Is Watching The Demon Slayer Movie Important?

Although it depends on your own preference, it is advisable to consider an Anime series instead of movies.

Amongst the most wonderful animated movies in Japan also include Demon Slayer which received a huge fan following soon after its release. With the amazing storyline, well-performed action scenes, and great quality music, the movie didn’t take time to gain fame.

Tanjiro sets out on a perilous quest to find a cure and exact revenge on those he has lost.

Just before and after the release of the movie, they were aired, two seasons of the Anime, Demon Slayer, and Kimetsu no Yaiba as well. Here are given some details of them;

Demon SlayerAnime, Kimetsu no YaibaMovie, Mugen Train
Written byKoyoharu GotougeUfotable
Duration2 hours26 episodes (20 mins each)
Released on April 6, 20192020
Data table for Demon Slayer

But apart from all this hype, the question here is if it is really important to watch the Demon Slayer movie or not. If you want to know this, you’re in the right place!

In this article, we’ll discuss the different aspects of Anime Demon Slayer and the movie. Such as the differences and similarities between both and the suggested sequence to watch them. Let’s continue right away!

Is Demon Slayer a Must-Watch Anime?

Yes, Demon Slayer undoubtedly can be considered a must-watch Anime.

The ratings and sales of the Anime proved it to be one of the most amazing series of the time and it is due to a number of reasons.

For fans of animated movies who are enthralled by historical periods in Japan, the country where Anime first gained popularity, Demon Slayer’s setting will be particularly alluring. The series also features a strong supporting cast of interesting main characters, which is crucial to the progress of the ongoing plot and storyline. The graphics and animation of The Demon Slayer movie are very fantastic.

Discussing the cinematic events of Anime battle scenes, their exceptional choreography is the key to what makes them so remarkable. The well-known encounter between Tanjiro and Nezuko against Rui is a perfect illustration of superb action choreography.

Everything throughout the series is animated and created in a really captivating manner that runs very nicely.

Is Mugen Arc the same as the Movie?

The storyline of both can be considered similar but in some aspects, they are different from each other as well.

“Demon Slayer” is rated PG12, indicating that children under the age of 12 require “advice and assistance” from their parents.

Throughout both, the Demon Slayer and Mugen Arc, there exist a lot of differences. Out of which, I’ve tried enlisting some here as well for your convenience.

One of the most notable distinguishing factors is duration which is hardly two hours but the Anime series ‘Mugen Arc’ consists of seven parts with more details of both the story and individual characters.

We learn more about Rengoku’s history from Arc than we do from the film. A subplot in the second episode of the arc centers on a grandma and her grandchild and finally sheds light on Rengoku and his relatives.
Additionally, the arc allows us to have a little more detailed look at Rengoku’s battle with the stronger evil Akaza. The story arc includes an entire episode devoted to this conflict. The movie doesn’t show us a lot of specifics.

Which one is better, the Movie or Mugen Train Arc?

In my opinion, none of the movies or the arc is superior to the other as both have their own upsides in different regards.

The film is fantastic because that gets to the point right away. The movie must be seen by the series’s fans who are extremely dedicated. The plot will be enjoyable for the audience to take in all at once if they watch the film.

This is the best option if you need to watch Demon Slayer’s Second season straight away without having to suffer for lengthy episodes.

On the contrary side, most people might see that and think it’s all simply fillers that obscure the main point. Enjoy the arc if you want to learn more about Rengoku and his family, discover what his principles are, and become obsessed with his character for reasons other than that stylish honking hairstyle.

What is the right order to watch Demon Slayer?

Both the series and the movie, Demon Slayer, must be watched in the following order for better understanding;

  • Season 1; Demon Slayer, Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Movie; Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, Mugen Train
  • Season 2; Demon Slayer, Kimetsu no Yaiba

The first season contains 26 episodes in total and its broadcasting on the Japanese screens continued for about six months from the start of April to the end of September.

There are 18 episodes altogether, 7 of which are about the Mugen Train arc and the remaining 11 are about the entertainment narrative.

The Anime Demon Slayer’s successor film, Mugen Train, picks up where the previous episode left off with its story.

It was a huge success, shattering numerous record-breaking box office records and eventually becoming the top movie ever made in Japan, the highest-grossing Anime movie, and the most profitable Japanese movie.

The first seven episodes of the second season were really reruns of Mugen Train from the Demon Slayer film. It includes a total of 18 episodes, of which 7 are about the Mugen Train arc and the other 11 are about the Entertainment storyline.

Review of the Movie Demon Slayer

Final Verdict

  • Demon Slayer, Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the most likable options to consider watching if you’re an Anime enthusiast so it is a big yes if you’re wondering whether to watch it or not.
  • There are two versions of Demon Slayer i.e; the Anime and the movie; Mugen Train Arc with the Anime has two seasons and the movie is the most famous one.
  • Watching both are equally fun but have their own upsides and drawbacks depending on the viewers as well.
  • The movie offers a quick presentation of the whole story to save you time while Anime have a deep dive into all the characters.
  • Eventually, the likability depends on the one watching it.

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