The Five Generations Of Pyrokinetics (Explained)

Pyrokinesis is a psychic skill that enables someone to produce and control fire mentally.

Fire Force has received accolades for its beguiling animation and peculiar story, one of the most well-known shonen Anime. In the Anime, the Special Fire Force uncovers the causes of the Spontaneous Human Combustion Phenomenon and destroys Infernals.

Fire may be created and controlled by the characters in Fire Force thanks to their Ignition ability. Pyrokinetic are people who have developed this talent, and they are divided into Generations according to the degree of control they have over their Ignition ability.

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Fun Fact: The Fourth Generation Pyrokinetic powers have the power to defy physics itself.
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What are the Fire Department’s Generations?

Just as we label society in order to create some order in the chaos, Fire Force labels sectors of society in order to better understand their chaotic reality.

The program Fire Force takes us to a future where certain humans have the ability to create and manipulate fire if they are part of a ‘generation.’

In the Fire Force, there are four generations: the first generation, or Infernals, lack willpower, the second generation can manipulate fire, and the third generation can create it.

Then there are Hybrids, who can make and manipulate fire. A fourth generation also awakens their Adolla Burst.

What is Adola Burst?

The Adolla Burst, also known as the Genesis Flame, is an Adolla-originating flame or energy. It is regarded as the primordial flame, pure and unadulterated.

Scientists call it the Flames of Destruction. This is because they were the flames that burst across the globe hundreds of years ago during the Great Disaster.

An Adolla Burst is also the functional heart of Amaterasu, generating endless energy for Tokyo.

The Adolla Bursts do not follow Earth’s physical rules because they come from another globe. They can generate powers that are thought to be unattainable, such as the ability to stop or manipulate time.

What is the First Generation of Pyrokinetic?

First-Generation pyrokinetic is inherently immortal, remaining alive unless their chest core is not destroyed.

The pyrokinetic of the First Generation is engulfed by the flames and transformed into Infernals. Once they change and go on the rampage, these individuals lose all feelings of self.

Infernals rarely experience consciousness, right? A person can maintain their awareness if they have a strong devotion to life or strong willpower. Humans that were artificially transformed into Infernals are known as Artificial Infernals. Only the skulls of artificial infernals are enveloped in flames, which is a remarkable distinction between natural and unnatural infernals.

First Generations often remain in one place until their basic needs are met, which may take millennia.
Man does not know the components that fulfill their core. The general public views Infernals not with animosity but rather as beings with lost souls who must be led to the light. The Special Fire Force was formed to destroy their physical form and cleanse their spirits in preparation for redemption.

They are categorized into five different types: Demon Infernal, Sentient Infernal, Artificial Infernal, Great Infernal, and Titanic Infernal

A First Generation Pyrokinetic is also referred as Infernal.
A First-Generation Pyrokinetic is also referred to as Infernal.

What is a Second Generation Pyrokinetic?

The Second Generation Pyrokinetic are people who can control fires due to a modest adaptation to the Human Body Ignition phenomena. Although they are unable to start fires or emit flames, they can manage and control fires that have already started.

Even the fires of the First and Third Generations may be controlled by Second Generation pyrokinetic.

They employ their imagination to control flames for either offensive or defensive purposes, as demonstrated by Karim Flam, who uses sound to transform heat energy into ice.

They are very skilled at using their talents, as are other Second-Generation pyrokinetic. To deceive their opponent into utilizing their abilities, Second Generation users typically conceal the fact that they are Second Generation pyrokinetic. As a result, the Second Generation of Pyrokinetics tends to shape their talent to the fullest.

What is a Third-Generation Pyrokinetic?

In addition to effectively controlling flames, Third Generation Pyrokinetics can generate flames, either directly from their bodies or through a specific object. The Third Generation’s inability to control existing flames, unlike the Second Generation Pyrokinetic, is its single flaw.

They are stronger, more agile, and more physically capable than the Pyrokinetics of the first and second generations. These Generations can produce electricity, plasma-superheat their flames, and even conjure mirages to deceive their adversaries.

With great control over their flames, certain Third Generation Pyrokinetics can shape their flames into weapons and even use them to energize themselves, which can improve their physical powers.

A Third-Generation Pyrokinetic using his ability to control fire to make him glide
A Third-Generation Pyrokinetic using his ability to control fire to make him glide.

What is a Fourth-Generation Pyrokinetic?

The Fourth Generation of pyrokinetic has received praise for being stronger than the first three. By attaching the Adolla Burst to an Evangelist or an Adolla creature, these pyrokinetics have awoken it.

The Genesis Flames, also known as the Adolla Burst, are thought to be “clean and unsullied.

The fundamental physics can be defied by pyrokinetic powers. Both Shinra and Sho Kusakabe can travel at the speed of light.

Hybrid Generation

In addition to the typical pyrokinetic variations, there is a very small subset of people who have control over fire. The Fifth-Generation Pyrokinetics or the Hybrids are the names given to these people.

Fifth-Generation Pyrokinetics are very strong because they can combine their skills with those of Second and Third-Generation Pyrokinetic.

Benimaru Shinmon, who is popularly referred to in the series as “The Mightiest Soldier,” is one such character that falls within this category. He is the strongest because of his ability. As a Second-Generation Pyrokinetic, Benimaru can control flames and generate powerful fire effects. He is one of the show’s strongest characters because of his fire-based skills as well as his intellect and incredible physical strength.

What is the strongest Generation in Fire Force?

The strongest Generation in the series belongs to those under the Fourth Generation pyrokinetic.

People who are a part of the Fourth Generation have a significant improvement in their pyrokinetic skills when the Adolla Grace is active. Some prokinetics can utilize their firepower to break the rules of physics, which is impossible for a regular pyrokinetic to do.

For instance, Shō Kusakabe can slow down the passage of time by reducing the heat that is responsible for the universe’s natural expansion. Shinra Kusakabe can accelerate to the speed of light, causing his body to break up into tiny particles that then outrun the speed of light, traveling back in time for a split second before Shinra’s body broke up and he rematerialized.

An Adolla Grace is required for a Fourth Generation ability, which the extraterrestrial creature has the right to withdraw at any moment. The Fourth Generation ability may only be used for a limited period—as little as one second—if the being is not powerful enough to maintain the Grace.

A video to dive further into the topic:

A Video About The Fire Force


  • Pyrokinesis is a psychic skill that enables someone to produce and control fire mentally.
  • Fire may be created and controlled by the characters in Fire Force thanks to their Ignition ability.
  • There are five generations of Generation Pyrokinetic; First Pyrokinetic, Second Pyrokinetic, Third Pyrokinetic, Fourth Pyrokinetic, and the Hybrids.
  • The strongest of them all is the Fourth generation, who use the Adolla Grace.

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