Who Are The Seven Deadly Sins? (Discover!)

Seven Deadly Sins is an action-fantasy Manga created by Nakaba Suzuki and released in the weekly Shonen magazine from 2012 to 2020. Its Anime adaptation made waves for its colorful characters with the main cast as the Seven Deadly Sins themselves.

Although they have a tendency to be haughty and self-absorbed, the group also has a compassionate side that makes them more understanding.

The Seven Deadly Sins are a group of knights who each represent one of the seven deadly sins that they have done in their past life.

Each one has a different personality, but they all share some characteristics. As you might expect from this group, they tend to be arrogant and self-centered; however, there is also an element of kindness within them that makes them more sympathetic than you’d expect from other characters in this kind of story (even if it does make them less threatening).

Who are the Seven Deadly Sins members? 

The Seven Deadly Sins members consist of the following main characters:

CharactersDeadly SinPowersSacred TreasureBrief Description
MeliodasWrathFull CounterDemon Sword  Lostvayne The Captain of the Deadly Sins gang and the story’s main protagonist.
BanGreedImmortality and SnatchHoly Rod Courechouse Most resilient Deadly-Sin due to time spent in Purgatory. 
KingSlothDisasterSpirit Spear Chastefiol The protector of the Fairy King’s Forest.
EscanorPrideSunshineDivine Axe RhittaThe former prince of the Kingdom of Castellio and the strongest of the Holy Knights.
DianeEnvyCreationWar Hammer GideonAs part of the Giant Clan, she is a potential ruler of the Giant Clan.
MerlinGluttonyInfinityMorning Star AldanThe most powerful mage in Britannia.
GowtherLustInvasionTwin Bow HerrittGowther was revealed to be a doll whose image was formed similarly to a mage. 
A summary of all the characters representing the Seven Deadly Sins

Who represents the Seven Deadly Sins?

Seven Deadly Sins is a dappled group of knights with only one motive in mind: to protect the Liones Kingdom and its natives from catastrophe and evils like the demonic hoarders and the 10 commandments.

When accused of murdering the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras, the knights made Seven Deadly Sins disband and go into hiding. However, when the crisis breaks out in Britannia, these framed foes of the Holy Knights go all out to defend the Kingdom of Liones.

The Seven Deadly Sins representation holds a different shape depending on its members. Their character representation is based on their persona, charm, quirkiness, and honorable actions.

Their names are derived from the seven deadly sins in the Bible. These knights were supposed to take care of people who had done wrong but they ended up getting framed themselves for the seven sins. 

Here is the story about all the members of the Seven Deadly Sins squad:

King — The Grizzly Sin of Sloth

King-the Grizzly Sin of Sloth
Fairy King Harlequin neglected his duty to protect his close friend Helbram from being used as a slave to obtain fairy wings by humans.

King’s special ability is destruction or disaster. He also has a sacred treasure made from the sacred tree found in the Fairy King’s forest which is named the Spirit Spear Chastiefol.

Other than his ability of disaster, King can also control the Chastiefol. He can transform the Spirit Spear’s power into different configurations. 

King, also known as the Fairy King Harlequin, abandoned his responsibility to keep the Fairy King’s forest safe and fled to the human realm to save his best friend Helbram from getting trafficked by humans for fairy wings. Sadly, King got under attack and lost his memory

Over the following 500 years, Helbram roamed around Britain killing people as retaliation, almost starting a war between humans and fairies. After regaining his memories, King ended Helbram’s reign of terror, but after years of inactivity, he was imprisoned for his sin of sloth.

Diane — The Serpent’s Sin of Envy

Dianne-the Serpent sin of envy
It was said that Diane will become the Giant Queen.

Diane’s special ability is the creation and her sacred treasure is the War Hammer Gideon which she uses in combination with her magical power to manipulate the Earth’s form into any shape. 

Diane was supposedly the future Giant Queen, and her mentor Matrona aimed of making her the strongest warrior among the Giants since all the Giants live for war. However, when the Kingdom of Liones hired Matrona and Dianne to fight against the Savages, they were tricked and attacked.

And Diane is framed for the assassination of her mentor Matrona and the knights. Due to this framed conviction of assassinating matrona and the knights out of jealousy, she is given the sin of envy. 

Ban — The Fox Sin of Greed

Ban-the Fox sin of Greed
Ban was mistakenly found guilty of the sin of avarice for destroying the forest in an effort to achieve immortality.

Ban’s special ability is snatch and his special treasure is Holy Rod Courechouse which is a 4 sectioned staff attached with chains.

Ban not only possess great fighting skills but his special power ‘snatch’ enables him to steal the motion or abilities of objects or people to enhance his power levels.

Ban was a normal human before binge bestowed with immortality. He was a bandit who was on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth located in the Fairy King’s Forest.

