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Is AnimeKisa.TV Safe? (What Happened to AnimeKisa?)

Anime Kisa is a free Anime streaming website, with an ad-free experience and over 1000 shows, Animekisa.TV was a safe haven for anime fanatics.

Appearing on the web in 2018, It became a safe website for its users. Animekisa.TV became the go-to choice of most fans because it offered a quick streaming service.

a screenshot of AnimeKisa
AnimeKisa had a ton of animes in it. allows you to stream several paid anime for free and at extremely fast rates. Whether you wanted to watch subbed or dubbed versions you would see it all there.

AnimeKisa is a safe place to watch anime online, however, it has a low score on Scamadviser, making its trustworthiness somewhat skeptical.

With its user-friendly interface, few popups, and redirection. Animekisa was the go-to place to find all the good stuff. However, recently many ISPs, blocked AnimeKisa, making it impossible for people to access this site to watch free anime.

Let’s find out what happened so keep reading and make yourself informed, too!

Is Animekisa safe? is a legitimate service provider, according to this site, which provides information about online threats and other related security issues, and by viewing the actual image in the image-rich content below, we can also confirm that purchasing memberships from this content-friendly service are safe.

Based on public records, surveys, and other information, this website analyzed massive amounts of data to get the overall rating of This review tries to provide you with an objective judgment on whether is a scam or not, so you can decide whether to proceed or avoid involvement with them.

Is it legal to watch anime?

Anime is growing increasingly popular around the world. Because there are no official legal streaming websites for anime in various Asian countries, watching it can be inconvenient.

However, some illicit streaming sites provide free anime episodes. Please be aware that some websites do not have the necessary licensing to stream anime shows. It is illegal in virtually all countries (including the United States) to watch this content illegally, thus you would have to answer to the authorities in your home country if you did so.

However, it is unclear whether there are any legal ramifications for watching free anime on such sites.

Is AnimeKisa legal?

Yes, Animekisa is legal and safe. Below are the server details of Animekisa.TV indicates that it is not a dangerous website.

IP Address172.64.99.8
Hosting ProviderCloudflare
Country(US) United States
Server details of Animekisa.TV

AnimeKisa is presently as safe and legal as other famous streaming services like Funimation. Although it has received several accusations since the site carries pirated content, this does not imply that AnimeKisa itself contains any unlawful content. Their work is that they point to unlawful sources on the Internet and provide an indirect link to them.

Anime has made its way to our hearts quickly and is gaining more and more popularity every day. But sadly most fans don’t have legal and safe platforms to stream their favorite shows. Watching anime can be difficult for people living in some countries. Since there are no legal ways to watch anime, people look for pirated content.

Some websites on the internet illegally stream. Keep in mind that such websites can contain viruses or spam links that can harm your device. Watching pirated content is unlawful and you can be accountable to the authorities in your country and face the consequences.

Animekisa streaming is not technically prohibited in the US. Watching anime and copyrighted series alone is not unlawful. Copyright attorneys recommend that if you download or exchange materials and are discovered to be under criminal or civil charges, you should watch online as it is legal and safe.

The webpage determines whether it’s legal or illegal. There are websites with official licenses to lawfully broadcast anime series online and allow their viewers to do so for free. Several websites, however, lack the permission to show these episodes on their platforms. Even though there are no legal ramifications for watching free anime on such websites, it is still illegal.

Is it safe to download AnimeKisa?

Animekisa.TV is a website with a lot of duplicates and copycats.

Plus, it has a very low trust score, indicating that it is likely to be an untrustworthy site, according to ScamAdviser.

Use great care when downloading it.

A useful recommendation from ScamAdviser.

ScamAdviser looked at a variety of criteria, including ownership information, location, popularity, and other factors connected to reviews, fraudulent merchandise, threats, and phishing. A trust score of 1 out of 100 was determined after using all of the information gathered.

Important NOTE: Try using other ONLY LEGAL and SAFE platforms for downloading your favorite shows.

