Who Are The Ackermans? (Get To Know)

The Ackerman family has existed since the Eldian Empire, when they served the King as outstanding warriors. 

There are now only two members of the previously powerful Ackerman clan after thousands of years. 

What became of these warrior tribes? Such extraordinary people wouldn’t voluntarily vanish, right? Or did they have more cunning plans?

The nature of individuals behind the walls makes it difficult to discover the truth. 

It’s possible that only Eren Jeager, the owner of the Founding Titan, and the few selected people who have heard the stories will be aware of what happened to the Ackerman family. 

The Ackerman clan is a band of formidable warriors. They have unrivaled abilities that border on the supernatural, much to what viewers see when Levi faces off against the Beast Titan. 

If every member of the clan had these talents, where did they learn them?

What is the Ackerman Family?

The Ackerman family was developed through experiments on the Subjects of Ymir by the former Eldian Empire.

The Ackermans were gifted the capacity to use the Power of the Titans while in human form as a result of this testing. This is most visible in their near-superhuman exploits, such as Mikasa’s strength and Levi’s ability to survive a point-blank Thunder Spear.

The Ackermans are also immune to the Founding Titan’s memory tampering, which is how they kept their memories of life before the Walls. This is also part of the reason they were able to reject King Fritz’s principles; if they could be forced to forget, they wouldn’t know what they were fighting for.

Who are the Ackermans?

The Ackerman family also referred to as the Ackermans, is an Eldian family that resides inside the Walls.

Who are the Ackermans?
Ackermans lived in Eldia before the Walls were constructed.

When they refused to adopt Karl Fritz’s philosophy, they were persecuted to the point of extinction

Historically, they were a bloodline of warriors who guarded Eldia’s king. There are now just two active members i.e: Levi and Mikasa.

The Ackerman family had a home in Eldia before the Walls were built. They came about accidentally as a result of Eldian Empire research on Titan and Subjects of Ymir science. 

They served as the monarchy’s right hand and were tasked with ensuring the survival of their people. 

They were created to guard Eldia’s king. The family relocated inside the Walls that King Fritz built for the Eldians to live in after the Eldian Empire fell during the Great Titan War a century ago.

The Ackermans were among those who were impervious to the King’s use of the Founding Titan’s ability to wipe the memory of those insides; the other victims were the Asian clan and those who would eventually become the aristocratic families within the Walls. 

They rejected the King’s vision of peace and turned their backs on the monarchy, though, along with the Asian clan. 

The King punished them out of fear that he wouldn’t be able to control them, which almost wiped out both species. 

To assure the continuation of the bloodline, the clan chief of the Ackermans ultimately gave his life in sacrifice and was put to death.

The remainder of the generation kept their children from learning about life before the Walls in order to shield them from the purge of the monarchy. The generations who followed grew up without that information as a result.

The Ackermans were still being hunted down several centuries later, and some of them sought safety in the Underground City, but not even this was enough to end their torment. 

Others tried to escape to the highlands near the Wall, but someone interfered with their plans, keeping them in poverty. 

The purge didn’t truly end until Uri Reiss, the king at the time, ran into Kenny Ackerman while the latter was attempting to assassinate him. 

The former renounced the wrongdoing of earlier kings toward the family of the latter, put an end to the persecution, and welcomed Kenny into his inner circle.

Why are the Ackermans so strong?

Due to their special skills, the Ackerman family has always ruled the Attack on Titan universe. 

The first Ackermans were superhumans developed through an experiment involving Ymir and Titan Science Subjects. 

The members of this family possess strength comparable to the Titans themselves thanks to the blood that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

While their abilities make them popular with fans right away, many don’t realize the gloomy background of this clan or the source of its power. 

What is an Ackerman’s source of power?

The power originates from Titans, and Eren verifies that the Ackerman can wield Titan power without becoming one or losing their senses.

To accomplish this, Ackermans with latent potential must be activated, which occurs when they are in deadly danger and are given a command by someone they seek to defend. The Ackerman clan’s bred inclination to protect others leads them to power up when commanded by someone in such a crisis. Thus Eren informs Mikasa of what occurred to her all those years ago when he forced her to battle against those human traffickers.

Attack on Titan has a plethora of formidable fighters at its disposal, but few can compete with the Ackermans. The clan has produced two extremely powerful soldiers who continue to protect Paradis, and the family’s hidden strength was just revealed in a surprising revelation.

Popular Members of Ackermans and their Special Powers

Levi and Mikasa Ackerman
Some of the clan’s members have demonstrated the “awakened power” of the Ackermans.

