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Why Does Inosuke Wear Pig Mask? (Answered)

An immensely well-liked shonen Manga series called Demon Slayer debuted in 2016. Demon Slayer is a narrative that takes place in early 1900s Japan and centers on Tanjiro Kamado, a boy who returns home one day to discover that most of his family has been murdered by demons. 

He decides to join the Demon Slayer Corps to learn how to heal his sister Nezuko, who was also possessed by demons.

The Anime series Demon Slayer premiered in 2019, and like other big hits like Attack On Titan, it has become very popular. 

Along with brilliantly rendered action, the series has a variety of intriguing monster designs, including a family of humanoid spider creatures and a monster that plays the drum and can change the landscape. 

Despite this, the program still has a lot of heart and humor, and Tanjiro‘s kindness and decency serve as a solid foundation for some of Demon Slayer’s sillier moments.

Inosuke is a good example of this, as he frequently travels with Tanjiro on his expeditions to slaughter monsters, along with the coward Zenitsu. 

Inosuke from Demon Slayer is famous for several characteristics, such as his exceedingly short fuse, his desire to rush into battles without considering the repercussions, or his dual serrated swords. 

In keeping with his background of being reared as a child by wild boars, he also spends a large portion of his screen time wearing a pig mask.

Why does Inosuke wear a Pig Mask?

At first, the pig mask was what made him stand out the most. Inosuke’s use of a pig mask has never before been justified in Manga. Naturally, fans began to theorize as to why he was donning the mask. 

It reminds him of his “boar mother,” according to the most popular fan hypothesis. The pig mask serves as a declaration of who he is. Again, it is feasible even though there is no official source to back it up.

The legendary antagonist from the horror series “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” expresses their personality through the faces of his victims. 

Additionally, Cubone bears the mother’s skull from the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon’s official Pokedex entries contain it. 

These unrelated pieces of literature offer a clue as to how an act might be justified. It’s also vital to remember that Inosuke was not raised in a human neighborhood. 

As a result, he does not share the same values as regular people.

Last but not least, a brief Internet search reveals that predation allows wild pigs to survive for 7-8 years. 

Naturally, they have a lifespan of up to 20 years in domestication and an average of 14 years in secure conditions. 

Inosuke began the series when he was 15 years old. In his stories, Inosuke wears a pig head as a baby, which is an example of artistic license. He might even be a dishonest narrator in this case.

Inosuke wears a pig mask because he was raised by his pig mother.

Why does Inosuke wear a mask in the Demon Slayer?

The mask holds great sentimental meaning for the wild demon slayer because it is the head of the boar that raised him in the mountains.

Inosuke grew up alone in the bush when his mother abandoned him as a child to save him from Doma, Upper Rank Two of the Twelve Kizuki. Doma returned to his lair after killing Inosuke’s mother, believing that Inosuke had died in the fall. Inosuke has dragged down the river and eventually adopted by a wild boar, who raised him as its own until it died.

Inosuke began wearing her head as a mask as a memorial to his only mother. He rarely takes it off since it serves as a sort of security blanket for him.

How did the wild boar find him?

It is uncertain how the wild boar discovered him, but according to his origin chapter, the mother boar may have just lost one of her young.

Inosuke devised and mastered a unique breathing technique known as Beast-Breathing, and he passed the Demon Slayer Corps’ Final Selection exam despite having no formal training. The boar-head mask also symbolizes his bravado, which often resembles that of a fierce, cornered animal, treating others with suspicion and distrust.

Inosuke evolved over the series, but he never lost the edge that made him as fearsome as a Hashira, allowing the character to stand up against multiple Upper Moon demons.

In the Demon Slayer manga, it is never directly stated why Inosuke began wearing the boar-head mask. However, there is little doubt that it has become a part of his identity over time.

What does Inosuke look like?

Inosuke Hashibira is about fifteen years old, pallid, and thin.

He is strongly toned and muscled, with a particular emphasis on his massive arm muscles and his belly muscles, and stands at 164 cm (5′ 4 1/2′′ inches) tall and 63 kg (139 pounds). 

Inosuke always tears the top portion of his uniform apart, which is why the Demon Corps uniform manufacturers despise him. He wears hakama pants held up by a strip of brown deer fur. 

In place of the customary leg covers, he wears knee-high boar hide, leaving his heels and toes bare. The base of the sandal, which serves as a shoe, is connected to the boar hide.

