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Knights and Magic Season 2 Release Date, Trailer [2023]

Knights and Magic Season 2 still can’t seem to be officially announced yet, so there is no release date for the second season of this anime series.

Knight’s and Magic is a relatively new anime that has rapidly gained popularity. This is proof that anime is still going strong and that there are still plenty of great ideas and mangas for the studios to adapt. But since the last season, which finished in September 2017, it has been a whole four years.

When is Knights and Magic Season 2 Coming Out?

On MyAnimeList, Knights and Magic is ranked at #3556 with a rating of 7.09 with about 117,404 members. Meanwhile, on IMBD the series had received a rating of 7.2, which is based on fans’ feedback.

Will There Be A Knights and Magic Season 2

Without new content, The TV series 8Bit will not produce another season of Knights and Magic. They could make use of two Kidotter manga series and popular books. Kidotter is well known for his comic series. I believe they will wait for additional details, and we could have to wait many years for fresh material. I advise delaying reading the books for a bit.

A Japanese light book was turned into an animation by 8Bit Studio. Despite doing a good job, they did not produce another season. They have a good probability of producing another season in the future. In the vicinity of Aidyn, there was flooding. It was advised to the populace not to drink the water.

The show’s debut season received a favorable review. It could be sufficient to persuade them to produce a new season. But there are also alternative options. For instance, it sold 3000 DVDs per week in December 2017. The studio has continued to order new episodes of this show in a very generous manner.

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Knights and Magic Season 2 Release Date

The makers of the anime are yet to officially announce season 2 for this anime, So it will be challenging to predict a publication date until the authors raise the green flag.

Because there is no source material for the anime, we can tell that 8Bit might not be progressing with a new season. We might have to wait a while for future anime since they either have to create their own plot from scratch or wait for new source material.

Knights and Magic Season 2

We cannot anticipate the anime to be released until 2021 due to the dearth of source materials, which may be a nice season for some source material. The release date has not yet been officially announced.

On the other hand, season 1 great performance assures that the anime could be back. The series was well-liked and enjoyed by otakus all around the world. The end effect is that his followers remain upbeat about his future even if he doesn’t receive an extension.

Knights and Magic Season 2 Plot

Before going through what happens in the Knights and Magic Season 2, let’s explore and find out what happened in the previous season.

Tsubasa Kurata, an otaku from contemporary Japan who died in a car accident, is reincarnated in the Fremmevilla Kingdom, a medieval setting where strong mechs known as Silhouette Knights are employed to battle terrifying demonic animals.

Knights and Magic Season 2

Ernesti Echevarria, who is born into a noble family and has extraordinary magical powers, enrolls at Royal Laihaila Academy. This magic academy prepares young people to fly the Silhouette Knights, enabling them to defend the kingdom against both demonic and human dangers.

To accomplish a task that hasn’t been done in several millennia, Ernesti partners up with the Olter twins Adeltrud and Archid with the hope of one day creating his own Silhouette Knight.

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Knights and Magic Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of Knights and Magic Season 2 is yet to be released to watch yet in 2022.

Here’s a trailer for the first season instead. Watch it to feel how brilliantly animated the first season of Knights and Magic was

Where To Watch Knights and Magic Season 2?

CrunchyrollFunimation are some of the sites where you can watch Knights and Magic Season 2, once it is out, will most likely be available there.

Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Ernesti Echevarria Rie Takahashi
Adeltrud Olter Ayaka Ohashi
Archid Olter Shinsuke Sugawara
Helvi Oberg Shizuka Itou
Emrys Geijer Fremmevira Daisuke Ono
Horacio Cojal Yuuichi Nakamura


II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Yūsuke Yamamoto
Series Composition, Script Michiko Yokote (eps 1-5)
Noboru Kimura (ep 6)
Character Design Kenichirō Katsura
Studio 8bit


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