Is Goku Day A Real Holiday? (Find Out)

The year is 2003, and thousands of children around the nation are anxiously hurrying home to their TVs at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Son Goku, or just Goku as he is known in the west, serves as the focal point of the story of Dragon Ball, which was initially released as a manga in Japan.
Son Goku, or just Goku as he is known in the west, serves as the focal point of the story of Dragon Ball, which was initially released as a manga in Japan.

As Dragon Ball Z, one of the most important Anime of all time makes its daily debut on Cartoon Network’s iconic programming block Toonami, the difficulties of the school day swiftly vanish.

Every day after school on Cartoon Network from 1998 to 2008, Dragon Ball Z introduced an entire generation to the highly regarded Japanese series developed in 1984 by Akira Toriyama. 

The plot of Dragon Ball, which was first published as a Manga in Japan, centers on Son Goku, or simply Goku as he is known in the west. Later in the series, the “Z” is added to symbolize Goku becoming an adult.

What is Dragon Ball Z?

Toei Animation’s Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime television series.

It is a sequel to the Dragon Ball anime series from 1986, and it adapts the final 325 chapters of Akira Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball manga series. It is part of the Dragon Ball media brand. From April 1989 through January 1996, the series ran on Fuji TV in Japan and was then dubbed for broadcast in at least 81 countries worldwide.

Dragon Ball Z continues Goku’s adult adventures as he and his friends protect the Earth from villains such as aliens (Vegeta, Frieza), androids (Cell), and magical creatures (Majin Buu).

Is Goku real?

Goku is a fictitious character.

Akira Toriyama developed him to be the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball saga, nothing more, nothing less. With that said, it is easy to conclude that Goku is a work of fiction created solely to entertain real-life people.

Son Goku is the primary protagonist of the Dragon Ball series and a Saiyan raised on Earth. Kakarot, who was originally taken to Earth as a newborn, was adopted by Grandpa Gohan and given the name Son Goku. A childhood head injury altered Goku’s memory, freeing him from his destructive nature and allowing him to grow up to become one of Earth’s finest defenders.

He is continuously striving and training to be the greatest fighter possible, which has saved the Earth and the universe from annihilation on several occasions.

Is Saiyan Day a real holiday?

On the internet, Dragon Ball Z fans are well-recognized for their celebrations. If you were to ask me to name a celebration, I would suggest celebrating a “major event.” 

We are aware that the fandom celebrates a significant fan holiday on March 18 that is dedicated to all Saiyans. 

There’s little question the prince would appreciate the particular treatment today if you wanted to pay homage to Vegeta.

We saw that fans are teasing one another on social media in honor of Saiyan Day. 

The festival, which always falls on March 18, got its start because of a unique language quirk in Japan. 

The anticipated date is March 18, which can be expressed numerically as 3/18. This can be condensed even more in Japan and is pronounced like “San Ichi Ya” when spoken aloud.

Heroes like Goku are showing up in force, as evidenced by the fan art that was posted to websites like Reddit and Twitter in celebration of the big day. 

Saiyans were formerly treated with caution in the Dragon Ball franchise, but in recent years, the alien race has only expanded. 

The Saiyans were significantly expanded by Dragon Ball Super in addition to Goku’s offspring and Vegeta’s family.

The program established Universe 6’s existence as Universe 7’s twin and revealed it had a Saiyan home planet. 

Characters like Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale are only the tip of the multiverse as they have been introduced. Therefore, it would seem that this is the best time ever to observe Saiyan Day.

What day is Goku Day?

The Japan Anniversary Association declared May 9th as “Goku Day” in Japan a few years ago as part of the commemoration of Dragon Ball’s 30th anniversary. 

Toei had submitted an application to the association to have this special day celebrated exclusively for the Dragon Ball star since the numbers 5 and 9 can be read in Japanese as “Go” and “Ku,” respectively.

May 9th also has connections to the first season, but not in terms of Goku particularly. 

Because King Piccolo declared May 9th to be Piccolo Day when he was assaulting Earth in the first season of Dragon Ball, some fans prefer to observe “Piccolo Day” instead. 

The “Goku” sound of May 9th may have inspired this joke, but who would have thought that it would eventually be declared a holiday?

Since Goku has advanced significantly in recent years, it is unclear where the icon will go next. 

As of this writing, there are no plans to bring the anime back to television, but the Dragon Ball Super manga keeps the series alive. 

In this battle, Goku faces a foe that is both more powerful than ever and getting ever closer to attaining the pinnacle of his Ultra Instinct condition.

Goku Day is celebrated on 9th May.
Goku Day is celebrated on 9th May.

How is Goku introduced in Dragon Ball Z?

As a young child, Goku sets out on a quest to locate the seven items known as the dragon balls. 

A lot of characters, including the endearingly innocent and lovely Goku, are interested in a dragon that grants wishes.
A lot of characters, including the endearingly innocent and lovely Goku, are interested in a dragon that grants wishes.

Throughout a large portion of the series, the dragon balls serve as a deus ex machina. 

Once they are all together, the sky grows ominously dark, lightning strikes and a huge dragon appears from the balls, promising to give one wish to anyone who is bold enough to ask. 