Here are the popular members of Ackermans and their special powers:

Levi AckermanLevi is undoubtedly the most well-known character in the whole Attack on Titan series, despite not being the main protagonist. An entire brigade is reported to be no match for Levi, who is a master at 3D maneuvering. Levi has apparently long since awoken the Ackerman power, though it’s unclear when. When he defeated Anne Leonhardt in her Titan form—a feat that hundreds of men couldn’t complete together—his unimaginable strength and superhuman speed were made clear. Levi is praised as “humanity’s strongest soldier” as a result of this unmatched capability.
Kenny AckermanBefore changing his profession to work for the aristocratic Reiss family, Kenny, also known as Throat Slasher Kenny, was a serial killer. Unknown to us, Kenny awoke his Ackerman abilities off-screen, according to Levi. In the Underground, Kenny was infamous for having killed well over a hundred individuals, most of whom were thought to be military personnel. The fact that Annie fled to the sewers when she saw him suggests that Kenny was one of the toughest opponents the Empire has ever faced.
Mikasa AckermanMikasa is the most well-liked female character in the entire series because she is one of the main protagonists. From her father’s side, Mikasa carries Ackerman blood, and very early in her childhood, she reawakened the dormant Ackerman strength. Mikasa is a skilled tactician and an even better combatant despite her youth. She was referred to as being “as good as a hundred average soldiers,” making her extremely valuable to the military.
Popular members of the Ackerman family.

Hidden Powers of Ackermans

Some members of the Ackerman clan have a unique ability known as the “Awakened Power.” 

It is “understanding exactly what needs to be done,” in the words of Levi Ackerman. 

In essence, this allows them to access the abilities of their Ancestral Titans as humans without inheriting or evolving into one. It is a tremendous power that is greater than all people. 

However, in order for the power to be awakened, their survival instinct must first be activated. 

For instance, Eren saved Mikasa Ackerman, then nine years old, from the dangers posed by three men who attempted to kidnap and sell her.

But when Eren told her to “fight,” Mikasa’s secret ability immediately came to life, enabling her to kill one of the three guys with a single stab and break the handle with her bare hands. 

Levi and Kenny experienced similar events that sparked their newly awakened power.

A member of the Yeager family named Eren once made up a tale in which the requirement to unleash one’s latent power is to locate a “host” and submit to his authority anytime one is threatened. 

He believes that doing this will release the blood’s ability to defend the host. 

He also claims that when Ackerman tries to resist the host after being awakened, he gets a sudden headache

Others in the group didn’t appear to agree with this theory, perhaps because they were unaware of Mikasa’s true cause of headaches.

Can Ackermans turn into Titans?

The Ackermans are impervious to the titans' influence, as was already explained, hence the power of the founding titan cannot be used to erase their memories.
The Ackermans are impervious to the titans’ influence, as was already explained, hence the power of the founding titan cannot be used to erase their memories.

The ancient Eldian Empire experimented on the subjects of Ymir and Titan science, and the unintended outcome was the Ackermans. 

The experiment gave the Ackermans the ability to equal a Titan Shifter’s might in their human forms. 

They served as the right hand of the empire and guarded the lives of the populace in order to protect the king of Eldia. 

The power of the founding titan cannot be used to annihilate the memories of the Ackermans because, as was already mentioned, they are immune to the titans’ influence.

Since their lineage has changed, they are no longer regarded as Eldians who may undergo transformation into or be affected by the power of the Titans.

The only subjects of Ymir with an Eldian heritage are those who have the ability to become Titans. 

Mikasa and Levi are half-Ackerman and half-Eldian, with one parent being of pure Eldian ancestry, hence it is yet unknown if they are capable of becoming Titans. 

Reiner is a half-Eldian who evolved into a Titan Shifter. He is a half-Marleyan, half-Eldian who possesses the Armored Titan’s strength.

Attack on Titan: The Ackerman Family Explained


  • One of the Ymir’s Subjects, the Ackermans have been around since the time of the ancient Eldian Empire. 
  • The Ackerman family also referred to as the Ackermans, is an Eldian family that resides inside the Walls. They were persecuted to extinction when they refused to adopt Karl Fritz’s philosophy.
  • Historically, they were a bloodline of warriors who guarded Eldia’s king. There are now just two active members i.e: Levi and Mikasa. 
  • The members of the Ackerman family possess strength comparable to the Titans themselves thanks to the blood that has been passed down from generation to generation. 
  • Mikasa carries Ackerman blood from her father’s side, and very early in her childhood, she reawakened the dormant Ackerman strength.

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