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A dead office worker who was resurrected as Leon Fou Bartfort there in Holfort Realm is the central protagonist of the story. Within that society, women remain dominant, and secondary people like himself have a very difficult time surviving.

The story’s main character is a deceased office worker who was revived as Leon Fou Bartfort located in Holfort Realm.

Leon starts out to revamp this society and its social system utilizing his extensive acquaintance with the game and the cheating tool Luxion. He makes an effort to lead a regular life and marry a woman, however through his activities he becomes involved in a plethora of conspiracies, while simultaneously mixing with the nobles as well as other Otome animated characters.

Trapped in a Dating SimFeatures
Directed byKazuya Miura
Written byKenta Ihara
Episodes12 lists of episodes
GenreComedy, Sci Fiction
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Who are the main characters Trapped In A Dating Sim?

In an Otome reality, where people are practically treated like animals, Leon was recently thrust into.
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Following is given a list showing all the main characters of the Anime mentioned above:

1. Leon Fou Bratfort

His typical appearance, with his black hair, eyes, and unremarkable characteristics, allows him to disappear into the surroundings.

Leon personally relishes displaying confidence in his prowess, especially as a strategy to undermine his enemy’s morale, in spite of his low opinion of those who are unduly conceited.

2. Luxion

Luxion aids Leon in his endeavors. Leon is also a new human, which he despises.

Nevertheless, he remains devoted to Leon since their bloodlines crossed. While Luxion’s basic structure is a massive, airship-like black spacecraft, it can also transform into a small chunk of metal with just a single red sensor to move anywhere.

3. Olivia

The main character and Leon’s best buddy. Her eyes are blueish green, and she has light brown hair.

She is a polite human who loves others and is friendly and compassionate, yet she lacks self-assurance. Olivia and Leon are indeed happy in a relationship, contrary to the central story.

4. Marie Fou Lafan

She gives the impression of being a meek, nice little girl, although in actuality, she is calculating and self-centered.

She is little, has such a thin build, with minimal chest, a long blonde hairstyle that outlines her features, and has light eyes.

She doesn’t mind controlling people for her personal benefit. Moreover, she is Leon’s former life’s sibling.

Lead characters from the story
Leon has blonde hair and flaming red eyes.

5. Angelica Rapha Redgrave

Leon befriends the primary antagonist of the very first Otome gaming. She possesses fiery red eyes and blonde hair.

Because due to Marie’s interference, Angelica ends up being the sufferer of whatever would have been Olivia’s tale. Eventually, she marries Leon and then becomes pals with Olivia.

6. Julius Rapha Holfort

Leon, Marie, and also his own mom Mylene all view him as a fool and a hypocrite.

The heir to the throne of the Holfort Empire is one of the primary abduction targets in the initial season of the Otome games.

Who does Leon Fou Bratfort end up with?

At the end of the Anime, Leon was together with not only one but both the girls — Olivia and Angelica.

Leon first volunteered to stand up for Angelica when she was having to face the royals. Following that, both got acquainted and developed a friendship. There is then Olivia, a quiet young woman whom Leon views as cunning and manipulative. As soon as they meet, Leon was so moved by her generosity that he decided to be her closest companion.

They became increasingly in love with one another as the days progressed on. They decided to get married while Angelica was there as well. Even though Mylene was wedded, Leon continued to date Noelle and her. However, he actually ended up with Olivia and Angelica. He has only ever been in infatuation with them, and therefore makes every effort to remain true to each of them.

Is Trapped in a Dating sim worth watching?

Who is the main antagonist in Trapped In A Dating Sim?

Initially, Angelica seemed to be the antagonist but later, it was realized that the most notable antagonist in the Anime was Marie.

Given that Leon is Marie’s strongest blatant opponent in her cunning intentions, Marie is a substantially more serious enemy to Angelica than Leon is. Angelica bravely opposes Marie at a nighttime ball, but she is overpowered because Marie’s 5 guy friends, and Julius, Angelica’s fiancée, stand with Marie.

Leon doesn’t know Angelica personally, but he wants them to be partners, and if Angelica does him that favor, it might offer him a big advantage in subsequent storylines. Leon surprises everybody by declaring to be Angelica’s fighter and stating that he is prepared to face Marie’s five-piece in the field of combat.

Final Verdict

  • The article is about a notable Anime of Scientific Fiction titled Trapped in a dating sim.
  • Death and being born again in another form or society is the notable incident that took place with the main protagonist of the story.
  • Different characters in the Anime are highlighted with their distinct personalities among which are Olivia and Angelica, the most prominent.
  • Leon, the central character of the Anime developed an infatuation with both of them, and the whole trio lived happily with each other.

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