Discover: How Can Anime Affect Our Lives?

Anime has been a medium of entertainment for many teenagers mainly due to the emotions shown in this medium. Although some people would say that emotions are pretty exaggerated there, but this is where its beauty lies.

These emotions and stories influence the audience so that they either relate to or learn from them. 

This character is from Natsume Yujin-Cho
There are several genres of Anime for viewers of all ages.

Anime originated in Japan, a country rich in culture and stories. The particular 2D style of drawing and the large doe eyes are the signature style of Japanese animation making us love Anime even more. 

Anime has a number of genres for people of all ages. Be it action, mystery, a slice of life, fantasy, etc. its diverse content makes it unique among other animated genres. Many adults, teens, and kids enjoy Anime since it has a message-filled story, social issues, and stigmas that teach them a lesson or two. 

For many fans, Anime has brought a significant change in their lives.

For some, it is a positive change and for others, it is a negative change. In this blog, I will shed light on how Anime affect our lives.

What is the impact of Anime on people?

Anime has both good and bad impacts on people.

The Japanese animation industry is mature, and it has an impact on young people. In Japanese Anime, the determination to overcome problems and teamwork have a positive effect on the establishment of correct values in youths.

Violence and pornography, on the other hand, have a negative impact on adolescent character development.

If we talk about the positive impacts then, People in modern society face several difficulties and pressures. Since it is impossible to solve real-world problems, many individuals unwind and release their stress by watching Anime.

Because of its surreal premise, the audience finds it to be a source of solace and a temporary distraction from their troubled thoughts.

Second, Anime may instill a strong will in young people who are not frightened of failure.

Many heroes in Anime have persistent battles and never give up their purpose, which motivates the audience to follow their passion and not give up. Here is a video of how a person got impacted by anime to not give up his life.

How Anime can heal a person dealing with depression and anxiety.

What are the harmful effects of Anime?

Japanese Anime with rich subject matter, well-crafted tales, and a focus on young people’s psychological needs have a strong appeal among them. Some youngsters have spent a significant amount of time watching Anime. 

In Anime, there are many scenes of violence, blood, and pornography, which have a harmful impact on the physical and mental development of young people.

Many Anime stories contain negative themes such as hatred, suffering, jealousy, resentment, despair, and even sexual abuse and nudity. These works have appeared in a lot of mainstream Anime. Some People, due to a lack of judgment and reasoning capacity, acknowledge and even imitate them.

Light Yagami from Death Note
Light Yagami from Death Note can be an example of an antagonist that fans look up to.

Another negative impact is Individual heroism, which abounds in Japanese animation, and readily leads to a strong individualism among teens. Such people neglect teamwork, which hinders their personal and professional growth. It can also create problems in office settings for no comprehensive work results. 

The theme of Anime productions is primarily horror and theology, which is not helpful for young people’s basic outlook on the world and has a bad impact on their mental development.

Can Anime change your life?

For some people, yes it can change your life. A human is prone to get influenced by the things he consumes. Be it entertainment, food, or culture. Anime is also a part of this. It taught us, and will probably continue to teach us the comparison it draws with our own world.

The emotions, drama (at times overdone), and thrills that anime is made of are merely another method to access our deepest thoughts. This allows us to let our imaginations run wild and turn them into animation.

There is no limit to what one can think, dreams have no bounds. Perhaps we can’t live such lives since they are fiction. However, it provides moral support. It shows us how to be a good person. 

People who are introverts often find it difficult to talk in public and make friends. Anime can be a way for them to relate with other people.

It’s wonderful when someone has the same interests, and you can meet some really amazing individuals through freely discussing anime in school or public. Sometimes It feels like Anime has a stigma attached to it in public discourse, and it feels amazing to be able to freely express what you love. 

Anime can teach us some important things. There is always something to learn. Life lessons, things to ponder, questions highlighted, and an overall stimulating experience. This table gives a list of lessons I’ve learned by watching anime:

Anime nameLife Lesson
NarutoHighlights the value of bonding and never giving up on your aspirations
Death NoteDelves into the concept of justice and how to accomplish it by swapping sides of righteousness and evil.
Haikyuu!Emphasizes the value of working together to better yourself and become the greatest person you can be.
ParasyteExplores the idea of mankind and its complexities as a species. 
One pieceFound family is still family.
Fullmetal AlchemistYour mistakes do not define you but, how you respond to them does.
Famous Animes and the life lessons they have conveyed

If you really take these life lessons seriously then Anime can groom your personality. If not then Anime is just like another thing to kill time.

