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What Is The Difference Between Anime And Manga?

Manga are comic books, whereas Anime are the animated TV shows.
Manga is a comic book, whereas Anime is an animated TV show.

In simple words, Manga is used to refer to the comics and graphic novels that originate from Japan, while Anime is hand-drawn and computer-generated animation that also originates from Japan.

The term “Manga” refers to comics and cartooning that are created and published in Japan. While “Anime” refers to hand-drawn and computer-generated animation work that also originates from Japan.

While Anime and Manga are different, they tend to be the same content, in fact of most are based on manga. Moreover, Manga and Anime have grown to be successful and huge aspects of Japan’s identity, and according to some art sources the origin of Manga can be traced back to the 12th century. Anime on the other hand, animation work in Japan is known to be started in the early 20th century.

Moreover, as Anime is often based on Manga, people believe that Manga is artistically more original, however, that isn’t entirely true. While Anime that is based on Manga can include or exclude some scenes to make it better, it doesn’t make Anime any less original.

If you want to know which Anime is based on Manga, I suggest you keep on reading.

What is Manga?

Mangas are Japanese comic books or graphic novels. Most manga adheres to a late-nineteenth-century Japanese style, and the state has a lengthy heritage in early Japanese art.

In Japan, the span manga refers to both comics and cartooning. Outside of Japan, the term is mainly used to guide Japanese-published comics.

Manga is read by someone of all ages and walks of life in Japan. Among the genres represented by the media are action, adventure, business and commerce, comedy, detective, drama, historical, horror, science fiction and fantasy, mystery, romance, erotica, sports and games and suspense. Several manga sequences have been translated into other languages.

What is Anime?

Anime is Japanese animation that is both hand-sketched and computer-generated.

Outside of Japan and in English, anime notably refers to Japanese animation. Anime (a term derived from a contraction of the English word animation) guides all animated works, regardless of style or origin, in Japan and in Japanese. Anime-influenced animation is an animation made outside of Japan that has a similar style to Japanese animation.

The first commercial Japanese animations were developed in 1917. With the works of cartoonist Osamu Tezuka, a distinctive art style evolved in the 1960s and spread throughout the following decades, developing a big domestic audience. Anime is distributed through theatres, television broadcasts, direct-to-home media, and the Internet.

Which is better: Anime Or Manga?

Personally, I believe that Manga is superior because they are not adaptations.
Personally, I believe that Manga is superior because they are not adaptations.

Manga and Anime, both are better in their own way, however, people have their preferences. Personally, I like manga, because it’s original, while anime mostly is the pre-existing stuff, so there’s nothing really new.

Nevertheless, the creation of Anime and how the characters and action come to life send chills down the spines of many Anime lovers. Whereas some people like the quiet and imaginative aspect of Manga.

Furthermore, the Anime industry has expanded immensely which allowed the creators to explore the possibilities of different and more detailed kinds of art which include makes streaming far more worth your time.

Manga, on the other hand, has evolved incredibly as well, especially with rapid advancement in the digital world. Today, there’re innumerable art styles that Manga can provide the readers, you can explore all the unique kinds of art and creative styles.

Furthermore, while in Anime you can actually see unrealistic things happening like a mage manipulating the time, in Manga you read the personal thoughts of every character including antagonists and protagonists, you’re more connected with them and can get a much deeper insight into who they are.

All and all, Anime and Manga are great, however, some people believe that they both are only great in specific genres.

Anime is great in genres that include:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

While Manga is great for genres like:

  • Romance
  • Tragedy
  • Drama
  • Shoujo
  • Josei

Anime and manga are two of the most loved industries, especially in Japan. In 2021, the global Anime and Manga market was valued at USD 24.80 billion and USD 10.9 billion, while in 2022 they’re expected to reach USD 26.89 billion and USD 12.13 billion.

The anime market may be worth far more than the Manga market, but most of the Anime that made history is based on Manga.

Here’s the list of those Anime:

  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Death Note
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Gantz

Now, while these above-listed shows are adapted from manga, some people still prefer to only stream them, however, some people prefer to read the manga first and then stream anime later.

Why is Anime different from Manga?

While Anime adapted from Manga can make additions to make the scenes more impactful, those changes aren't significant.
While Anime adapted from Manga can make additions to make the scenes more impactful, those changes aren’t significant.

