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My Hero Academia: 9 Smartest Characters in Class 1-A

My Hero Academia, a fan-hit that received unprecedented success, is a Manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi. The realm of My Hero Academia is jam-packed with strong characters. Some employ physical powers, whereas others employ intellectuality.

These characters use no raw weapon. Rather they make use of their brains, making their minds the biggest weapon one can seize.

But, who amongst the students in class 1-A is the smartest? Join me as I rank the 9 smartest students in the class!

Smartest Characters
Momo Yaoyorozu
Izuku Midoriya
Katsuki Bakugo
Shoto Todoroki
Tenya Iida
Kyoka Jiro
Tsuyu Asui
Ochaco Uraraka
Fumikage Tokoyami
Data table for Smartest Characters in Class 1-A

What is My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia is a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi and serialized in Shonen Jump. The series has spawned an anime series, three films, a prequel series, Vigilantes, and two spinoffs: School Briefs and Team-Up Missions.

Humans are not born equal, as four-year-old Izuku Midoriya discovered when he was tormented by peers who possessed unique special abilities. Izuku was one of the few people who was born with no special abilities. This did not deter Izuku from following his aim of becoming a legendary hero like All Might.

To become the great hero he so desperately desires, he will now enroll in one of the country’s top “Hero Academies,” U.A. High School. He hopes to climb the ranks and become a true hero with the support of his idol, All Might.

Is My Hero Academia worth watching?

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular and adored shonen anime series of the contemporary era, with many fans considering it the best current anime of any genre.

Kohei Horikoshi’s original My Hero Academia manga series was released in 2015, and it swiftly acquired its own anime adaptation, which helped spread the word about My Hero Academia. This hit shonen series is now a giant in the anime world, and fans can name a plethora of reasons why it is unquestionably the best anime a fan could possibly watch. My Hero Academia has a great deal to offer.

  • My Hero Academia has a large ensemble cast.
  • My Hero Academia enriches the genre of school life.
  • Izuku Midoriya understands power scaling.
  • My Hero Academia Provides Insightful Discrimination Analysis.
  • The plot arcs of My Hero Academia are stated succinctly.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia.
Momo using her Creation quirk.

If you are an avid fan of My Hero Academia, you know Momo is an essential pick for this list.

She has a high IQ and can easily be considered a genius. She possesses strong analytical and strategic abilities.

Even in the most pressing circumstances, this girl can work effectively—and without a whip. Everyone in Class 1-A is inspired by her, and her results put her in an even better position.

She was enrolled through official recommendations, and her smartness remains unmatched.

Through her Quirk of Creation, she can create any physical object. But only on one condition – if she knows the components of the particular object. And as it seems, her Quirk requires some high level of intelligencesomething which Momo possesses.

With her keen observation, she was able to defeat erasure, and with her strong instincts and analytical skills, she was able to map out winning strategies in Joint Training Battle. This class representative is indeed a big deal!

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia
Izuku Midoriya in his One for All element.

Although Izuku was born without a quirk, his thirst for knowledge was a driving force for him. He honed his mind to observe the traits of all heroes and villains. As a result, he seized a proper command over strong analytical skills and strategies.

Izuku, along with being physically strong, is also mentally strong. He can come up with mind-blowing solutions and effective fighting methodsthat too on an impulse.

This boy was born without a Quirk, but that did not hold him back. He trained his mind and went on to one day inherit All Might’s One For All Quirk because of his innate heroic spirit.

His physical and mental prowess make him a force to be reckoned with.

Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia.
Katsuki using his Explosion Quirk.

An equally powerful, hardworking, and talented student. Katsuki possesses the ability to devise tactics to tackle any foe and battle.

His Quirk is in line with his aggressive thug personality. He is a formidable foe because of his capacity to generate enormous explosions from his body sweat.

Katsuki’s explosions.

The fact that he uses his Quirk to boost his speed as well as to destroy things or defend himself further demonstrates his smartness.

He is incredibly smart and perceptive, and he makes up for his aggressive behavior with his high intellect. Katsuki has a high pain threshold, and his belief in himself makes him quite admirable.

Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia
Shoto using his Half Cold Half Hot Quirk.

For his age, Shoto is far too smart and intelligent. He got into the school through recommendations and is easily considered a genius.

He has a versatile Quirk, half-cold half-hot, through which he can freeze anyone and produce blistering hot flames. This ability can either make the enemy a grilled barbecue or a glacier.

With his sharp observation and high IQ, Shoto uses his Quirk in a balanced manner. Along with being powerful, he is also resilient and academically strong.

He knows when and how to use his power, and with keen and smart observation, he can connect dots that would usually escape the notice of an ordinary person.

Tenya Iida

Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia
Tenya in his Engine Quirk Element

Tenya is one of the smartest students and a skilled fighter, renowned for both his academic prowess and fighting techniques.

His Quirk, Engine, provides him with superhuman speed and kicking prowess. This deadly opponent was able to defeat one of the dangerous students, Ibara Shiozaki, in class 1B.

He is also known for his innate ability to lead. These leadership qualities demonstrate his sharpened senses and intelligence.

However, his senses and power are fueled with Orange Juice hencekids it’s important to have some Orange Juice!

Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro from My Hero Academia.
Kyoka Jiro using her Earphone Jack Quirk

Putting Kyoka Jiro on this list was a no-brainer. She is exceptionally smart with a unique Quirk.

Her Earphone Jack Quirk allows her to cause damage and also spy on official secrets.

To leverage this Quirk, though, requires a high level of smartness. Not only this, but Kyoka is also analytically sharp, as she can easily outline effective combat strategies and never lets her peers down.

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia
Tsuyu Asui uses her Frog Quirk to extend her tongue to 20 meters.

Tsuyu Asui is a true powerhouse. She excels in both, combat and academics. 

With her unusual Frog Quirk, she can leap, extend her tongue to a great extent, stick to walls, and surprise opponents with her moves and prowess.

She is also a keen observer who was even able to signify similarities between Izuku and All Might. 

Due to her smart tactics, she uses her unconventional Quirk in the most useful of ways. She is also one of the most rational beings who prosper under pressure.

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka from My Hero Academia
Ochaco manipulates gravity with her Zero Gravity Quirk

Ochaco is a strong-minded and determined student who has worked her way toward becoming one of the smartest characters.

She has trained to improve her battling abilities. With her Zero Gravity Quirk, she can manipulate gravity and use it against her foes.

With her quirk, she makes her adversaries float in the air, making her quite a tremendous support in combat. Although she is not theoretically strong, she makes up for the fact with her keen observation and intellect.

Fumikage Tokoyami

Fumikage Tokoyami from My Hero Academia
Fumikage with his Dark Shadow.

Fumikage Tokoyami, a great strategist and a formidable fighter, possesses a Dark Shadow Quirk.

Through this quirk, a giant shadow-like figure appears and fights on his behalf. And this quirk is highly efficient in the dark.

Not only this, Fumikage possesses a phenomenal mind, and with keen observation, he can make out his opponents’ weaknesses and use them.

He uses his quirk as a defense and offensemaking it quite dangerous.

Final Words

  • The realm of My Hero Academia is filled with powerful and smart characters.
  • My Hero Academia produces the coming heroes of tomorrow who are not only physically strong but also mentally.
  • Each character possesses individual qualities and prowess.

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