Why are people obsessed with Anime?

You’ve probably seen people rewatching an episode over and over again, cosplaying their favorite characters, talking non-stop about their favorite show or characters, and getting so emotionally invested in the Anime that the character’s demise or defeat can affect their mood in real life. 

So why are people so obsessed with it in the first place? Here is a list of all the reasons why people are obsessed with Anime.

The Characters

Most Anime fans are drawn to their favorite series because they admire the characters. Anime is generally geared at teenagers, a young hero or squad of protagonists who save the day from corrupt wicked individuals who are older, wiser, and more experienced. 

When it comes to the popular categories of shounen and shoujo, Anime connects strongly with those who value optimistic thinking and a can-do mentality.

These characters, who exude optimism and self-assurance, often appeal to shy and timid teenagers and adults. Anime protagonists serve as heroes and role models for such persons.

Real-life Problems, Stereotypes, and Stigmas

Anime is not the same as western cartoons. Anime shows are more serious, but also bright and adorable. They deal with issues such as PTSD and mental illness, the difficulties of discovering one’s life’s purpose, and the struggle to live.

Anime isn’t only for kids. It is intended for everyone. The appropriate age to watch it ranges from older adults to teens. The main appeal of Anime is how well the story and message are intertwined.

The meaning should be discovered through a better understanding of Anime.

Aesthetic Visuals

Anime is virtually a visual language in and of itself; so much is said by posture, color, mood lighting, and even the character’s hair, eyes, and facial expressions that, if a scene is animated well enough, words become nearly unnecessary.

Food in Anime looks extra delicious
Food in Anime looks extra delicious

Anime characters are incredibly attractive and distinct. They are depicted in a way that conveys their individuality to the audience, these characters even challenge norms and clichés in unique and unexpected ways.

They are not restricted to what is deemed normal or natural in terms of hair color, eye color, or body type. In reality, Anime graphics are clearly more concerned with aesthetics than with true physics or logic. That, in my opinion, is a positive thing.

How does anime affect us?

The notions of life and the paths to success seen in anime can serve as guideposts for real-world behavior in those who watch them, and this is only one of the many reasons why anime has such a large following.

It is possible to enjoy an anime’s story just for amusement purposes. Nonetheless, increasing studies has demonstrated that dissecting imaginary worlds can yield important understanding of our own. These includes issues such as race, gender, conflict, loss, and so on.

Because we’ve all lived different lives and had different experiences, each viewer will identify with and find significance in a story that best fits them and the life they’ve lived up to that moment. Hence, while some will identify with the themes of destruction and betrayal seen in Shingeki no Kyojin, others will identify with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s story of a fractured family.

While some will seek assistance in Welcome to the N.H.K. at difficult times in their lives, others will be drawn to the stories of friendship and teamwork in Haikyuu!! to urge them to work harder to achieve their goals.

What effect does anime have on our minds?

Depending on your personality, you may be affected by both the anime’s protagonistic and antagonistic components. Anime truly pays close attention to creating both features with great care.

Sometimes the villain’s point of view appears to be much more rational than the hero’s continuous rambling. Hence, until you are grown enough for that kind of exposure, you should avoid darker anime.

Other from that, most anime will always leave you with a fresh idea to think about. If you retain an open mind, your perspective can drastically change.

After viewing an anime, you will always be looking at the actual world through that lens, worrying about the consequences of the anime’s plot manifesting in real life. This may appear childish, and many may argue that fantasizing about unrealistic things is a waste of time, but I believe it keeps the imagination alive and the perspective broad. As long as you can keep the actual world and the anime world distinct in your mind.

The range of emotions depicted is astounding, and there is something for everyone; you simply need to select an anime genre.


  • Anime affects our lives both negatively and positively.
  • Anime unlike cartoons works on its storyline and artwork, making it an absolute treat to watch them.
  • Anime preaches moral lessons, motivational stories, and social issues that can make an individual learn from it.

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