Meet The Sailor Guardians: Who Are They?

The 1990s saw the release of the shojo Manga and Anime Sailor Moon. It is the peak of magical-girl Anime with cute boys, strong heroines, and incredibly long transformation sequences. 

For countless generations, Sailor Moon and the Guardian Senshi have been the leading female role models for girls. Everybody can find a Sailor Senshi to identify with.

Everyone who enjoys Anime will tell you that Sailor Moon features a cast of amazing characters. 

These young ladies were endowed with magical abilities and ancient instruments that were well above their years, and it is thanks to these gifts that they have repeatedly rescued the planet from villains. 

Who is the strongest Sailor Guardian, though? Most feeble? Each fan has a favorite team. However, one must be objective in their evaluations if one wants to learn who the most potent Sailor Guardian is.

In Anime and Manga, there are a lot of Sailor Senshi or guardians. Many of the characters, including one Tuxedo Mask, are very strong, while others are just average.

Sailor Guardians
Who are the Sailor Guardians?

Who is Sailor Moon?

Naoko Takeuchi is the author and artist of the Japanese comic series Sailor Moon.

From 1991 until 1997, it was serialized in Kodansha’s shjo manga magazine Nakayoshi; the 52 individual chapters were published in 18 volumes. The series chronicles the exploits of a schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino as she changes into the eponymous figure to search for a mythical artifact, the “Legendary Silver Crystal.”

She leads a band of companions known as the Sailor Soldiers, subsequently renamed the Sailor Guardians, in their fight against villains in order to prevent the theft of the Silver Crystal and the destruction of the Solar System.

What exactly are Sailor Guardians?

Sailor Guardians, also known as Sailor Senshi or Sailor Soldiers, are the main female protagonists in all Sailor Moon adaptations.

Sailor Guardians are magical females who are initially portrayed as superheroes who utilize their abilities to defeat bad forces. They are each related with a space object. Among these heavenly bodies are stars, planets, moons, asteroids, and comets.

As magical girl heroines, Sailor Guardians have both civilian and magical identities. The Sailor Guardians appear to be ordinary girls before they transform into their Sailor forms. They use transformation items to transform into their Sailor Guardian forms, which grants her an outfit with her theme colors and her elemental power.

Items obtained as part of their uniform, such as Sailor Moon’s tiara, can be utilized as weapons. During their first awakening, the Sailor Guardians would usually have the astrological sign linked with their planet shown on their forehead.

Who is the 3rd Sailor Guardian?

The third episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is titled “The Third Sailor Guardian” is Rei Hino In Japan, also known as Sailor Mars, premiered on October 18, 2003.

She has dark brown eyes and black hair that falls to her shoulders. The sole variation in her school uniform from Anime and Manga is that the skirt is longer.

When Mars transforms, her hair lengthens and turns raven-black, reaching her waist. The outfit that Sailor Mars wore in the Manga and Anime was remarkably comparable to her actual attire. 

Her costume had a white leotard with a red skirt, a belt-like piece with a red charm in the middle, a redback bow, and a purple front bow. She was wearing a red leotard with a three-stripe collar, and she had three layers of shoulder padding. 

Her gloves were the only ones among the Sailor Guardians that extend past her elbows; they were white with red elbow fittings. 

She wore red high heels accessorized with a red choker, red earrings with red four-pointed stars hanging from them, and a gold tiara with a crimson jewel in the center.

Rei is employed by the family shrine. She can foretell the future and is frequently pictured gazing into a fire. Rei tends to be a loner and relies on herself a lot. She also struggles to put her trust in other people. 

She despises karaoke, but she eventually has to perform in front of an audience at a hospital while acting like a celebrity. She and Minako Aino get along well. 

Takashi Hino, Rei’s father, and Rei do not get along because when Rei was younger her mother was dying and he was in parliament.

At the start of the series, Rei didn’t want to hang out with the other ladies for activities like karaoke because she didn’t enjoy singing and she didn’t want to talk to them about her old life, which she frequently battled with Minako about. 

She ultimately warmed up to the other girls, and she and Minako formed a close friendship akin to the one Usagi and she had in the Anime.

"The Third Sailor Guardian," the third episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, stars Rei Hino, popularly known as Sailor Mars.
“The Third Sailor Guardian,” the third episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, stars Rei Hino, popularly known as Sailor Mars.

Who is the most powerful Sailor Guardian?

The strongest sailor guardian is Haruka Tenou who is guardian of Sailor Uranus.

Sailor Uranus is the most potent Sailor Guardian in the Sailor Moon series in terms of physical attacks, magical abilities, and sheer tenacity. 

Not only is she a skilled martial artist, but she also has the strongest attacks of all the primary Sailor Guardians. 

Neither is Uranus nor Neptune always on the side of the Inner Guardians; at one point, Uranus was actually out to get Sailor Saturn, and when she was unsuccessful, she turned on Sailor Moon. 

