Is Berserk A True Manga Classic? (Good To Watch)

Having been trained as a soldier by the cruel foster dad, Gambino, Guts is a lone warrior who has been forged from a hanging carcass. Guts were compelled to murder a drunken Gambino out of circumstances.

In the end, only Guts and a temporarily crippled Casca were left alive after Griffith sexually assaulted Casca in front of Guts while still alive as the God Hand monster Femto. Guts succeed in eventually returning to the physical realm with Casca after being compelled to amputate his left forearm in order to prevent his former partner from gouging out his right eye.

Characters from Berserk
Guts, a lone warrior created from a hanging corpse, was educated as a soldier by the harsh foster father Gambino.
Written byKentaro Miura
Volumes41 lists
GenreDark fantasy
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What is the basis for Berserk?

Miura stated that the series title was inspired by a variety of sources at the time it was created.

He hadn’t intended to include any material on berserkers or berserker armor from the start (which first appeared in chapter 222). He chose it because he believed “its mysterious character would stick well.”

“In short, starting from an universe with a dark hero who is burning for retribution inspires you to imagine a frenzied figure; that’s why I thought “Berserk” would be an excellent title for my universe.” Miura said of the title.

According to Miura, the dark fantasy backdrop of the series was inspired by the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian and the Eric of Melniboné series.

Miura noted that he did not regard dark fantasy as a distinct genre in and of itself but rather as a subset of general fantasy. He noted that major fantasy works outside of Japan, such as The Lord of the Rings, contain dark elements and that in Japan, this genre was popularized by popular video games like Dragon Quest, which were designed for children and thus erased the dark elements. But because it received influence from novels before these games, the dark elements remained.

Is Berserk worth watching?

Absolutely yes, Berserk is indeed one of the most remarkable options to enjoy watching.

Right from the outset, Berserk received what others consider to be the most popular animated version to date. Although Berserk has a large following and has been around for several years, recent fans nonetheless enjoy the vintage feel of the 90s style.

The Berserk animated series begins precisely like that of the Manga, which is among the most impactful, skillfully penned, and beautifully illustrated Manga of all time. Right up until the point where Guts and Casca start dating, the series stays true to the Manga.

The Divine’s Hand is introduced, and it is just as terrible as it appears in the Manga. Audiences experience the sensation of terror that Miura envisioned as the atrocities unravel in front of the Group of the Hawk and the Tags of Atonement strike the champions. The viewers will undoubtedly be in utter shock after witnessing the comrades being mercilessly murdered.

Berserk: Who is Guts?

Guts is a guy who struggles constantly with the seductive beasts of wickedness, a manifestation of his own inner self. Guts is a harsh, cruel person with a generally pessimistic attitude toward things who is renowned for his aura of frugality. Fortune connects the charming and lethal Griffith to Guts.

After being saved by the Skull Knight, Guts sets out on a vengeful mission, chasing down and murdering bishops of Divine Hand with a massively hefty weapon. Having the mark, he was capable of identifying malevolent ghosts and devils, and he also had the potential to abuse or destroy demons, everlasting creatures, and spiritual entities.

The Berserk sword gave him even more strength, but still only temporarily before it killed him. Additionally, with Schierke’s assistance, he was able to utilize the Berserk armor effectively and for a long time. As the raiding commander, he was an expert-level warrior. As even the Black Swordsman, he additionally possesses superhuman abilities, tenacity, and persistence.

Guts from Berserk
Guts from Berserk

How is Berserk Anime a masterpiece?

The Anime version of the renowned Manga series created, titled Berserk, is serious and extraordinarily well done. Its grim vibe, rich, relatable characters, and moderately realistic artwork helped establish the standard that defined what the dark fantasy subgenre originally intended to be. As a result, Berserk served as an inspiration for several creations.

The dark fantasy undertones of the Manga are successfully captured in the animated series. The Anime maintains its initial gloomy atmosphere while sporting a swords and sorcery aesthetic. Unexpectedly, the animation Berserk truly stands out because of its excellent English voiceovers, which used to be extremely unusual for animated series at the time.

There was minimal to no delay or interruption, and the sound was excellent. Additionally, the soundtrack used throughout the series enhances the sensations, particularly the title track for Guts. It is employed discreetly to amplify the scene’s emotional effect without dominating it.

Does Berserk contain violence?

Yes, the overall series contains a lot of violent moments and restricted acts.

Even though the extremely vicious nature of Berserk Anime has been toned down from the previous Berserk Manga, it is still not advisable to allow grade-school children to view Berserk. This seinen gothic horror Anime follows the dangerous travels of Guts, the black swordsman, throughout the Midlands Realm.

Since it falls under the seinen genre, which features extremely explicit and gory themes, Miura’s work is intended for adult people. The majority of the sex and violence consists of a single animated clip that is on display for a few moments. There are rape-related components as well.

Guts got assaulted as a youngster by an adult. Prior to being rescued, Casca was about to be assaulted sexually. While the story comes to a close, Griffith sexually assaults Casca and Guts is compelled to witness it. The scenario is designed to be unpleasant and seems to last for around 2 minutes.

Is Berserk worth watching?

In Berserk, is Griffith in love with Guts?

Certainly, we believe he has feelings for Guts. Guts was powerful, determined, devoted, protective, and love-starved when he met Griffith, and when he met members of the Band, he quickly attached to them (maybe except Casca in the beginning).

His connection with Griffith was fraught from the beginning. Griffith began to exhibit interest in Guts once the warrior joined the Band, and even the abnormally intimate embrace surprised the other members and Guts himself. Griffith continued to show Guts devotion through oddly adorable behaviors, such as showering together and attempting to defend each other after bouts.

Guts wholeheartedly embraced Griffith’s dream as his own as the relationship blossomed in mutual respect.

Guts’ decision to leave the Band, however, ended their romance. Griffith overheard a conversation with Princess Charlotte in which he stated that his genuine buddy is his equal and the one who pursues his own aspirations. Guts is dissatisfied and depressed, yet he decides to become Griffith’s equal and quit the Band to discover himself.

Final Verdict

  • The Manga version of Berserk proved to be a great success that was read and liked on a massive scale.
  • Under the direction of Kentaro Miura, the Anime adaptation of it also proved to be a great artwork to enjoy.
  • The plot of Anime is what made it so much popular and besides it, it possesses remarkable music and English dubbing as well.
  • Apart from all the other amazing aspects, one thing you must consider is that Anime is genuinely intended for adults only and lots of dark and violent moments make it inappropriate for kids.

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