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How Many Volumes Of Fake Manga Are There? (Find Out)

Sanami Matoh’s seven-volume BL Manga Fake is available now. There is also an OVA, which is an Anime adaptation of the Second Manga’s fifth act (or chapter). 

After Biblos filed for bankruptcy in 2006, Mediation reissued Fake as five volumes with one newly illustrated extra story at the back of each volume. 

Fake was originally published by Biblos in seven volumes. Tokyopop in the United States, Madman Entertainment in Australia, and New Zealand are the publishers of the English version of Fake. 

The seven books can be found in English. Only in Japan is the one-off follow-up “Like, like love” available as a part of an art book by Matoh.

In a brand-new Japanese magazine called Hug, which is also published by Mediation, the Manga Fake “Second Season,” a sequel, debuted on May 12, 2007. About North American licensing, there are no recent updates.

Plot of Fake

Dee Laytner, an American with an arrogant attitude, is partnered with Randy “Ryo” Maclean, a half-Japanese police officer who is new to the 27th Precinct in New York. 

While Ryo is the subject of intense love attention from Dee, he is unsure of his own feelings for his partner and even what to make of Dee’s advances. 

As the two of them attempt to figure out their relationship and sentiments while continuing to maintain their professions and their regular lives, they encounter a variety of mishaps and unpleasant situations.

Bikky and Carol, two children who have lost their families and have been cared for by Ryo and later by Dee, are other notable characters. 

The very charming young love that blossoms between those two is the subject of a few of the acts. Other 27th detectives include JJ and Drake. JJ is completely fixated on Dee and develops a strong jealousy of Ryo, which naturally makes for some interesting moments throughout the story. 

However, toward the end of the series, JJ switches his focus to Drake. Ryo appeals to Berkeley Rose in a similar way. 

He doesn’t hold back either, even going so far as to steal kisses whenever possible, much to Dee and Ryo’s displeasure.

Fake Anime

Based on Volume Two of the Manga, Fake was turned into an OVA that lasted an hour. 

With well-known performers like Tomokazu Seki as Dee, Nobuo Tobita as Ryo, and Rica Matsumoto as both Bikky and the singer of the closing theme, “Starlight Heaven,” the Japanese voice actor cast is noteworthy.

As a component of the LGBT-themed animation and geek culture anthology series Alien Boot Camp, it has been broadcast in the United States on logo. 

It debuted in two parts, with the first half airing on November 9, 2007, and the second on November 16, 2007, one week later. 

Vacationing in a nice English hotel by a lake, Dee and Ryo. Dee hopes to get some Ryo, while Ryo hopes to get some tranquility and rest. 

However, when a dead body is discovered floating in the lake, things start to go south.

While on vacation, Dee and Ryo don’t want to work as police officers, but it’s difficult to escape it when a case comes your way.

They meet Arisa and Cindy, two further visitors. Due to their shared Japanese ancestry, Arisa and Ryo get along well.

Arisa also gets along with Dee because of their shared experience with unrequited love—she waited six years for her boyfriend to propose. 

After spending a lovely day together, odd noises are heard in the hotel lobby’s darkness.

As they begin their investigation, Ryo and Dee run into Berkeley Rose, a New York police officer who has chosen to look into the murder as “a fun way to kill time.”

From that point on, it’s impossible to unwind because unexpected visitors keep showing up—first Bikky and Carol, then JJ. 

Berkeley discovers who the murderers are and why they target Japanese people and kill them in a nearby town. 

The issue is that Dee just dropped Ryo off at the hotel with the murderer, and JJ accidentally revealed that Ryo is half-Japanese!

Fake Volumes Release Dates

No.Release date
Volume 01September 10, 1994
Volume 02October 9, 1995
Volume 03August 10, 1996
Volume 04December 24, 1996
Volume 05March 18, 1998
Volume 06April 10, 1999
Volume 07August 10, 2000
Release date of Fake Volumes.

Characters of Fake

Dee Laytner

A youthful, dark-haired American police officer who, ironically, appears to be one himself and dislikes troublemakers. 

Instantaneously, his demeanor can change from inappropriately raucous to solemn and peaceful. 

