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Is AnimeLab Safe? (Explore)

Watching Anime is a popular hobby among Anime fans all over the world. However, with the growing popularity of streaming services like Crunchyroll, there are concerns that AnimeLab, a website that provides streaming links to legal Anime, is not safe and legal.

In this blog, we’ll explore the safety and legality of Animelab and compare it to other popular streaming services. We’ll also answer the question of where users can watch Anime online.

This streaming service, which offers original Japanese programming, is accessible in Australia and New Zealand.

About AnimeLab

AnimeLab is an Anime streaming platform distributed and managed by an Australian company Madman. This streaming service is available in Australia and New Zealand, that provides original content from Japan.

AnimeLab offers a premium subscription that includes HD and ad-free streaming, as well as a free plan that includes 480p Anime with pre-roll advertisements. Tim Anderson, co-founder and managing director of Madman Entertainment, says:

It’s everything from pre-school kids watching Doraemon, to slightly older kids watching the likes of Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and the like“, Anderson says. “Then the slightly more teeny vampire romance kind of stuff, and then up to the more violent or shocking

AnimeLab has a wide range of anime shows for streaming.

Is AnimeLab safe and legal to watch Anime?

Yes, if you live in Australia or New Zealand, then AnimeLab is legal and safe to watch.

AnimeLab is a legal and safe way to watch Anime online if you are over the age of 13 (16 for certain content). If you want to add an extra degree of safety, you can always use a VPN.

It is an official website run in Australia, therefore only citizens of New Zealand and Australia can access it legally. It also has a YouTube account where they have included a few snippets from the shows they stream.

You can enjoy uninterrupted viewing, and there are no ads so you can focus on the show. It has a wide range of content, including some that are not available on other streaming services. If you ever want to unsubscribe, you can do so at any time.

Official Youtube page of Animelab
They have a few clips from the shows they stream on their YouTube channel.

Do I have to sign up for AnimeLab to watch anime?

You do not need to register to access the streaming content on Anime Lab, but you must subscribe with a valid email address if you want to receive notifications of new content.

Dragon Ball, Blue Exorcist, Gangsta, and Sword Art Online are among the many feature-length series available on the AnimeLab sites.

Many of AnimeLab’s core features are featured, such as multiple bitrates and resolutions for the stream, multiple languages, dubbed anime movies, a large database, and an appealing user interface. AnimeLab is for you if you want to watch anime whenever and wherever you want.

Who operates AnimeLab?

Madman Entertainment, which is owned by Aniplex, operates AnimeLab.

AnimeLab is an anime streaming service available to residents of Australia and New Zealand. Because Aniplex also owns Funimation, FunimationNow shut down in the region on January 24, 2020, and all titles were migrated to AnimeLab.

Is AnimeLab better than Crunchyroll?

While AnimeLab may have more recent titles, it’s not always better than Crunchyroll. It all comes down to personal preference.

With so many options available, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. That’s where comparing each service comes in handy.


Crunchyroll is better than AnimeLab since it has wider accessibility and is not a geo-restricted app.

AnimeLab is a geo-restricted App. You can access AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand Only. Whereas Crunchyroll is available in around 170 countries. Since Crunchyroll has a geo-restricted service, some content may or may not be available depending on your region.

Pricing Policies

AnimeLab has pocket-friendly monthly and annual plans.

AnimeLab offers a premium plan for A$7, which offers streaming on many devices a once. Whereas Crunchyroll’s monthly fan plan is A$8, which has a limit of one streaming device at a time.

Both platforms give discounts on the yearly plan subscription. Crunchyroll’s Mega Fan plan offers 16%, while the annual subscription of AnimeLab gives a 15% discount.

Streaming Devices

AnimeLab is available on those devices that are commonly used in Australia and New Zealand. Whereas Crunchyroll has no limit for streaming devices, it is available on almost all streaming devices.

Take a look at this in-depth comparison of these two streaming sites.

Windows (web)Windows (web)
macOS (web)macOS (web)
Linux (web)Linux (web)
PS4 / PS3PS4 / PS3
Xbox One / Xbox 360Xbox One
Wii USamsung TV
Google ChromecastGoogle Chromecast
Apple TVApple TV
RokuTelstra TV
Amazon Fire TVApple AirPlay
Windows PhoneFoxtel Now Box
A comparison between the streaming devices of AnimeLab vs Crunchyroll

User Interface

AnimeLab offers a modern layout and colors along with fewer menu options and up-to-date design.

Crunchyroll has a more old-school user interface that reminds you of the times when the internet was in the developing phase.

Apps of these sites have a more user-friendly interface with easier navigation.

The user interface of Crunchyroll vs AnimeLab
The user interface of Crunchyroll vs AnimeLab


Both streaming services focus on different types of content.

Crunchyroll is more focused on subtitled anime content and Digital manga. which may not be available on AnimeLab.

AnimeLab is more focused on dubbed Anime content. Sadly it can be only accessible if you live in Australia or New Zealand. And have a premium subscription plan. It also comes with the option to prioritize dubbed content over the original and vice versa.

The Simulcast Option

AnimeLab and Crunchyroll both have the same policy for the simulcast option.

Both platforms stream new simulcasts after a week of their airing.

Whereas for the premium subscribers the simulcasts are available within an hour of their release.

Is AnimeLab getting removed?

The AnimeLab site is still up, but with no new content being added. This means that the site may be removed at any time.

For months now, AnimeLab has gone largely unnoticed. Many people are wondering if the site is going to be pulled offline at any time – so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest news.

It was reported in June that the Australia and New Zealand streaming portal AnimeLab would be renamed Funimation beginning July 17, 2021. The changeover is now complete, and AnimeLab will cease operations on December 9, 2021.

Most of the content is accessible using Funimation credentials for current AnimeLab members.

In the summer of 2021, Funimation began transferring subscribers to its own service. But now they’ll need to utilize Funimation’s site and apps completely if they want to keep up with Anime.

Current AnimeLab members may use their credentials on Funimation to access the majority of the material, as well as all of the other series and movies available on Funimation, that were formerly housed on the former service.

Where can I watch Anime?

If you don’t have a subscription to AnimeLab or any Anime streaming service. You could be looking for a means to watch Anime safely.

Important Note: Try downloading your favorite episodes from other ONLY LEGAL and SAFE platforms.

  • Funimation
  • Crunchyroll
  • VRV
  • 4 Anime
  • Retro Crush
  • Tubi

Is Animelab a legal way to stream Anime?

Yes, it is a safe and legal way to stream anime shows and movies.

Streaming Anime without breaking any copyright laws can be a daunting task. However, there is an option available that comes with its own set of risks and costs.

AnimeLab is a legal streaming service that offers a variety of Anime shows and movies for subscribers to watch. Since it is owned by a renowned Australian distribution company makes it is an authentic site to stream Anime. It is important to note that this service is not available in all countries, and is subject to various restrictions and regulations.

For example, in the U.S., streaming Anime is not allowed without a license from the copyright holder. However, Animelab is one of the few services that is legal and allows users to watch Anime shows and movies without fear of getting into trouble.


  • AnimeLab is a streaming service that offers a variety of anime content, including both simulcasted and original anime series.
  • AnimeLab has pocket-friendly pricing policies and a subscription plan.
  • While the service has been subject to changes now, it was safe to use and legal to watch anime on AnimeLab.
  • AnimeLab is a geo-restricted streaming platform, only available in Australia and New Zealand. Hence it may not be availed by a far and wide audience.

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