Mikasa VS. Levi: Who Is Stronger In AOT?

Attack on Titan is a very popular Manga; after its successful run, it was launched as an Anime in 2013, with a great storyline and equally mesmerizing animation style.

Before diving into the topic, let’s start with a synopsis.

The story is set in a world where people reside in cities that are encircled by giant walls that shield them from Titans, monstrous humanoids that consume people seemingly for no apparent reason.

The plot revolves around Eren Jaeger and his childhood friends, whose lives are irrevocably altered when a Colossal Titan appears, causing their hometown to be destroyed and Eren’s mother to pass away. Eren and his friends enlist in the Scout Regiment, an elite unit of troops that engage in titan combat outside the Walls, swearing to exact retribution and take back the world from the Titans.

After reading this short synopsis you must have had a lot of questions in mind! Check out this article that I have written to know the philosophy behind the famous Anime Attack on Titan.

Without a doubt, the two strongest characters in Attack on Titan are Mikasa and Levi. Due to their special lineage, they possess unmatched fighting capabilities even without the ability to transform into titans. The Ackerman family’s descendants are renowned for uncovering their inner abilities. Even though they both are the last surviving members of the Ackerman family, only one of them can be said to be the strongest.

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Does Levi have the same power as Mikasa?

Mikasa is smiling with love and care in her eyes
Levi’s fighting prowess is increased by his employment of ODM gear, which allows him to close in silently and swiftly destroy his opponents.

No, Levi has better tactical and fighting abilities.

Even though both of them belong to the same clan Ackerman, their powers and tactical abilities do differ.
Starting with Mikasa gets furious very quickly. Mikasa observes what looks to be Eren‘s demise during the Female Titan’s assault. She has a brief moment of shock, but it rapidly fades as she gets motivated by ideas of retaliation.

Mikasa is compelled to do everything it takes to protect Eren from danger, but without anyone else to defend other than herself, her rage consumes her completely. She pursues the Female Titan, striking her repeatedly to defeat her.

The Female Titan is sent to her knees by a swift swipe to the legs, providing Mikasa with a gap. Mikasa may have been the first person in the series to defeat what was then thought to be an anomalous Titan if not for the Titan’s ability to harden.

Secondly, her combat abilities are just over the roof. This is proven when Zeke poisons the island’s wine supply with his spinal fluid. This intriguing material may instantly turn anybody who consumes it into a titan before Marley attacks Paradis Island. When Zeke lets out a roar, the city behind the walls is overtaken by titans as a result of the transformation from human to monster.

Every titan in the city is conquered by Mikasa with the aid of her allies and the usage of Hange’s Thunder Spears. Even though the deck was stacked against her during this battle, she persisted and managed to eliminate all titan threats from the city. A battle with such poor odds could only be won by a genuinely powerful combat expert.

Coming to Levi now, even though Mikasa is a brilliant fighter with unmatched skills, However, Levi still has an edge over her in combat.

Levi has fought off Zeke, the Beast Titan, on several occasions, but in their most recent meeting, the circumstances were not in his favor. Zeke turns Levi’s group of troops into mindless titans who forget their allegiances and attack Levi after consuming his spinal fluid.

With no chance of escaping unless he chooses to fight, Levi is surrounded by 30 titans. Without assistance, he dismembers his dead teammates before following Zeke and engaging him in combat once again. Mikasa possesses comparable skills, but she lacks the expertise to handle large numbers alone despite her power appearing to be boundless in these instances.

Secondly, Levi has remarkable agility.  His ability to close in stealthily and quickly demolish his opponents thanks to his use of ODM gear increases his fighting power.

After entering Marley with his remaining soldiers, Levi sits in the shadows and discreetly observes the conflict, hoping for a chance to strike. Levi seizes the chance to disable the Beast Titan when he temporarily drops his guard. His quickness made it easy for him to easily bring this beast to its knees.

Video about Mikasa and Levi’s power levels

Who can beat Levi?

Levi is undoubtedly a very powerful character, being the strongest soldier; however, that doesn’t mean he can’t be defeated.

Let’s go through some characters who would give a tough time to him.

Starting with the first and, possibly, most potent titan shifter to ever exist was Ymir Fritz. She could eliminate Eldia’s adversaries. Even when she passed away physically, she lived inside the coordinate for a long time, giving birth to several titans that Levi fought.

The outcome of Ymir’s struggle with Levi would depend entirely on whoever she followed because she adored King Fritz and always deferred to other titan shifters. She could, however, dispatch the most powerful soldier in the ranks of mankind if she used all her skills and did as she pleased.

Moving forward, Eren. He was interested in joining Levi’s team when they first met. Eren was thrilled about this since he had always respected Levi and wanted to join the Survey Corps. Since Eren gave the troops optimism that they might retake their territory from the giants, Levi had been willing to do everything to keep Eren safe.

But when they succeeded in their mission, Eren became the Survey Corps’ worst adversary, and the rumbling started. If Levi had been alone at that time, there would have been nothing he could have done. Levi assisted his friends in defeating Eren, but without them, he would have perished.

Lastly, The Colossal Titan can instantly destroy everything and everyone in its immediate vicinity.

When Marley put their warriors’ abilities to the test, they discovered that the Colossal Titan had the most capacity for destruction inside a country. Bertholdt, who acted only on Reiner’s orders for most of the series, was not a particularly strong fighter, and Eren killed him by distracting him while attacking him from behind.

Bertholdt would undoubtedly fall for the same ruse if Levi had a helper in the attack. Bertholdt, however, would probably be able to defeat the toughest soldier in the human army if they engaged in one-on-one combat.

Mikasa is shocked and frightened with sweat on her face
But if they fought one on one, Bertholdt would probably be able to beat the hardest soldier in the human army.

Levi or Mikasa: Who is stronger?

After comparing the two, we can conclude that Levi and Mikasa are immensely powerful; being the last of their kind, they inherited these abilities. However, Levi has a little edge over his friend Mikasa.

Both are good friends, and seeing them fight is an impossibility right now. We could still bet on Levi if there ever was a fight.

Levi is a more emotionally stable personality with a lot better tactical mind than Mikasa. He also has a slight edge in the fighting department, having extreme agility; having killed 30 titans at once is a pretty big thing.

On the other hand, Mikasa acts very hastily; she has a problem with her furiousness and sometimes takes decisions only based on emotions without giving them a second thought.

Levi glaring sharply
Levi actually struggles with insomnia.


  • Levi and Mikasa are the last surviving members of the clan, Ackerman.
  • Both of them are immensely powerful with abilities to defeat any titan.
  • However, Levi has a slight edge over his fellow clan member, with better tactical and fighting abilities.
  • Mikasa, on the other hand, is more emotional and sometimes makes illogical decisions.

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