Is Parasyte: The Maxim Good? (Review)

Japanese science fiction and horror Manga called Parasyte was created by Hitoshi Iwaaki. 

In order to protect both of their lives from the other invaders and to preserve his own life, Shinichi forms an alliance with the monster.
In order to protect both of their lives from the other invaders and to preserve his own life, Shinichi forms an alliance with the monster.

Shinichi Izumi, a teenage character in the novel, is one day attacked by a parasitic entity known as a Parasyte. Shinichi just escapes the parasyte’s attempt to take over his body.

Shinichi establishes an alliance with the creature in order to defend both of their lives from the other invaders and to ensure his own survival. 

The Kodansha Manga Award for general Manga was given to Parasyte in 1993. 

Additionally, it received the 1996 Seiun Award for best Manga. The Manga had over 11 million copies in print as of October 2014.

What is Parasyte: The Maxim?

Hitoshi Iwaaki is the author and designer of the Japanese science fiction horror manga series Parasyte.

Shinichi Izumi, a teenager, gets assaulted one day by a worm-like creature known as a Parasyte. Shinichi’s body is nearly taken over by the parasyte, but he just barely escapes.

Shinichi establishes an alliance with the creature in order to safeguard both of their lives from the other invaders.

In 1993, Parasyte won the Kodansha Manga Prize for general manga. In 1996, it also received the Seiun Award for best manga of the year. As of October 2014, the manga had sold over 11 million copies.

What occurred to Migi near the end of Parasyte?

Migi had spent more time than he was supposed to (separated from Shinichi) fighting Gorou at the end of the anime.

Because he had reached his limit, his detached body began to fade away. When Izumi goes out to kill Gorou (with just 1 arm and a butcher knife),

Migi rises from his missing arm and defeats Gorou just as he is about to die; this is like the last straw for Migi, his last drop of energy.

Hence, when Migi appears to have vanished after fighting Gorou, he saves (yet again) the day when Satomi is about to collapse.

Was Parasyte: The Maxim good?

Shinichi Izumi, a senior in high school, is the main character of the Anime series Parasyte. He resides in a peaceful area in Tokyo, Japan, with his parents. 

Strange, worm-like aliens known as Parasytes who have a voracious appetite for human flesh, arrive on Earth one fateful night and begin invading human hosts’ brains through their ears or nostrils. 

Shinichi Izumi is the protagonist of Parasyte: The Maxim.
Shinichi Izumi is the protagonist of Parasyte: The Maxim.

One Parasyte tries to enter Shinichi’s body by his nose while he is still asleep, but is unable to do so because Shinichi wakes up, so it enters through his hand.

Both of them are now conscious since Shinichi was able to stop the parasyte known as Migi from moving farther up into his brain. Shinichi and Migi continue to have distinct minds and personalities. 

As the duo comes into contact with other parasytes, they utilize their peculiar symbiotic relationship and progressively forge a solid friendship while cooperating to live. 

Parasyte features sleek, thrilling animation, intriguing characters, crazy action, and an entrancing soundtrack. 

The Anime’s narrative is commendable for being original and containing stunning artwork.

The Maxim was a fantastic Anime series with a strong theme, likable characters, a compelling story, and spine-tingling horror moments. 

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how realistic this Anime was, which is something I cannot say about most Anime. 

I understand that science fiction isn’t supposed to be realistic, but Parasyte pushes the boundaries of realism. 

Shinichi’s display of emotion was Oscar-worthy. When he lost his mother, and several of his friends, and struggled to survive, he expertly displayed human emotions. One of my favorite aspects of this series was that.

I wasn’t too confused, but I was a little annoyed that most of the action scenes were unnecessary. 

After all, there were only 24 episodes in this season. Therefore, extended, high-quality battle sequences could not be used up time. 

For what it’s worth, Parasyte: The Maxim is a show that I would definitely rewatch. I urge any Anime lover to watch this science fiction horror film and step outside their comfort zone. I’m confident you’ll like it.

Is Parasyte the Maxim worth watching?

In Parasyte, humour, entertainment, and oddly wholesomeness all coexist harmoniously. You can observe gradual character growth as the plot develops, and the charismatic characters have been matched with some fantastic action moments. 