Inosuke’s face is hidden by a huge grey pig mask head, which is the most notable feature of his attire. 

He has altered the eyes of the deceased adoptive pig mother whose head this is, allowing him to see properly through it. Whenever possible, he wears this boar head. 

Inosuke has a highly feminine face and is regarded as lovely when not covered. He has broad, lengthy lashes that frame his huge, blue-green eyes.

He is thought to be well-mannered in appearance, with narrow eyebrows and a small yet noticeable mouth. 

His long, unruly hair, which is black and turns blue-teal at the ends and falls to just above his shoulders, is thick and unruly. His unkempt bangs end just above his eyes.

Inosuke’s Personality

Inosuke Hashibira is impulsive, has a quick temper, and always seeks praise. 

He always seeks to fight those around him to demonstrate that he is the strongest and will continue to try to do so even if it is extremely harmful to his health. He assumes that everyone wants to fight him. 

Inosuke constantly believes he is the best fighter. His impulsiveness and arrogance can be too much at times. 

Giyu Tomioka had to detain Inosuke after he battles the Father Spider Demon so that, despite being severely injured, he won’t challenge Hashira to a duel.

He might have acquired some of these character qualities from growing up with a family of pigs. 

Inosuke harbors resentment and is incredibly vindictive. Unless someone specifically commands him to do so, he won’t assist anyone he believes has mistreated him or those who are dear to him. 

He uses violent language to describe the suffering he inflicts on people he believes deserve it, such as the monster who devoured his biological parents and left him an orphan.

Inosuke Hashibira can be arrogant, obstinate, unpleasant, and vindictive, but he will also be a dedicated friend to people he admires or cares about, lending a hand when he can and paying attention to them.

He confides in Nezuko and is exceedingly kind to her because she has never yelled at him, made fun of him, or laughed at him for not knowing human conventions. 

The names of people Inosuke recently met or doesn’t care about are not well recalled him. He has to try numerous times before getting someone’s name right. 

After some time, though, he will finally call individuals he regards as friends by their actual names. 

Inosuke is impulsive and short-tempered.

Inosuke Special Powers

Inosuke employs Beast Breathing, a variant of Wind Breathing that he invented. His fighting is described as being “like a four-legged beast” and is regarded as animalistic both with and without swords. 

His assaults are surprising, close range, and low to the earth. He wields two indigo-gray Nichirin katanas with chipped blades for slicing flesh. 

In contrast to his other demon slayer partners from the planet, his katanas have neither hilts nor sheaths. For grip, they have textile wrapping.

Here’s a table explaining his powers:

Inosuke’s Powers
First Fang PierceBoth blades are used to stab the neck. 
Second Fang SliceUsing both blades, cut in the shape of an “X.” 
Third Fang DevourDecapitate with simultaneous horizontal throat cuts. 
Fourth Fang Slice ‘N’ DiceWith both blades, make several double diagonal slashes. 
Fifth Fang Crazy CuttingWhile in the air, slicing everything in every direction. 
Sixth Fang Palisade BiteThe blades of the simultaneous tears create a sawing motion. 
Seventh Form Spatial AwarenessDetecting the location of the enemy by feeling air vibrations using touch.
Eighth Fang Explosive RushSwinging both of the blades while charging.
Ninth Fang Extended Bendy SlashDislocating the arm joints and fast twisting the weapon to extend the reach.
Tenth Fang Whirling FangsBlades that rapidly swing in a circular motion and can deflect items.
Sudden Throwing StrikeThrown in a rotating motion are both blades.
Inosuke’s Powers.

Have a look at this video to know more about Inosuke.

Facts About Inosuke


  • Inosuke was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby after she tried in vain to save him from Doma, Upper Rank Two of the Twelve Kizuki, by throwing him off a cliff. Inosuke grew up alone in the wilderness. 
  • Doma killed Inosuke’s mother, believing that Inosuke had died from the fall, and then went back to his lair. Inosuke was taken downstream and eventually adopted by a wild boar, who raised him until the animal died.
  • Inosuke started to conceal his face with her head as a remembrance of the one mother he had ever known. He rarely takes it off because he seems to regard it as a sort of security blanket. 
  • Inosuke removed the mask while recuperating after their first battle together with Tanjiro and Zenitsu, but he put it back on when it was time for bed.
  • Inosuke was furious when Doma forcibly snatched the mask from him during their second encounter in the Infinity Castle arc.

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