. These tales usually have a predefined subject—a person who is adrift in life, like an average worker in a hopeless position. Let’s imagine he died at the opening of the storyline and then is resurrected afterward, frequently with superhuman abilities, in a different world.

Which among Manga and Comics has a long-term effect on audiences?

Manga can undoubtedly be said to have long-lasting effects on its readers, unlike comics.

When it comes to manga and comics, it is no surprise that Manga series are in more demand than comics in current times. Although there may be a number of reasons involved behind this fact, one that I considered most notable is the impact they leave on their viewers.

Manga series apart from their unique storylines, and skillful buildup of all the characters are famous for how they are concluded.

Unlike American comics, which frequently finish without leaving any relevant remarks, manga stories come to an obvious conclusion. Rather, they are more like open-ended stories that leave the audience wondering what may have happened. American comics typically end without anything special to keep the audience engaged for a long period of time.

Why Japanese Manga are better than American Comics?

Final Verdict

  • For some good reason, the sales of Manga stories have outnumbered the once-famous comic stories that originally evolved from western culture.
  • In the above article, the fact about Manga’s popularity has exceeded the comics is highlighted in a comparable manner.

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