This show’s soundtrack, which is really amazing and somewhat addictive, will have you singing along frequently. 

Parasyte is the show for you if you want gore, action, and an uncommon amazing pair giving you their tale.

Here’re a few things that make this show worth watching:

The ArtHitoshi Iwaaki’s art style for Parasyte is unique and unlike anything that came before or after it. This artwork is a wonderful match for the horror tone of the series because it has a very ominous appearance and can change to fit funny and action-packed times as well.
The CharactersWhen starting a series like this, you might assume that the horror will take center stage, but that isn’t even close to being the case here. The different characters that are presented during the narrative will win your heart, and you’ll find yourself eagerly anticipating their return.
The WritingUnlike other works of its ilk, you won’t ever find yourself second-guessing the author’s decisions while reading this Manga. The novel is really tightly written, and it never feels like the author strays from what he knows best or outdoes himself.
The ActionWith such a unique idea, the action scenes are very novel and revitalizing. There are still scenes of hand-to-hand combat of the human variety, but there are also scenes of parasyte-to-parasyte battles. Never has it been more exciting to watch two males transform their body parts into enormous sharp and blunt objects to cut and slash one other to death.
The HorrorIn the Manga series Parasyte, a general tone of terror dominates everything that happens. The plot, illustrations, language, and designs all work together to create a tone that will undoubtedly make readers feel a little uneasy as they read. This narrative has just the right amount of spookiness to keep things creepy all the time.
The ComedyDespite the fact that Parasyte is mostly a horror Manga loaded with blood and terrifying monster designs, there are also many humorous parts. There is no way to get through this Manga without finding yourself grinning occasionally.
MigiThe Manga’s namesake, Migi, is both the secondary main character and the primary character. He is a Parasyte who enjoys attaching himself to Shinichi Izumi, our main character and becoming a buddy in this buddy police Manga. Imagine Alfred as Batman’s actual outfit, similar to the bond between Batman and Alfred.
Perfect PacingThis series has a truly incredible pace. Never does it seem hurried or as like a new story point is being introduced too soon. Everything is perfectly put together, and it really does feel as though the game is progressing from one level to the next as the stakes and complexity rise.
What makes Parasyte: The Maxim worth watching?
If you're looking for gore, action, and a unique, incredible couple telling you their story, Parasyte is the program for you.
If you’re looking for gore, action, and a unique, incredible couple telling you their story, Parasyte is the program for you.

Is Parasyte: The Maxim scary?

The plot of the series centres on parasytes, enigmatic creatures that invade human brains before killing and devouring further victims. 

Shinichi Izumi, the protagonist of this series, was able to confine one such parasyte to his right hand, which has resulted in more of a symbiotic relationship between the two than a parasitic one. 

Shinichi and his parasyte Migi must cooperate in order to survive, which is unfortunate because their peculiar relationship makes them the enemy of the majority of other parasytes.

The parasyte and the element of body horror are both present. It can be quite unnerving to see human heads split open in various ways to show rows of razor-sharp teeth and eyeballs. 

They are even more unsettling due to the irregularity of their genuine, ugly forms. 

The gore in this Anime is another aspect that can appeal to horror aficionados. Anyone would have nightmares after witnessing what appeared to be a regular person twist their face into a huge mouth and bite a nearby person. 

Not to mention how they can change specific body parts into razors to slice and impale their prey.

Parasyte has additional frightening aspects besides body horror. It’s got a tone and an environment that are perfect for putting audiences on edge. 

Watching Shinichi go methodically through blood-spattered, dimly lighted passageways where a parasyte could emerge at any moment is unsettling. 

A parasyte rushing to catch up with a moving car is similarly terrifying. This Anime does a fantastic job of conveying how frightening these creatures can be.

Is It Too Late To Talk About Parasyte: The Maxim?


  • Two endearing and humorous primary characters provide the narration in Parasyte. The protagonists have some really fascinating and dynamic growth. 
  • The animation is flawless throughout, with not a single superfluous or out-of-place frame. 
  • The show’s audio and musical elements are its strongest points because the audio is so expertly produced and used that it enhances all the emotions you watch without ever making you feel them.

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