The dragon balls become stone after a wish is fulfilled and are then dispersed at random around the planet for a year.

Naturally, a dragon that grants wishes attracts plenty of attention from a variety of characters, including the endearingly naive and charming Goku. 

It is immediately apparent that Goku is no ordinary youngster when he is first introduced as a little boy who seems no older than 10 years old. 

Goku has one of the most outrageous hairstyles in all of literature, and his opposable monkey-like tail only serves to emphasize how wild he appears.

Before being struck by a car, the series opens with him enthusiastically expecting a great supper while lugging a fish twice his size over his shoulder. 

Bulma, a little girl who is both afraid and confused, peers out of her car to see what or whom she just hit. 

Unexpectedly, Goku is only annoyed by the collision and misinterprets Bulma’s automobile as a monster as he responds by hurling the entire thing while she is still inside. 

She reacts by launching a barrage of shots directly toward Goku’s brain.

Bulma is startled to learn that aside from his late grandpa, Goku has never met anybody else and is unable to tell men from women after more uncertainty and awkward introductions. 

This results in several humorous exchanges where Goku repeatedly mistakenly misgenders people.

Bulma tells Goku that she is on a mission to collect the seven dragon balls, which is what brought her to Goku’s isolated mountain home after they have made introductions. 

Goku tells Bulma that his grandfather left him one of the balls before he passed away, but he has no idea that it may grant wishes; instead, he views the ball as a priceless gift and a representation of his late grandfather. 

After some haggling, Bulma decides that Goku would make a good bodyguard and forces the impressionable youngster to travel with her for the remaining balls.

Japan Officially Recognizes May 9th as Goku Day! Piccolo Day is No More?

Why is Goku Day celebrated?

Goku is revealed to be a low-class member of the Saiyans, an alien species of warriors that live to fight and conquer other worlds, at the beginning of “Dragon Ball Z.” 

This results in innumerable conflicts with creatures who are capable of wiping out entire planets with the touch of a finger. 

Goku eventually comes face to face with Frieza, the world-destroying alien who blew up his home planet and the Saiyan race as well.

As he, along with the viewer, discovers the true reason for his existence, Goku’s strange presence on Earth suddenly makes sense. 

Each Saiyan is valued according to the strength displayed at birth in their cruel, Spartan-like civilization. 

Being a low-class warrior and having limited natural fighting ability, Goku was banished to a planet with outdated technology like an unwanted toy. 

When Goku eventually finds himself the lone remaining member of the Saiyan species and confronts the entity who enslaved and wiped out an entire people he never got to know, it is poetic retribution.

In essence, Goku Day celebrates a cherished character who stands for growth via a great conflict. 

Goku is first viewed as a low-class weakling, but as he continuously works to get better and faces challenging opponents, he eventually rises to the level of the gods. 

Perhaps, for this reason, his narrative has inspired countless numbers of individuals all over the world.

Why do people love Goku?

Everyone loves Goku, from children to adults, thanks to Akira Toriyama. The majority of Dragon Ball fans respect Goku’s skills and abilities as well as his dedication to training. 

Since Saiyans have no limitations, the last powers and abilities of Saiyans are still unknown. As they practice and battle, they acquire new skills and abilities.

Here’s a list of powers and abilities of Goku:

Super KiaiJiren’s most often employed attack at the Tournament of Power. This attack has been around since the beginning of the Dragon Ball series. Jiren from Universe 11 nonetheless frequently employed it in Dragon Ball Super.
Super TeleportationGoku practically demonstrates in Dragon Ball Super how he has progressed with his teleportation skill to date. Goku and Vegeta were in training with Whis when Frieza resurrected and attempted to invade planet Earth.
Super Spirit BombEveryone knows what causes Goku’s Ultra Instinct power to activate. Goku gave it his all during his first battle with Jiren in the one-hour special, attempting to outwit Universe 11’s strongest Jiren. However, he wasn’t even scratched. When Goku realized that his only remaining choice was to use the Spirit Bomb, he gathered the energy of all of his allies to save Vegeta and created a massive Spirit Bomb large enough to destroy the entire arena stage.
Destructo DiscNow that Goku has it, one of Krillin’s hallmark moves is available to him. It does have more damaging abilities than any other technique, according to Wiki. When using this method, Ki energy transforms into a cutting disc that can cut through any material.
Healing PowersThis power was first presented in the Battle of Gods storyline, in which Goku battled Universe 7’s God of Destruction Beerus while in Super Saiyan God condition. When Beerus stabbed Goku during a space battle, Saiyan fell into Earth’s orbit and, upon recalling the hope of all of his friends for him, discovered that his injuries had become fatal for an unidentified reason.
Powers and abilities of Goku.


  • At this point, the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama has been running for more than three decades. 
  • Because the series is so popular, fans have created a variety of running jokes and holidays over the years. This includes May 9th, a unique fan celebration dedicated to Goku in particular. 
  • However, you may be perplexed as to why May 9th has been designated as “Goku Day” It turns out that Japan has given their formal endorsement to this fan holiday.

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