Why did AnimeKisa shut down?

Anime Kisa TV had to suspend operations. According to statistics, the site attracted over 20 million monthly visitors. Donations from viewers were used to run Anime Kisa TV.

AnimeKisa explaining what happened
AnimeKisa website explaining what recently happened.

Nobody loves advertising that clings to the window every time they attempt to view something. There are far too many anime streaming websites available, and most of them are replete with advertisements. By not presenting advertisements, AnimeKisa TV attempted to be more user-friendly and superior to other anime streaming sites.

To host a website, you must pay for the servers, and AnimeKisa, with over 20 million monthly users, would be too expensive. AnimeKisa TV also relied on viewer donations to keep the website running without advertisements.

Another reason is due to license concerns, Animekisa was shut down. They are not permitted by law to stream some shows and movies without paying any royalties or other licensing costs. This may be one of the reasons Animekisa was shut down.

A video about AnimeKisa.TV shutdown

Even though some users are upset because they are unable to view their favorite shows on their websites. It is obvious that all websites that offer free streaming unlawfully by breaching copyright laws do not pay any royalty fees or other licensing fees to the original creators. As a result, production companies that invest in producing these series and movies suffer financial losses. Following are some websites like Animekisa:

Where can I watch anime safely?

Animekisa is out of the gameplay however here are other websites and OTT platforms where you can stream your favorite anime safely:


By its name, you might have got an idea of what this site looks like.

It is quite similar to the famous streaming platform Netflix with the exception that there is only anime content on this website.

AnimeFlix gathers about 30,000 anime titles with their streaming links and sources. You can find almost every genre with plenty of shows to watch.


Crunchyroll is a popular anime streaming platform that offers subbed and dubbed versions of Anime with 720p video quality.

To fully access the site, you must first create an account via an active email address. Following that, you can access Crunchyroll via Chromecast, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and 3, Apple Devices, Roku box, Windows, and Android phones.


It’s not only a comfortable streaming platform but also features an Anime photo gallery.

AnimeFenix is also one of the best platforms to stream your favorite anime shows from the latest to the oldest. You can even friend a show from the 1990s there.

You will find a plethora of different genres including; History, Fantasy, Romance, Gore, Action, Adventure, Mystery, and the list goes on.


It is simple to use and requires no registration.

Animesuge offers a quick and responsive streaming service and as compared to its counterparts a better video quality. With a diverse variety of genres, you can find almost every movie, series, and subbed and dubbed anime there. Because of its user-friendly interface, it is a great website for people who are new to anime.

You can use its top anime category to search for the most popular shows. Other features help you to see the most-watched, recently added, upcoming, and A to Z options for a better search experience. Aside from that, you can participate in live chat sessions with other users to discuss the amazing features.


Gogoanime is an excellent alternative to Animekisa.This website has a vast archive of old & new anime episodes and movies, including original, dubbed, and subtitled, as well as Chinese Donghua.

The regular updates and simple design of Gogoanime make it simple to identify desired titles, watch popular ongoing series, and discover new anime and past seasons.

Furthermore, Gogoanime has high-quality anime and offers many servers for each episode. Gogoanime also provides the benefit of allowing viewers to download anime for free without registering.


Netflix on TV
The anime A Whisker Away is produced by Netflix

You were not expecting Netflix to be on this list? But Netflix is too a great option to stream anime legally and safely. Despite its limited category Netflix has some exclusive content.

Since it is a paid platform, you can get a subscription plan based on your requirements. Netflix remains not only streams but also produces anime. Netflix is behind animes like The Seven Deadly Sins and Knights of Sidonia. 

Final Verdict

  • AnimeKisa.Tv is a safe and legal website and a quick way to stream anime shows.
  • It has now shut down due to a lack of funds from its users.
  • Although the website is no more functioning, there are some copycats that claim to be
  • Do not stream nor download anime from an illegal website as it can cause harm to your device.
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