Is Tokyo Revengers Nearing Its End? (Spoiler Alert)

After 278 chapters, Tokyo Revengers has come to an end.
After 278 chapters, Tokyo Revengers has come to an end.

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular Anime and Manga series, finally, after 278 chapters, it’s coming to its end. The creators released the last chapter which is titled “Revengers“.

Tokyo Revengers Anime is an adaptation of Manga, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Tokyo Revengers was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine on March 2017 till November 2022, with an accumulation of 30 chapters in tankĊbon volumes.

Tokyo Revengers certainly is popular mainly because of its plot and brave characters. It includes a 26-year-old freeter named Takemichi Hanagaki, who one day hears the news that his middle school sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, and her brother named Naoto had been killed by a gang, called Tokyo Manji Gang.

Now, what you may find surprising is that Takemichi becomes the best friend of Mikey, who is the leader of the same Gang that killed his middle school sweetheart and her brother.

Tokyo Revenger is definitely one of those series that will not let you get bored, as it includes mind-blowing action, teleportation, mystery, conflict, and crime. All the characters of Tokyo Revengers are strong and brave individuals.

Fans must be devastated to see a masterpiece come to an end, but let me tell you that the ending will not be disappointing.

Is the final arc released?

Every one of the arc of Tokyo Revengers is just a chef's kiss.
Every one of the arc of Tokyo Revengers is just a chef’s kiss.

The Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue 47, 2022 disclosed the date of the final chapter of Tokyo Revengers, the last chapter was released on November 16, 2022.

The last arc of Tokyo Revengers is called the Final Arc which follows Takemichi, who returned to the present and discovered that his friends are alive and successful, however, Mikey, who didn’t even contact any of his friends for about 12 years, has created a new gang which is called Bonten.

In the Final arc, it’s also disclosed that Takemichi will no longer be able to time leap, however, he unintentionally time leaps again 10 years into the past to 2008, when he tries to save Mikey from jumping off a building.

Now, Takemichi is in high school, where he discovers that as the famous Tokyo Manji Gang has ended, there is a power struggle going on among Rokuhara Tandai, Brahman, and Kanto Manji which is Mikey’s new gang.

In order to get close to Mikey, Takemichi becomes a member of Brahman, which is led by Senju Kawaragi. After this, Takemichi gets the ability to see into the future.

In addition, on July 7, 2008, Rokuhara Tandai attacks Brahman, well specifically Takemichi and Senju. While Takemichi protects Senju and prevents his death, Draken, unfortunately, gets killed as he was protecting them, which resulted in a fight, knowns as the Battle of the Three Deities, that was among all the three gangs.

This brawl ends in Mikey Killing South, who is the leader of the Rokuhara Tandai, and of course the gang of Mikey, Kanto Manji gang wins and also absorbs Rokuhara Tandai. After, Senju puts an end to the Brahman as to prevent Mikey from killing Takemichi.

One month later, Takemichi establishes the Tokyo Manji Gang again to challenge the Kanto Manji Gang to combat on the 9th of September. In the fight, Sanzu tries to drive a train onto the battlefield in order to kill the entire Tokyo Manji Gang, which Takemichi prevents from happening, but still, Kakucho gets killed in the process.

Later when Takemichi confronts Mikey, Mikey discloses that he had died in the present timeline, for which Shinichiro steals the ability to travel in time from a homeless guy to travel to the past to save Mikey. However, that provokes a curse, which is manifested in the form of violent behavior which leads to the death of Shinichiro, and Takemichi inheriting the power.

Well, in the end, Takemichi and Mikey travel back to 1998 with their memories still intact and work together to avert the previous tragedies of timelines and unite the gangs in Japan for 11 years, which auspiciously maintains a peaceful timeline.

Well, the good thing is the ending of Tokyo Revengers was happy and none of the favorite characters died.
Well, the good thing is the ending of Tokyo Revengers was happy and none of the favorite characters died.

Tokyo Revengers includes a total of five arcs: First arc, Valhalla or Bloody Halloween arc, Black Dragons or Christmas Showdown arc, Tenjiku arc, and Final arc.

All the arcs of Tokyo Revengers were no less than a chef’s kiss, the development of Takemichi and Mikey’s relationship is purely remarkable. Takemichi and Mikey are completely different, but this is what made their friendship so extraordinary.

The fact that even though Takemichi wasn’t strong enough to fight, he never chickened out, which is what Mikey liked. Mikey on the other hand may be shorter than other gang members, but no one can withstand his “nuclear kicks“.

It’s a shame to see Tokyo Revengers end, but it gave us one of the best series, which included everything that a viewer would like to see.

What would be the expected ending for this Anime?

Tokyo Revengers has given us one of the most interesting crime mysteries of all time, moreover, all the relationships that were developed through the series will always be the biggest part of the show.

Unfortunately, as Tokyo Revengers is coming to an end, the ending has been disclosed. After 278 chapters, in which we enjoyed the jaw-dropping action and suspense that kept us up at night, Tokyo Revengers has given us a happy ending.

Moreover, after a lot of drama, Mikey and Takemichi travel to 1998 where they unite all the gangs across Japan, which results in a peaceful timeline.

However, that doesn’t come easy, Takemichi has to go through a lot of difficulties, in fact, he has to save Mikey from killing himself.

The Final arc has more action than crime or mystery, most of the time characters are fighting with each other over power and authority, which isn’t boring, it’s quite interesting actually, you get to see those cool characters like Mikey fight.

Check out this video that talks about the Final Arc in depth:

The Fine Arc of Tokyo Revengers delivers the best action that you will ever see.

Should the readers watch this Anime in order?

Anime is an animation work created in Japan, there are a bunch of Anime series like Tokyo Revengers which is an adaptation of the Manga series.

Well, Anime is supposed to be watched in order because then it would be difficult to follow the plot. In Anime series, there’re arcs that you can follow, for instance, the arcs of Tokyo Revengers’ order are:

Tokyo Revengers ArcEpisodes
Toman Arc or the First Arc5 Episodes
Moebius Arc7 Episodes
Valhalla Arc13 Episodes
Black Dragon Arc12 Episodes
Tenjiku ArcTBA
Bonten ArcTBA
Final ArcTBA
Kanto Manji ArcTBA
List of Tokyo Revengers arcs

Furthermore, there’re also anime movies as well as series which all are adapted from the Manga series. For example, there’re 4 seasons of Attack On Titan, 6 movies, and 2 parts of Live-Action.

Now it’s up to you, whether you watch the series first or the movies, however, I would suggest you watch what came first.

In Attack On Titan (2013) series came first, so I’d recommend you first watch that and then the movies in chronological order.

If we talk about whether to read Manga first or watch anime, then it’s a whole different story. While some people prefer to read Manga first as they like to know what is going to happen, others prefer to watch anime first as they like to see what changes are made.


  • Tokyo Revenger is one of the greatest anime and manga series, however, it has reached its end. The last chapter of Tokyo Revengers has been released on the 16th of November in 2022, and is titled “Revengers“.
  • Well, it was a roller coaster of emotions, but in the end, it gave us a happy ending, where Mikey and Takemichi are together trying to create a peaceful timeline, however, in the original timeline Mikey has died.
  • Tokyo Revengers is a series where all the characters are brave and strong, however in different ways. While Mikey has his nuclear kicks and the training of martial arts, Takemichi is determined and wouldn’t chicken out from a fight that includes his loved ones.
  • There’re a total of five amazing arcs which include: The first arc, Valhalla or Bloody Halloween arc, Black Dragons or Christmas Showdown arc, Tenjiku arc, and the Final arc.

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