Top 10 Worst Anime Villains (Revealed)

There are many great Animes out there with an amazing and the most interesting cast. However, sometimes even the greatest of Anime can have an extremely disappointing antagonist.

When the lead of the show isn’t so strong, it automatically becomes dull and boring, especially when it comes to villains. They’re the ones we’re actually counting on to make the show more compelling.

It’s quite a difficult task to come up with an amazing background story for every enemy that the protagonist encounters. This is true in the case of shows that run for a long time.

This leads to the creation of those filler enemies or villains that are just plain bad. The audience really wants to just forget these characters as they don’t have a major contribution to the series.

If you’re curious to know more about these worst Anime villains, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing the top 10 worst Anime villains.

So let’s get right to it!

Before we dive in deeper, here’s a list of the worst villains and the Anime that they’re from:

Gato Naruto
Enji Todoroki My Hero Academia
The Jiggle Butt GangFairy Tail
Ramen Kenpo One Piece
Team Rocket Pokémon
Ginyu Force Dragon Ball Z
Garlic Junior Dragon Ball Z
The Big Five Yu-Gi-Oh!
Emperor Pilaf Dragon Ball
Queen Beryl Sailor Moon
Top 10 Worst Anime

Now let’s take a look at them in detail!

What is Anime?

Anime is a style of Japanese animation that incorporates both hand-drawn and computer-generated elements.

Anime is a diversified medium that has evolved in reaction to new technologies. Graphic design, characterization, cinematography, and other autonomous and creative approaches are commonly integrated. Anime production, in contrast to Western animation, typically concentrates on setting detail and the usage of “camera effects” such as panning, zooming, and angle shots.

Character dimensions and features can differ widely, with large, expressive eyes being a common distinguishing feature.

What are villains in Japanese Anime?

Japanese animation villains have emotive traits and symbolism that are not always apparent in other genres of animation.

When compared to Western media, anime characters (either heroes or villains) are shown with traits that are more realistic and/or less comical. Because manga is commonly converted into anime and vice versa, this frequently overlaps with Manga Villains.


We’ve all heard of the most popular Anime series, Naruto. Gato is one of the antagonists in this series and was referred to as the “evil mastermind“.

He’s a businessman and the founder of the Gato company in the series. Gato secretly sold drugs and was also known for owning a smuggling business.

However, fans believe that a character like Gato has no power or true strength. He’s the kind of villain who only hides behind the more powerful and stronger subordinates.

It’s very common to expect that a long-running series, especially one that is as long as Naruto, would have its worst villains as filler enemies. However, Gato was actually the main villain who was present for an entire arc.

According to the fans, Gato was boring and his character didn’t have any major contribution to the Naruto series.

This villain definitely didn’t last long after all his men were defeated by the protagonists and this made the fans question the purpose of his character a lot.

Enji Todoroki

Enji Todoroki, also known as the Flame Hero: Endeavor, is the antagonist in the Anime series My Hero Academia. He’s also a part of the Hero Academy and is actually the Pro Hero with the most resolved cases.

Although he may not be the worst because he did bring entertainment value to the show, Enji did have the most ridiculous actions in the series.

In the entire series, Enji’s acts were by far the most absurd.

Enji is a control freak and this ended up affecting his marriage as well as his relationship with his son. He abused his family so much throughout the series that it led his wife actually go insane.

While it’s great to see characters that have their evil behavior stemming from real-world issues, these actions made the fans hate his character and they were actually disgusted by him.

The Jiggle Butt Gang

The Jiggle Butt Gang is an actual group of villains in the Anime series, Fairy Tail. The three of these gang members were known for stealing. According to fans, they’re as ridiculous as their name sounds.

However, those who have seen the show remember laughing out loud whenever this gang was introduced. These characters have jelly-like butts, hence their name.

As if their name wasn’t bad enough, their absolutely goofy and ridiculous nature made them the lamest villains in the history of Anime villains.

The fans couldn’t take them seriously as antagonists and kept questioning what the writers were thinking when they came up with this set of characters.

Although the characters had a main role in the series, the fans believe that they weren’t that great of villains and it seemed like the writers were trying too hard to make the show funny but ended up failing.

the members may unleash tremendous amounts of explosive gas from their butts after charging them, which damages the target and leaves a foul smell in its wake.

Ramen Kenpo

Ramen Kenpo is the antagonist of the Anime series, One Piece. This Anime show is one of the few that have crossed over 1000 episodes and therefore, has a myriad of evil villains in the series.