Anime and Manga are the most successful industries in Japan, people of all ages stream Anime and read Manga. There aren’t any significant differences between Anime and Manga, as they both accommodate the same kind of content.

Anime is primarily adapted from Manga, however, there may be some additions in Anime to make the scenes more impactful.

Nevertheless, here’re some differences between anime and manga:

Refers to animation work produced in JapanRefers to comics and cartooning created in Japan
Great for genres like Action, Adventure, and FantasyGreat for genres like Romance, Tragedy, Drama, Shoujo, and Josei
Mostly based on the mangaMostly original work
In 2021 valued at USD 24.80 billion and in 2022, valued at USD 26.89 billionIn 2021, valued at USD 10.9 billion, while in 2022, valued at USD 12.13 billion
Differences between anime and manga

In addition, before the digital era came, anime was used be created with traditional animation techniques like using a pose-to-pose approach. Manga, on the other hand, use to be created by hand, however today with this digital technology you can draw using software.

Why is Anime called Manga?

Anime is the animation work and Manga are the comics that originate in Japan, maybe the reason you’re confusing Anime with Manga is that most Anime is based on Manga.

Manga has influenced many industries, in fact, several artists in the United States created comics and cartoons that were influenced by Manga.

There’re many genres that are popular among the reader, as they like the settings, so check out those manga genres:

ShōnenShōnen manga, for the most part, is marketed to the male teen readership. The sub-genres of shonen manga include martial arts, mecha, science
fiction, sports, horror, and mythological creatures.
SeinenSeinen manga is primarily for young adult men. The main focus of Seinen manga includes action, politics, science fiction, fantasy, relationships, sports, and comedy. 
JoseiJosei manga is also called ladies’ comics. The popular and most-read themes of josei mangas typically include drama, romance, and pornography. 
IsekaiIsekai is basically a fantasy-based genre that includes basic things like some beings from other worlds visiting Earth. Moreover, Isekai uses world-building for the development of an unfamiliar and adventurous setting.
Popular manga genres with their settings

What comes first: Manga or Anime?

It's up to you, you can watch Anime first and then read the manga to see what you missed
It’s up to you, you can watch Anime first and then read the manga to see what you missed

Primarily, Manga precedes Anime, which makes it easy for you to get ahead in the story. Moreover, not all manga have an Anime adaptation yet, which makes them worth reading.

In addition, not only you can stay ahead, you can know what going to happen in the next episode which may help you sound cool in front of your friends.

However, as manga are far more detailed, if you want a story to be finished faster you can stream Anime in one go. In fact, if you read the Manga after watching the Anime, it will help you notice the dialogues and scenes that you have missed.

To tell you the truth, it can be pretty disheartening to read the manga before streaming Anime, because you may find it boring as you already know the story and everything that is going to take place.

This is why you should watch the anime that isn’t adapted from Manga, and here’s a list of some of the best Anime:

  • Violet Evergarden (2018)
  • Cowboy Bebop (1998)
  • Death Parade (2015)
  • Durarara!! (2010-2015)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011)
  • Code Geass (2006-2008)

Nevertheless, some people enjoy watching Anime and reading Manga, as they would like to see all educated in front of other Anime streamers and Manga readers.

For that, you don’t necessarily have to read the Manga first and watch the Anime later and vice versa. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the decision. However, some things can help you get to that decision, for example, you can read the reviews online and see what other people have to say.

Here’s a video that can help you get to that decision:

Reading manga first and then streaming anime is better for most people, however, you are allowed to have different preferences


  • Anime is different than manga, while Anime is animation work, Manga refers to comics, however, both originate from Japan.
  • Many arguments and debates have taken place on this question of which is better anime or manga, but the truth is that Manga is the original work, as almost all Anime is an adaption.
  • While you can catfight over which one is better, both Anime and Manga have immensely affected the identity of Japan.
  • Anime and Manga are the most loved markets of the country Japan, even if there may be many Manga or Anime industries.
  • Manga and Anime are amazing, however, in certain genres, Anime is great for action, while Manga is great for romance.
  • Most of the time, Manga comes first, but when an Anime that isn’t adapted is successful, it may be followed by Manga.
  • There’re many ways to go about it, you can watch Anime first as it doesn’t include all the dialogues and scenes from the Manga, or you can read the Manga first which will allow you to know what is coming next.

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