Is Cells At Work! Any Good? (Hit or Miss?)

The Anime realm was a place where the advent of educational shows seemed like a rare possibility. However, one show emerged from the shadows and took over the world of Anime with a stormthe show was none other than Cells at Work!.

A series that took over the hearts of many around the world focuses on an informative, funny narrative that makes learning a rather interesting thing to do. It features a variety of themes and body cells in the form of human characters.

The series plot focuses on portraying how every day, our cellular system toils relentlessly to fight against diseases to aid the proper sustainment of our body. This makes the show feel like a fresh air of breath amidst the many Anime.

If you are a science geek, a soon-to-be doctor, or just someone who likes different Anime genresthis show will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings. It is well-thought and impeccably executed with a unique setting inside of a human body.

With its quirkiness in delivering how our immune system works and handles life-or-death circumstances, the show makes itself a watch that is beyond good and just simply marvelous.

Before getting into how Cells at Work! is worthwhile and offers a unique perspective on learning, let’s quickly look at its background information in the data table below.

Japanese NameHataraku Saibo
GenreBiology, Fantasy, Comedy
Date of ReleaseSeptember 5, 2020
ProducerYuma Takahashi
IMDb Rating7.6/10
Data table for Cells at Work!
Trailer of Cells at Work!

What is Cella At Work?

Cells at Work! is a Japanese manga series written and designed by Akane Shimizu.

It depicts anthropomorphized human body cells, with the two primary protagonists being a red blood cell and a white blood cell she constantly sees. It was serialized in Kodansha’s shnen manga magazine Monthly Shnen Sirius from January 2015 to January 2021. Kodansha USA has the North American license. From 2018 until 2021, a spin-off manga series called Cells at Work! Code Black was published.

David Production adapted the series into an anime television series, with two seasons airing from July 2018 to February 2021, totaling 21 episodes.

What is the plot of Cella at Work?

The plot follows the universe of a human body, which is portrayed as cities with around 37.2 trillion humanoid cells that work together indefinitely every day to govern their world.

Every day, they fight to remove and oppose harmful cells like germs and bacteria from infiltrating the body.

The characters of the novel are AE3803, a ditsy red blood cell that is new to her profession, and U-1146, a cruel white blood cell that is part of the immune system. AE3803, being a red blood cell, carries oxygen and nutrition. U-1146, on the other hand, patrols the blood vessels and kills dangers.

How well does the anime Cells at Work! portray the immune system?

The show depicts immunology in the body fairly well. Though we are constantly discovering more facts in immunology, which makes the depiction somewhat inaccurate, I would say it is a wonderful show from both an entertainment and scientific standpoint!

Humans have an overactive immune system by nature. Overactive immune systems generate autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, allergies, and chronic low-grade inflammation that leads to heart disease. Low-dose aspirin therapy, for example, helps prevent heart disease by decreasing immunological response.

Almost every person on the planet has lived with parasites for virtually all of human history. Parasites frequently produce substances that decrease immune response. As a result, humans acquired immune systems that are overly active.

Is it worth watching Cells at Work!?

A fan-hit that demonstrates how different cells carry out their duties, like fighting against germs and diseases and working to keep our immune system intactthis series is indeed one remarkable one.

It is educational, with characters that are cells and pathogens working together against bodily ailments. The show’s quality is further enhanced by its title song, which is a wonderful fit for the theme as the two protagonists, red blood cells and white blood cells, discuss their roles.

In the same manner, as cells go through significant changes inside the body, the show also includes some significant cellular character growth.

All of the Anime is incomplete without teamwork and jam-packed action, and this show does not fall behind in this regard. In many episodes, viewers can see different cells coming together in action sequences to lay waste to a common enemy. 

Cells at Work, with its limited episodes, leaves the viewer wanting more, and it is, without a question, worth watching.

What is the plot summary of Cells at Work!?

The character of Red Blood Cells in Cells at Work!
The character of Red Blood Cells in Cells at Work

The show’s plot follows two protagonists, Red Bloods Cells and White Blood Cells.

Red Blood Cell is a newcomer in the body who only wants to carry out her duty of aiding the body. However, she has a lot to learn in the fight for life.

Follow the story of how different cells function inside the human body to ward off ailments and deadly diseases.

Is Cells at Work! medically accurate?

Yes. It is surprisingly accurate in terms of how the human body’s immune system works.

It is more factual when compared to other animations of medical shows.

Is Cells at Work! good for adults?

I believe Cells at Work! is more kid-friendly because it incorporates basic biology.

There is no age restriction for adults to watch the show, though, if you’re seeking something entertaining and captivating to watch. I enjoyed watching it even though I’m an adult.

White Blood Cell working against a disease.
White Blood Cell working against a disease.

What is the age rating of Cells at Work!?

Cells at Work is appropriate for people who are aged 13 years old or older.

Is Cells at Work! a romance?

There is romance and then there is not really. If you can label little caring interaction or infatuation as romance, then yes, it does have romance.

However, in my perspective, there are only a few fleeting moments of infatuation between Red and White blood cells and no apparent signs of a love connection.

Is Cells at Work! available to watch online?

Yes. You can now binge-watch this refreshing and distinct show on Netflix.

What makes Cells at Work! special?

It not only makes the aspect of learning more enjoyable and teaches you about the functions of different cells in your body. But it also incorporates the element of comedy and humor to make the process even more captivating. 

It is regarded as one of the most popular and engaging shows. 

It is skillfully written and illustrated, which will increase the viewers’ learning along with entertaining themthis is what makes it very special.

How many seasons does Cells at Work! have?

Cells at Work consists of a total of two seasons and a total of 21 episodes.

Trailer for Cells at Work Season 2

Is Cells at Work! popular?

A BIG YES! Since making its debut in 2020, Cells At Work has gathered enormous support and popularity, left and right.

It is popular not only with biology teachers but people all around the world who have developed a liking for the show.

It also gained the title of the most-watched show on Bilibilli, a streaming platform in Japan.

The show’s popularity continues to grow even after more than two years post its release. All of this demonstrates the incredibility of Cells At Work! all the more.

In the same manner, as cells go through significant changes inside the body, the show also includes some significant cellular character growth.
As cells go through significant changes inside the body, the show also includes some significant cellular character growth.


  • Cells At Work! is the show for you if you want to ace some basic biology.
  • It is a phenomenally carried out show.
  • It provides highly interesting coverage of a very vital subject, such as the importance of the body’s immune system.
  • It currently has a good IMDb rating and is stealing the heart of many. It is especially more enjoyable for teenagers.
  • The show focuses on the body’s cellular function and is currently also employed by schools for lessons.
  • It is different from many Anime series.
  • It features a great theme song, differently carried-out character development, and flawless action.
  • All in all, it goes without saying that this is worth your time.
  • If you are 13 or older than 13 years; you should most definitely give this masterpiece a watch.

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