However, as mentioned earlier, it’s hard to come up with great villains with amazing backstories for a show that runs as long as One Piece. This is why there are bound to be a few lame ones and in this case, it’s Ramen Kenpo.

The main weapon Kenpo uses to fight is ramen. Doesn’t that sound absurd? I mean it doesn’t even make sense to fight with something that’s long and squishy, but well the writers thought it was a great idea.

Moreover, his character was so worthless to the series that the fans of the show don’t even remember his name and commonly refer to him as “The Ramen Guy”.

Team Rocket

The entire series is devoted to these extremely underfunded villains wanting to capture Pikachu.

We’ve all watched Pokémon before going to school and also after coming back. It was easily one of our favorite Anime shows during our childhoods.

If you’ve watched this series, you must be very well aware of the group of villains, Team Rocket.

This group of villains is extremely poor and they spend the entire series trying to catch Pikachu, but end up failing every time. These repetitive actions have grown tiresome for the fans.

Although there have been many times when fans can see an emotional side to these characters. However, they always go back to their annoying ways, which makes the fans have no sympathy for them.

Ginyu Force

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular shonen Anime series and has kept fans interested for a long time. This series is actually known for having the best cast of villains throughout.

However, they’re also criticized for releasing their villains after extremely long breaks and in between they throw in filler enemies. One such enemy was the Ginyu Force.

This group of villains was nothing but a theatrical team. They brought no entertainment value to the series and were like a slap in the face after Dragon Ball Z’s amazing villains, like Majin Buu.

People started hating them a lot and found them to drag the show rather than make it interesting.

Garlic Junior

Not only one, but there have been many such ridiculous villains in the series of Dragon Ball Z. Another one is Garlic Junior and yes this character is as ridiculous as his name.

The fans of the show hated the Garlic Junior Saga and didn’t even want to recognize it as canon. It’s understandable that shows which run for a long time have a lot of filler enemies.

Garlic Jr. is immortal in the Anime.

But Garlic Junior wasn’t just a filler enemy, in fact, the series had an entire arc based upon this character. People call the entire arc a filler because it had no contribution to the series.

It was boring and lame! The villain was immortal but was still useless as his men and he lost almost every fight with the protagonists of the show.

The Big Five

Filler episodes always kill the vibe of the show. They’re annoying and bring no value to the show, nor do they carry the story forward. They’re just there to drag the show when there’s nothing else to bring to it.

The Big Five are a group of villains in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime series. The show had a filler arc where Kaiba lost his company and had to go to cyberspace in order to get it back.

The Big Five gained control of a huge company by playing a card game. This just didn’t sit right with the viewers as it didn’t make any sense.

Basically, these five members were the corrupt executive board members of Kaiba corporation. They had no special powers and were absolutely ridiculous towards the show.

Emperor Pilaf

Dragon Ball is quite a famous Anime series. However, the show did have to face many struggles in the beginning when it was trying to find its footing.

One could say that they didn’t make such great choices with their casts initially. This can be justified by the case of the series’ first main villain, Emperor Pilaf.

Emperor Pilaf can’t even be recognized as a villain in the story because of how absurd and ridiculous he was. His main plot was to take over the world but he constantly failed and in a very miserable way.

He’s an extremely small and impish blue creature who wants to have the utmost power in the world. He ruled over his castle and had two loyal followers.

Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl is the commander of the Dark Kingdom in the Anime series, Sailor Moon. She’s one of those enemies whose powers and abilities have been overstated in the series.

Although she was the main villain in the first arc, eventually she was forgotten by the fans in front of the more powerful and stronger villains that were introduced later in the series.

Fans mainly criticized this character because they believe that she never truly showed off her powers and abilities, even though she had the potential.

Definitely not the most hated villains in Anime history, but still dull enough to make it to this list of worst villains.

While I’ve discussed the top 10 worst Anime villains, there are still many more of them out there. Take a look at this video if you want to know about more of the worst villains:

The top 20 Anime Villains of the century are discussed here in this video.

Final Thoughts

  • There have been many great villains in the history of Anime that have made the series even more compelling than they already were.
  • However, there are a few filler enemies which were absolutely ridiculous and had no major contribution to the Anime series whatsoever.
  • These worst villains include Gato from Naruto, Ramen Kenpo from One piece, The Jiggle Butt Gang from Fairy Tail, and Emperor Pilaf from Dragon Ball.
  • While these Anime were certainly great, this set of villains was not. They dragged the show and made it lame.

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