Because the viewer is aware that this Sailor Guardian isn’t just making empty threats and has the ability to carry them out, it was a dramatic scene with significant stakes.

Sailor Uranus is the strongest sailor guardian.
Sailor Uranus is the strongest sailor guardian.

Older teenage female Sailor Uranus has short, light tan hair and dark blue eyes. The tallest Sailor Senshi is she. Even though Sailor Uranus is depicted wearing more female clothing in the Manga, she is primarily seen wearing masculine or unisex clothing. 

There are probably 0–2 instances of her wearing feminine clothing. Because of her androgynous characteristics, she frequently passes for a man. 

When she first meets Michiru, she is dressed in the winter school uniform for males, which includes a brown long formal suit jacket with the black Mugen Academy emblem on the left side, a white long-sleeve button-up shirt with long shades of green neck tie at the collar, a pair of green and black checkered school pants, brown loafers with black soles, and white socks.

In order to demonstrate her physical approach as a woman when Sailor Uranus exposes her true gender to Rei, Makoto, and Minako at the end of the episode. 

She wears her brown formal suit jacket without a tie and her button-up shirt slightly unbuttoned. 

She keeps her tie, school pants, and loafers from her winter school uniform and dons a white short-sleeved button-up shirt with a single pocket on the left side of the shirt as well as the male summer school uniform.

She wears a matched pair of white slacks with a brown belt around her waist, brown leather shoes, and a light yellow formal suit jacket as her go-to casual outfit from the third until the fifth and final season. 

Her neck is adorned with a golden cross necklace. Her slacks and jacket are now a gold color in Sailor Stars. She still has her civilian appearance, and on her forehead is a gold tiara with a dark blue diamond in the center. 

Who are the Main Sailor Guardians?

In the anime and manga, there are a lot of Sailor Senshi, or guardians. Many guardians are super strong while some are average.

The following table lists the principal sailor guardians:

Sailor Guardians
Sailor MoonSailor Moon consistently prevails in her battles for justice and love. She was originally from the Moon Kingdom, a culture on the moon, but she was subsequently reborn on Earth. Before Luna arrived and informed her that she was Sailor Moon, protector of the galaxy and Earth, she had forgotten about her previous life. She enjoys eating, napping, and boys in addition to being all-powerful, all of which are quite relatable. In addition to Sailor Moon, she has also played the roles of Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, and Neo-Queen Serenity. She is and always will be the most potent entity in the galaxy. “Never elude real combat by running! She is the Sailor Moon character!”
Sailor GalaxiaOne of the most potent seafaring Guardians is Galaxia. She is the final foe in the Sailor Moon franchise. She spent a very long period alone when she was born. When she later learned she had Sailor Senshi abilities, she fled her world in search of a better, more powerful one. She has the power to instantly destroy planets and stars with her Sapphire Crystal. Galaxia’s primary weapon is one of her Galactica Bracelets, which can beam an energy stream powerful enough to break Senshi’s crystal. Additionally, she is capable of two strong strikes known as “Galactica Super String” and “Galactica Inflation.”
Sailor AstarteSheba Shingetsu Astarte is a character from the Sailor Moon musical stage shows and not a part of the regular manga or anime series. Sailor Astarte is special since she is a Hindu deity. She is also a reincarnation of a special someone, like many of the other Guardians. She is the goddess Astarte’s reincarnation. She came to feel that rather than Usagi, she should be the goddess of the moon. She ultimately changes from being an adversary to an ally of the Sailor Guardians. Sheba has extremely potent magic and invokes the strength of the mother goddess.
Sailor Chibi ChibiSailor Cosmos, one of the most powerful Sailor Guardians, has a child named Chibi Chibi. Sailor Cosmos is from a future in which a conflict with Chaos has destroyed everything. She enters by floating from the skies while clinging to her umbrella. She is there to advise the guardians to eliminate Chaos in the future and to prevent her from bringing about the future she came from. Later in the anime, it is revealed that Sailor Cosmos is the original Sailor Moon.
Sailor PlutoThe protector of space and Sailor Pluto is Setsuna Meiou. She is the oldest member of the group and a nurse who is a student at a university. The scout with one of the most intriguing backgrounds is Sailor Pluto. She is the princess of Pluto and the daughter of Chronos, the Greek deity of time and space. The duty of watching over the Door of space and time was assigned to Setsuna. She wasn’t authorized to let anyone through the very powerful, as evidenced by the fact that she has the ability to stop time and the “death scream” skill.
Main sailor guardian.
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  • One type of superpower is physical strength. Sailor Moon’s heroes also employ the strength of adoration, friendship, and tenacity to vanquish their adversaries. 
  • The show’s charming popularity decades after its initial debut can be attributed to the fact that those are the actual fights that individuals face every day.

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