Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date: Confirmed [2023]

It’s been a huge delay, but Hunter x Hunter Season 7 is now Officially Confirmed by Yoshihiro Togashi, so far there is no release date for the Season 7 of the anime series yet.

At the point when the second anime transformation of “Hunter x Hunter” finished its run with Season 6 of 2014, with the “Election Arc”

Fans were confident that there was all the more not far off. All things considered, series maker Yoshihiro Togashi kept on creating content for the commended manga of a similar name in little additions from 2014 up to 2018.

The manga series was first adapted into an anime in 1999 and closed after a short run. In 2011, Madhouse delivered one more Hunter X Hunter anime series, which finished in 2014 after six long seasons.

An English dub adaptation of the series was delivered on Toonami in April 2016.

On MyAnimeList, Hunter x Hunter is ranked at #6 with a rating of 9.05 with about a 1.4million members. Meanwhile, on IMBD the series received a rating of 9.0, which is based on fans’ feedback.

Will there be Hunter X Hunter Season 7?

Yes, there will be a Seventh Season for Hunter X Hunter. The primary reason for Hunter X Hunter’s season 7 postponement is the momentum and absence of manga material.

Until Togashi can distribute more manga, Madhouse needs more finished stories to adjust to a full season.

Togashi did a meeting in May 2018 with Weekly Shonen Jump to discuss the manga.

During this meeting, Togashi said, “I really want to get done with composing ‘Hunter x Hunter.’ It has gotten to the place where either the story closes first, or I kick the bucket before that occurs. In any case, I really do expect to complete it.”

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date

The official Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date hasn’t been announced yet.

Notwithstanding, contingent upon whether Mad House chooses to proceed with the series, season 7 could be delivered when 2024.

The delivery date will rely on how long Togashi needs to complete the next manga portion.

On 24th May 2022, an unconfirmed Twitter account named @Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp posted an image of the side of a piece of paper with the number 6 written in ink.

The inscription of this picture (when generally meant in English) peruses, “4 additional episodes for now.”

Mad House has not remarked on the posts. Neither have they referenced anything about adjusting new Hunter X Hunter material as of late.

Regardless, Madhouse has been going about like the anime series is now finished.

VIZ flaunted the new cover for the ‘Hunter X Hunter: The Complete Series’ blu beam box set in March 2022.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Plot (Everything You Need to Know)

The next circular segment for Madhouse to adjust would be the Dark Continent Expedition curve, as that is the next curve in the manga.

Notwithstanding, how short this curve is, the Succession Contest circular segment may likewise be important for season 7.

Regularly, Madhouse has devoted one season to each manga story curve.

About HXH Begining Plot: What drives 12-year-old Gon Freecss is to track down Ging Freecss (his dad) and a Hunter himself. Accepting that he will meet his dad by turning into a Hunter, Gon ventures out to walk a similar way.

During the Hunter Examination, Gon becomes friends with the clinical understudy Leorio Paladiknight, the malevolent Kurapika, and ex-professional killer Killua Zoldyck. While their intentions unfathomably contrast with one another, they gather as one for a shared objective and start to wander into a risky world.

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Trailer

The official trailer of Hunter X Hunter Season 7 is yet to be released to watch yet in 2022.

Here’s a trailer for the last season instead. Watch it to feel how awesomely animated the last season of Hunter X Hunter was also this comes down to being one of the best anime of all time.

HXH Season 7 Manga

Following the manga’s story, Kurapika Kurta is employed to join the gathering while a few different characters (counting Ging Freecss and the Zodiacs) coordinate themselves into the expedition.

With the sponsorship of the V5, the expedition into the Dark Continent starts.

Notwithstanding, this spot is not normal for any place the gathering has been previously. It is brimming with enchantment and animals more hazardous and magical than they have at any point experienced.

Why is HXH Season 7 delayed on Netflix?

The anime author Yoshihiro Togashi’s medical problems don’t permit him to in every case convey new manga releases and furthermore the purpose for the break of future seasons.

Most likely, the essayist has arranged different new episodes to take care of the ravenous fans. May he stay well and keep on distributing new manga parts.

Absence of manga material. Until Togashi can distribute more manga, Madhouse needs a more finished story to adjust to a full season.

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Will Kurapika Get More Screen Time in Season 7?

Will there be Hunter x Hunter Season 7

The ongoing story of the manga predominantly centers around Kurapika. You can likewise say that as of now, he is the hero of the story.

Kurapika and Leorio are presently going on a boat, protecting the child ruler in a Succession Contest. Kurapkia was convinced to join the mission consequently to get data on who has the Scarlet Eyes that he is constantly looking for.

The boat made a beeline for the dim landmass. The next anime season of Hunter x Hunter will adjust this circular segment, so no screen time for Killua and Gon.

There is no clue in the manga parts that we will see Gon and Killua in the future, yet considering that both Gon and Killua are the two significant heroes of the story, they will definitely get back in the saddle soon.

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Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Killua Zoldyck MariyaIse
Kurapika Miyuki Sawashiro
Gon Freecss Megumi Han
Leorio Paladiknight Keiji Fujiwara
Hisoka Morow Daisuke Namikawa
Meruem Kouki Uchiyama


II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Hiroshi Koujina
Series Composition, Script Atsushi Maekawa (11 episodes)
Fumiyo Sakai (eps 2, 5, 8, 11)
Mitsutaka Hirota (13 episodes)
Shoji Yonemura (27 episodes)
Tsutomu Kamishiro (42 episodes)
Yasushi Hirano (7 episodes)
Character Design Indori Bokujo (eps 90-148)
Takahiro Yoshimatsu (eps 1-89)
Studio Madhouse
Studio Live


Where to Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 7?

The seventh season is not released yet so you can not watch Hunter X Hunter Season 7 yet.

But you can watch Hunter X Hunter season 1 to 6 with an English Dub and the Japanese Sub on Funimation, Anime Lab, and Crunchyroll. You can also stream it on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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