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Is Assassination Classroom Good? (Review)

Yusei Matsui is the author and illustrator of the Japanese science fiction comedy Manga series Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoshitsu). 

The show centers on the daily activities of a highly capable alien with tentacles who teaches junior high homeroom and the pupils who are determined to kill him in order to save Earth from extinction.

Fuji TV started airing a 22-episode Anime television series based on Manga on January 9, 2015. The Anime’s second season had 25 episodes and debuted on January 7, 2016.

The plot of the program revolves around the everyday activities of a highly skilled extraterrestrial with tentacles who teaches junior high homeroom and his students
The plot of the program revolves around the everyday activities of a highly skilled extraterrestrial with tentacles who teaches junior high homeroom and his students.

What is Assassination Classroom?

Yusei Matsui is the author and designer of the Japanese science fiction comedic manga series Assassination Classroom.

The story depicts the daily life of an extraordinarily strong octopus-like being who works as a junior high homeroom teacher and his students who are dedicated to assassinating him in order to save Earth from destruction. The children are labeled “misfits” at their school and are taught in a separate building; the class he teaches is known as 3-E. From July 2012 to March 2016, it was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump magazine, with chapters collected in twenty-one tankbon volumes.

Viz Media has licensed the manga for English language release in North America. Funimation has licensed the anime series.

What is the story of Assassination Classroom?

It’s about a mysterious octopus-like creature who claims to have destroyed 3/4 of the moon with one of his tentacles and promises to destroy the rest in a year.

He arrives at Kunigaoka Junior High School to teach the misfit students of class 3-E.

The students are entrusted with killing their new octopus sensei (teacher) within a year, and if they succeed, the government promises them a significant sum of money. A fantastic anime that is full of mystery, action, comedy, and heartbreak that will take you on an emotional journey. That kept me interested! It’s also not overly long, with only two seasons of 24 episodes each.

Is Assassination Classroom worth watching?

The enigmatic entity at the centre of Assassination Classroom permanently reduces the moon to a crescent. 

When the pupils of Kunugigaoka Middle School’s class 3-E realize that this moon-altering monster would be their homeroom teacher, they find themselves in a strange circumstance. 

Assassinating the entity responsible for the crescent-shaped calamity before Earth experiences a similar fate is the nearly impossible assignment these kids must complete. 

Since the monster, known as Koro-sensei, can fly at blinding speeds, any attempt to stop him seems futile. 

The misfits of 3-E quickly discover that the monster they are battling is not only unbeatable but also the best instructor they have ever had, in a somewhat hilarious turn of events.

The program follows the tale of these junior high school students as they develop their assassination abilities to deal with their personal issues, the repressive educational system, and eventually the unbeatable Koro-sensei. 

The characters in Assassination Classroom are incredibly likable, and the plot is very interesting. 

As the plot develops, this series shifts from being simple and humorous to becoming an emotional rollercoaster.

Assassination Classroom strikes a lovely mix between not being overly serious and having its share of emotional high points. It navigates a sweet path between horrifying situations and amusing personalities. 

You might start to develop feelings for a species that actually destroyed the moon and appears poised to do the same to Earth. 

This dark comedy is definitely worth watching if you want some action and tension without getting caught in a pool of blood.

Here’s a list of a few things that make this Anime worth watching:

