All the Sailors of Sailor Moon anime
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Is Sailor Moon Any Good?

There’re 5 seasons of Sailor Moon, and it’s considered one of the best Shojo anime of all time. The characters are lovable and support each other, in addition, they seem to have a lot of dreams, which they are shown to work to fulfill them.

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Is It Worthwhile To Watch Horimiya? (Discover)

Horimiya is considered the best rom-com because of its portrayal of ordinary characters and natural relationship developments. If you prefer watching Anime that you can relate to, Horimiya is your jam. It’s exciting, great character writing, and most importantly realistic.

Komi from Komi Can't Communicate in her uniform standing against a window
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Is Komi Can’t Communicate Good?

The storyline of Komi Can’t Communicate can be found relatable by almost every teenager as it includes a girl named Shoko Komi, who receives a massive amount of popularity on her first day of attending an elite Itan Private High School.

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