Naruto Manga (All You Need To Know)

Naruto is believed to be one of the best manga and anime series to exist in the world today. It has managed to establish a huge fan following since it was released!

Naruto undoubtedly has one of the most complex plot lines in all of the mangas. People believe that this is what makes it so great. The show is based on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga which follows a young ninja known as Naruto Uzumaki.

If you’re curious to know more about this anime and manga series, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing all the details one needs to know related to the Naruto series. Therefore, you can treat this article as your guide to the world of Naruto.

So let’s get right to it!

Is Naruto a Japanese manga?

Masashi Kishimoto wrote and sketched the Japanese comic series Naruto.

It chronicles the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage ninja who wants acclaim from his classmates and aspires to become the Hokage, or village leader. The story is divided into two sections, the first taking place during Naruto’s pre-teen years and the second throughout his adolescence.

Naruto Manga: Unleash the Hidden Ninja Within!

What is Naruto About?

The character of and story of Naruto believed to be the best anime series ever existed.

Well, Naruto has been a long-running series with a variety of characters and plot lines. However, if I were to explain the basics, then the show is about a young ninja called Naruto Uzumaki.

The anime Naruto describes the life of an orphan who wanted to become a Hokage that is the strongest ninja in his village. This is because he wanted to be recognized by everyone in the village.

The main theme of the show Naruto is to never give up which is depicted through Naruto and his Nindo. The core elements of this series involve classic shonen storytelling ways, life lessons, and much more.

There are many elements and themes in this series. For instance, the persistence of hope is a recurring theme in the story of Naruto.

It also teaches one about forgiveness. For instance, how Naruto doesn’t hold a grudge against the villagers who mistreated him. The series focuses heavily on redemption as well as believing in oneself.

The show is split into two storylines. These include the original Naruto which follows the training of a young ninja who is eager to become a Hokage. The other one is Naruto: Shippuden, which is about his life as a teenager.

Both the shows together have about 720 episodes. Even though this number is a whopping one, its fan base still invests their time into completing the series. This just goes on to show how well-written and well-executed the Naruto series is!

Here’s a video explaining the complete timeline of the Naruto series:

A video about the complete Naruto series explained

Who wrote Naruto?

The creator of this amazing series is Masashi Kishimoto. Kishimoto is an up-and-coming manga creator based in Japan. Naruto is one of his most loved works all around the world.

His long-running series has sold tens of millions of books all over the world. He’s regarded as one of the most successful manga-ka or manga artists.

Kishimoto claims that the appeal of Naruto for the audience is because the character isn’t perfect. The series portrays a lot of blunders that Naruto makes as well as his flaws and weaknesses.

He believes that the audience can see themselves in this character and this is what makes the series so relatable.

As a young boy, Kishimoto was addicted to the series “Dragon ball”. Later his interest expanded to other manga series and soon he became obsessed.

He was in an art school and focused a lot on his drawings. He also won a contest for aspiring manga artists for his story of Karakuri.

Kishimoto went on to write a short manga story about a fox spirit that was disguised as a human. He named his first piece of work Naruto which appeared in 1997.

Naruto was created to be a self-determined character.

Almost 2 years later, he released a newer version of Naruto in the weekly magazine Shonen Jump. This series was an absolute hit! This time the series Naruto was about a young boy who wanted to be the best ninja in the world.

Kishimoto believes that his inspiration for Naruto came from himself as a young boy. He says that the image he had in mind was of a boy who was extremely naughty and performed poorly.

However, Kishimoto himself used to easily give up. He wanted Naruto to be different and therefore created him as a self-determined character.

Naruto VS Sasuke

What channel is Naruto watching?

Naruto comes in ABS-CBN and Hero TV.

Masashi Kishimoto wrote and illustrated the Japanese manga series Naruto. It chronicles the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage ninja who aspires to be recognized by his peers and to become the Hokage, or village leader.

Read the Manga vs. Watch the Anime: Which should I do first?

According to many people, Naruto manga is more exciting than anime. People believe that the anime has its ups and downs due to the filler episodes which they seem to find irrelevant.

On the other hand, they believe that the manga is really good and one won’t miss the important parts.

It’s commonly believed that the quality of the anime isn’t even near to what the quality of the artwork in the manga is. The anime’s quality is described as wildly inconsistent.

People believe that the main characters’ development is dealt with far more convincingly in the original manga than in the anime.

The artwork is also more stylish and much more effective at making ninja abilities look more iconic.

The villains are also far more frightening in the manga. Therefore, if you want more drama and more gore, then you should read the Manga first.

Many people believe that one should read the manga first and then watch anime. The anime also has some great sequences and can give an enjoyable experience.

Plus, reading the manga will be much faster than watching 700+ episodes of the Naruto anime!

What are some of the best Panels from Naruto?

The Naruto manga has been published for 17 years and since then, numerous panels were etched into the memories of readers.

The manga managed to create a separate fan following for specific moments in the series. These panels are regarded as iconic and legendary.

Here’s a table of some of the most impactful Naruto manga panels:

Itachi and Sasuke Final GoodbyeThis is regarded as one of the saddest moments in the manga. Itachi finally gets to meet Sasuke after getting reanimated in the great war. He properly gets to say goodbye to him.
Naruto 8-tailed transformation This is the only time when Naruto has come the closest to transforming completely into the nine-tailed fox. This happened when Naruto saw Hinata getting killed.
Naruto confronts his darknessIf he wants to have full control over Kyuubi’s powers, then he must confront the darkness within him. He lets go of all his traumas.
The world shall know PainThis is also one of the most iconic panels from Naruto manga. This moment changed everything for the hidden leaf village as it was attacked by the powerful members of Akatsuki, known as Pain.
List of interesting panels in Naruto

Final Thoughts

The above discussion can be concluded as:

  • Naruto is a long-running series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He wrote the famous Naruto manga which later on was transformed into an anime as well.
  • The story of Naruto is divided into two parts. The first one is the original Naruto, describing the life of a young ninja, named Naruto Uzumaki, training to become the best. The second part is about his adventures as a teenager.
  • Kishimoto’s inspiration for Naruto came from how he himself was as a young boy. He wanted to show a determined and dedicated character.
  • It’s suggested to read the manga before watching the anime as it’s much more exciting. The anime loses its appeal due to filler episodes and the manga is much faster.
  • There are several iconic moments from this series that have been hinged in the memories of the viewers. These include the famous scene of Itachi and Sasuke’s final goodbye.

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