PlotThe show centers on the daily activities of a super-strong, octopus-like character who teaches homeroom in a junior high school. In order to save Earth from annihilation, his students are committed to killing him. The class he teaches is named 3-E, and the children are taught in a different facility because they are viewed as “misfits” at their school. From beginning to end, Assassination Classroom takes you on a fascinating trip. The show’s plot is strong, and character growth and development are very consistent over the entire run.
CharactersThe series’ primary protagonist and anti-hero is Koro-sensei. The explosion of the Moon, which permanently changed its shape to a crescent, is attributed to him. In exchange for being permitted to continue teaching Class 3-E’s homeroom until the end of the school year, when he will destroy the Earth by self-explosion unless he is killed, he offered governments around the world the option to murder him. The first thing we learn about our anti-hero is that he or she is normally good to people and has the ability to go from being stupid and childlike to serious at any time. nearly eccentric Nagisa claimed that in addition to being occasionally unintentionally petty, Koro-sensei also enjoyed gossip. The entire series emphasizes both of these characteristics.
SettingClass 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School is the setting for the narrative. The class, known as 3-E, is taught to the children in a different facility since they are seen as “misfits” in their school. A novel fusion of science fiction and comedy may be found in Assassination Classroom.
Theme SongsThe humorous yet effective opening and closing songs help viewers get a sense of what to expect from the show overall. Seishun Satsubatsu-ron (The Theory of Savage Youth) is the first opening theme, performed by 3-nen E-gumi Utatan. The song is a positive K-pop tune that appeals to young people’s emotions and the idea that the majority of the key characters are junior high school students. “Jiriki Hongan Revolution” (Self-reliance Revolution), which is also performed by 3-nen E-gumi Utatan, serves as the second opening theme. The song’s images make it seem as though the 3-E class is dancing, but ironically, they are practicing knife tricks on their teacher. The song is enjoyable to listen to and good for head-nodding. “Hello, shooting star” by Moumoon serves as the album’s final tune. The emotive tone of the song stands in stark contrast to the two opening songs from the first season.
Action SequenceThe majority of the action in this series highlights the strange abilities and tremendous strength of our anti-hero. The 3-E pupils who have been tasked with killing him keep working hard to develop their abilities and eventually overthrow their alien homeroom instructor before he wipes out the Earth.
Things that make Assassination Classroom worth watching.
The series' primary protagonist and anti-hero is Koro-sensei.
The series’ primary protagonist and anti-hero is Koro-sensei.

Is Assassination Classroom good for 13-year-old?

The film Assassination Classroom has a PG-13 rating. Parents are the main carers who need to be aware of the Assassination Classroom Age Rating as they are the ones who ultimately determine whether or not their child should watch a certain movie, TV programme, book, video game, or series.

Additionally, children must not be allowed to view Anime that contain violence, gore, sexual content, mature themes, or explicit language. 

The majority of the time, people who are looking for Assassination Classroom Age Rating also check for Assassination Classroom reviews to determine how well it is rated. 

With all the accolades it has been receiving, the general public has the impression that Assassination Classroom is quite good. 

However, there have also been a few negative reviews, which is only natural given that everyone is free to form their own opinions. 

On the many review-generating websites, users have left both favorable and negative comments about Assassination Classroom.

Assassination Classroom is PG13.
Assassination Classroom is PG13.

Is Assassination Classroom sad?

Even though the plot of Assassination Classroom revolves around several pupils trying to kill their instructor, his passing is still incredibly upsetting. 

They attempt to murder their teacher, Korosensei because he has threatened to wipe out the globe in a year unless someone intervenes. 

He asks to teach Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School in return for delaying the destruction of Earth. 

Korosensei met the former instructor of this class while working in the research lab. He became a lethal time bomb as a result of her. 

By teaching them to be assassins, Korosensei hopes to use the time left to make these children trust in their strength and innate value.

By the time the students must kill Korosensei to save the planet, he has already assisted each one of them in realizing their full potential. 

His lessons are astonishingly effective. Everyone in Class 3-E publicly sobs when Nagisa assumes responsibility and completes the task since no one wants Korosensei to die. 

The soaring music and celestial images emphasize how miserable the situation is.

Why You Should Watch Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) [Review]


  • It is challenging to combine humor and darkness and intensity in Assassination Classroom. 
  • You’ll be captivated by the screen right up until the very end because of the ample amount of action, suspense, and exciting plot twists. 
  • This is an unforgettable show for the audience because of the visual aesthetic, narrative, and emotional connection developed for the characters.

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