But he falls in love with the fountain guardian Elain. He fights against a demon to protect the forest which results in him gaining the curse or gift of immortality to finish off the demon.

Sadly, he was the only survivor of the attack on the forest and was convicted wrongfully for the sin of greed of destroying the forest to gain immortality. 

Escanor — The Lion’s Sin of Pride

Escanor-the Lions Sin Of Pride
He was an outsider of the royal family and was frequently thought of as a beast due to his irrational power.

In the Anime, Escanor is the strongest man alive, his power of sunshine and the sacred treasure called the Divine Axe Rhitta, makes him invincible. His strength is at peak levels during the daytime but lowers as the night falls. 

Escanor was the strongest Knight in the Kingdom of Liones. Often regarded as a beast for his unnatural strength, he was an outcast of the royal family. People feared him for his strong appearance but he kept providing his help to people from town to town. 

Escanor was punished with the sin of pride for disrespecting the King of Liones and being accused of destroying the cities he had helped.

Meliodas — Dragon Sin of Wrath

Meliodas chooses Elizabeth, his beloved over the Demons despite being their leader

With his sacred treasure, the Demon Sword Lostvayne, and the magical power Full Counter, which enables him to redirect incoming magic spells back at the enemy, Meliodas is an almost unbeatable force.

Even though Meliodas loses a battle, he never wholly dies because of the Demon King’s curse that causes him to resurrect after dying.

The Demon King’s oldest child and previous leader of the Ten Commandments, Meliodas breaks ties with the Demons to pursue his love for Elizabeth, a member of the Goddess race, betraying the Ten Commandments in the process.

Meliodas was a good-hearted man who became known as the sin of wrath when he failed to defend Liz at Danafor, which led to his losing control and unleashing his immense power to destroy the city.

Merlin — the Boar’s Sin of Gluttony

The Gods killed everyone in the capitol because Merlin accepted both favors and make a fool out of them.

Merlin has a special ability called infinity and her sacred treasure is the Morning Start Aldan which is a crystal orb that works as a Channel for her magic. By summoning her Aldan, she can use her infinity to make her magic spells everlasting. 

Merlin was born in the capitol of Mages, Belialuin. She used to be the greatest mage in the whole of Britannia, her magical prowess gained the attention of Demons and Goddesses alike.

Merlin received huge blessings from the Demon King and Supreme Deity in exchange for joining their sides in the Holy War. Merlin, a ravenous seeker of knowledge, took both favors and tricked the Gods.

The Gods were furious with Belialuin for what she did, so they cursed her, killing everyone in the capitol except Merlin, who had an infinite stream of life.

Gowther — the Goat Sin of Lust

His attempt to give his heart to Princess Nadja and bring her back to life was seen as a sexual misdemeanor.

Gowther can read other people’s memories and minds because of his power of Invasion. He is also able to entrap people inside their memories.

Gowther has often demonstrated his ability to rewrite not just his memories, but also those of others around him. The Twin Bow Herriot is his sacred treasure.

Gowther was a doll that portrayed a powerful wizard, imprisoned in the Demon Prison. Once set free, his creator then allowed him to lead a free life.

Princess Nadja later discovered him, and the two found love. But Nadja was severely ill and dying. Gowther attempted to offer his heart to Nadja in an attempt to bring her back.

However, his acts were seen as sexual misbehavior and he was punished with the sin of lust.

Who is the strongest in Seven Deadly Sins? 

The strongest in Seven Deadly Sins is Meliodas.

Meliodas is the main protagonist of the Seven Deadly Sins. His dragon father created him, so he has dragon blood running through his veins. He was more powerful than other characters at the start of the story, and his strength increased with time.

He eventually develops amazing fighting skills, which he has often shown in the series. Meliodas, the Demon King’s son, is incredibly strong, which is one of the main reasons why his father chose him to be his successor.

Meliodas has faced many formidable opponents, but facing his father, the Demon King, was the toughest test of his fighting abilities. Even though Meliodas had a lot of difficulty taking him out, he ultimately succeeded.

Meliodas vs. Demon King Full fight

Who’s the weakest among the Seven Deadly Sins? 

Dianne is the weakest among the seven deadly sins because she has some limitations to her powers.

Like when she is in her Giant form, she is slower than quicksand, more like a moving tank. She gets back to her normal speed in her human form but this is a setback.

Plus her powers grow stronger based on her affection for others which might create a bias in a serious battle. Her power levels keep fluctuating and there has been no clear estimate of her strength level yet. 


  • Seven Deadly Sins Anime is based on the Biblical representation of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The strongest character among them is Meliodas the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath.
  • The least strong is Dianne due to her limited abilities and fluctuating energy levels.

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