The Best Anime That Will Make You Cry

Being a fan of Anime series is indeed one of the most enjoyable hobbies to have. But what to do when you’re in a gloomy or low mood?

a sad anime character
If you already enjoy Anime, it’s also recommended to watch sad Anime when you’re feeling down.

Well, the question may have varying answers from different persons depending on their interests. Some will prefer to choose activities like having a long drive or rigorous gym time to calm their sad mood. But if you’re already an Anime lover then watching sad Anime when you aren’t feeling good is also a preferable choice.

So, in this article, I’ve enlisted the five most notable Anime movies you may consider worth watching if you’re up to having a good cry.

OrangeDirector: Hiroshima Hamasaki
Year of Release: 2016
Genre: Romance, Life’s slice
Five Centimeters Per SecondDirector & Writer: Makoto Shinkai
Year of Release: 2007
Genre: Animation & Drama
Barefoot GenYear of Release: 1986
Genre: Historical
Director: Mori Masaki
Tokyo MagnitudeYear of Release: 1980
Genre: Thrill
Director: Kiyoshi Nishimura
Voices of Distant StarYear of Release: 2019
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Genre: Drama
List of Sad Anime Series

Let’s get to the details of all these:

1. Orange

The Anime was released on Japanese screens in the year 2016 with 13 episodes in total.

Orange appears to be your standard mysterious animation from afar. Naho Takamiya, the story’s main character, receives a note from her future self. The writings refer to the passing of her fellow Kakeru, thus she must interpret their content to understand what they represent.

They foretell the greatest calamity for Naho and all the others if she is unable to grasp the meanings of all these texts.

Audiences are taken on an emotional journey along the characters as they all struggle with their regrets, remorse, and loss in Orange, which is immensely melancholy.

2. Five Centimeters Per Second

The astonishingly amazing aesthetics in Makoto Shinkai’s movies are what distinguish them from pretty much anything else available on the market.

The storyline of the movie centers on two buddies who have been ripped apart from each other because of circumstances. It is a story about rising up and overcoming distance and whatever adverse circumstance life throws at you. The protagonists try to remain in contact, but as they go along in life, they keep on growing farther away. Nevertheless, their emotions toward one another endure, and regardless of their growing apart, they continue to hope to cross paths someday.

The movie presents a realistic depiction of how people eventually naturally grow away as life progresses and how it works. The phrase “duration of fallen cherry blossoms” is used in the name.

3. Barefoot Gen

Barefoot Gen's character shows sad emotions
Barefoot Gen tackles the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing.

The protagonist of the animated movie Barefoot Gen is Gen, a 6-year-old who has spent his entire life surrounded by violence.

Back in the year 1945, when Anime begins, 3 years after Japan and the USA when the two countries first went to war. Gen and his relatives lead a challenging but fulfilling life since being fortunate enough to withstand the bombardment of numerous locations.

Gen’s family is severely malnourished as a result of millions of individuals seeking shelter in his town. Gen and his younger brother Shinji hardly have any free time left after helping their expecting mom and dad in labor. Tragically, their lives are destined to undergo a significant shift as a result of the Hiroshima explosion.

The truth that Barefoot Gen is an authentic depiction of the mangaka’s experiences during the blasts seems to be what renders it so profoundly painful. Barefoot Gen succeeds in giving the Hiroshima atrocities a cheerful resolution while simultaneously inspiring both fear and optimism in its audience.

4. Tokyo Magnitude

Few things can cause quite so much heartache as a catastrophic event. Such events instantly make hundreds to millions of people devastated. Those are only a handful of the issues that Tokyo Magnitude’s tragic story explores.

Characters from Tokyo Magnitude.
Tokyo Magnitude is focused on the process of recovering from a major calamity.

A sudden earthquake of magnitude 8.0 in Tokyo causes the Onozawa brother and sisters Mirai and Yuki to become detached from their own parents.

The bike commuter Mari helps the two as they cope with the ongoing difficulties of family separation and the unending devastation everywhere around them.

The animated movie is worth watching despite the fact that it doesn’t have the most imaginative or fascinating plot rather, it focuses more on the individuals’ journeys and the personalities they encounter on their paths.

5. Voices Of A Distant Star

The mentioned Anime offers a distinctive perspective on a romantic connection ripped apart because of responsibility and developing isolation.

In this instance, a Mech-Pilot in space and her beloved on Earth are separated by a difference of a light-year. The story starts in the future, where Mikako appears to be by herself in a strangely desolate area and is attempting to make a telephone call.

She can only communicate with her boyfriend Neburo via text messaging. Her signals take much longer to get to him as she moves farther into the cosmos in search of alien invaders with a squadron of spaceships.

How is Voice of Distant Start?

In accordance with Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, she presumably ages more slowly than he does. However, their genuine affection for one another is further strengthened by their desire to reunite and fully express their feelings.
As the manga comes to a close, Mikako assures that they’re going to cross paths soon.

Final Verdict

  • The above article is all about having a list of sad Anime series that is worth watching whenever you feel in a low mood.
  • The ones, I found most relevant are highlighted in the article which you may consider taking a look at.
  • Apart from these five, other sad Anime movies in my opinion are sad are; A Silent Voice, Clannad, Grave of the Fire Flies, and Flavors of Youth.

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