He loves the people around him, despite his occasionally grumpy nature. Ryo is the only ideal man for him to love, even though he has dated other women in the past. 

In Dee’s own words, he likes different types of women

Although Dee could come out as obnoxious and invasive, he actually has a strong sense of honor that prevents him from taking advantage of others, even though his boundaries are frequently far outside the accepted range. 

He makes the pretense that he despises kids, but he is aware of Bikky’s motivations and frequently assumes the role of the evil uncle when Ryo tries to give the troublemaker some guidance. 

The kids who currently reside at the orphanage where Dee and his boyhood pal Tommy were raised like him and are extremely protective of both Carol and Bikky.

Randy Maclean

Randy Maclean from Fake Manga.
Fake by Sanami Matoh

Officer Ryo, sometimes known as Ryo, is Dee’s partner and is partly Japanese. He was a quiet and delicate man who lost both of his parents when he was eighteen. 

He appears to be a little “out of it,” but he is quite mature, and he pays attention when it matters. 

Early in the novel, he accepts the young Bikky to live with him, and it goes without saying that he will need all of his brains to keep the youngster out of trouble. 

He tries to fend off Dee’s advances frequently, but without much success.

Despite not knowing what he actually wants, Ryo appears to care deeply about his companion. 

Being addressed by his Japanese name frequently makes him uncomfortable since he is a very private person and it suggests some kind of intimacy. 

But when others start using this name that Dee has given him, he is gradually compelled to be more outgoing. 

Ryo is highly suggestible, often ponders the counsel others have given him, and occasionally he challenges his own perception of himself, which tends to depress him.


Bikky is an African American boy who is bi-racial and around 10 years old at the beginning of the series. He has golden hair. In general, Bikky acts fatherly toward Ryo and treats him with respect. 

Bikky expresses his distaste for Dee right away, particularly because Dee has his sights set on Ryo. 

Bikky promises to shield Ryo from Dee’s advances and will use any means at his disposal to keep the two of them apart because he fears that Dee might hurt Ryo because he used to be a womanizer and because he is not accustomed to homosexuality in his surroundings.

Though he still doesn’t fully approve of Dee being with Ryo, Bikky gradually gains more respect for the man as the narrative progresses and decides to give up trying to separate the two, opting to “love to hate” Dee instead. 

Even Ryo admitted that Bikky would only be able to attend college through his athletics because he is not particularly brilliant and frequently nods off in class. 

Despite this, he is demonstrated to be street smart, to have decent people skills and common sense, and to have some aptitude for illegal activities like pickpocketing, poker, and stealing bike tires.


A 13-year-old acquaintance from Bikky’s youth. She claims that she won’t start dating until she is eighteen because that is when her father, who is presently being treated in a police hospital, first got together with her mother. 

She has a history of crime and wants to earn enough cash to cover her father’s bail, but her pickpocketing puts her in danger. 

She can be flirtatious at times, but she vehemently rejects unwelcome attention, making it clear to would-be suitors what she thinks of them. 

Carol has a very high sense of self-worth and is unlikely to submit to anyone without a fight.

Carol from Chapter 10 of Fake Manga
Fake by Sanami Matoh

Jemmy J. Adams

He was Dee’s former classmate at the police academy and is the second-best marksman after Ryo. Rarely does he display his serious side; the majority of his time is spent attempting to win “Sex God” Dee over. 

JJ genuinely thinks that most people are good. His entire worldview is predicated on this. 

He has a deep love for those who are close to him and, considering his line of work, has a strangely pacifistic viewpoint. 

JJ occasionally displays very infantile behavior, which makes his coworkers instantly discard him.


  • Fake is Sanami Matoh’s seven-volume Manga. The second Manga’s fifth act (or chapter) is also available as an OVA, which is an Anime adaptation.
  • Two police officers who work to prevent and solve crimes in New York City are Dee Laytner and Randy “Ryo” Maclane. While Ryo is the subject of intense love attention from Dee, he is unsure of his own feelings for his partner and even what to make of Dee’s advances. 
  • As the two of them attempt to figure out their relationship and sentiments while continuing to maintain their professions and their regular lives, they encounter a variety of mishaps and unpleasant situations.

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