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Creepy Anime Characters That Will Give You Chills

The craft of terror is difficult. The concept that a horror narrative is simply about jump scares and scary faces detracts from how subtle and strong the genre actually is, even though it has come to be associated with “cheap thrills.” 

A horror story told well may be terrifying on the surface as well as infuse the audience with a sense of anxiety that lingers long after the credits have rolled.

The phrase “right hands” mainly refers to the real villains that go bump in the night, even though the creators are the main Imagineer of these works. 

Any horror franchise’s main draw is its cast of characters, who may frighten viewers with anything from their demeanor to their sense of violence to even just their ideals. 

Even while Freddy and Jason are well-known characters in and of themselves, there are enough monsters in Anime to keep any viewer awake.

Here are the 10 creepiest characters ranked in descending order:

3Shion Sonozaki
1Mamoru Uchida
10 Creepiest Anime Characters

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Gotou (Parasyte: The Maxim)

The Maxim is a story about a planet that is experiencing a stealthy yet terrifying extraterrestrial invasion. 

These aliens referred to as “parasites” throughout the narrative, infect and take control of human bodies before modifying and transforming them to aid in fighting and feeding. 

This idea is already terrifying, but Gotou’s presence makes it scarier. 

Five parasites were combined to produce the superbeing known as Gotou in an experiment.

Because of this, he becomes much more powerful, his grotesque movements become much more unsettling, and his aggression and desire for blood grow even stronger.


Gotou, a devout adherent of the Gaean religion, thinks that the current situation of the world is the result of Mother Gaea being ignored and forgotten. 

Additionally, he thinks that the demons were old gods that had been reawakened to mend the planet’s problems and avert its annihilation.

Monokuma (Danganronpa: The Animation)

Monokuma has the kind of short fuse and spoiled attitude that makes a hostage situation even more explosive.

Who knew a stuffed animal could be so insane? Although Danganronpa makes a point of being terrified of the passersby, no one can quite match the robotic bear’s capacity for cruelty. 

Monokuma is the result of Junko Enoshima’s devious schemes and her plot’s primary goal to sow grief.

He has the kind of short fuse and spoiled attitude that makes a hostage situation even more explosive. 

He possesses the same heartlessness and campy dissonance that Junko’s death game demanded.

He genuinely turned into every student’s worst nightmare as the self-proclaimed headmaster of Hope Peak’s Academy.


On the surface, Monokuma appears to be laid-back and upbeat yet has a deeply menacing undertone. 

He is well renowned for his propensity to say and do whatever he wants, but he always rather soon shows his terrible character by discussing murder games and his yearning for despair. 

As encapsulated in one of his catchphrases, “thrills, chills, kills!” he enjoys panic, violence, and mayhem. 

He also has two distinct laughs that are uniquely his own: a sarcastic “ah-hahaha” and a cruel “puhuhu“.

Isabella (The Promised Neverland)

Even though The Promised Neverland contains gigantic, vile monsters that devour human flesh, the majority of them are nothing compared to the utter terror that Grace Field House’s Mama can instil. 

Isabella is a crafty and astute den mother who made her living by ensuring the happiness of her high-end goods, even after she eventually sold them.

Her pleasant face simply serves to conceal her position as a ruthless and tactful warden, despite pretending to be the orphan’s caring caregiver for so long. 

Isabella can keep a smile on her face no matter if she’s capturing the kids as they run away or questioning them about their lies.


Isabella was depicted as a happy, outgoing, free-spirited, and fun-loving little girl during her formative years who was especially close to her buddy Leslie. 

She had a humorous side as a child, as evidenced by the day she startled Leslie by jumping out of the tree. 

But ever since she lost Leslie and understood that the orphanage was growing them for the demons as livestock, Isabella’s demeanor underwent a significant transformation. 

From that point on, everything she did—including becoming a mother, giving birth to Ray, and sending the orphans off to become demon food—was done so that she might live longer and avoid being eaten by demons.

Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

Shiro lives on sweets!

Shiro might behave as an approachable childhood friend.

Nevertheless, her difficult upbringing, seclusion, and decades of clandestine experiments have made her into a monster, both literally and metaphorically in the sense that she becomes a blood-fueled weapon and has gotten desensitized to hurting people. 

Shiro seldom cares about human life even when she isn’t in her ruthless, fugue condition; towards the beginning of the novel, she even comes dangerously close to killing Ganta. 

But when she enters that gloomy realm, she transforms into a terrifying force that can frighten even the most powerful Branch of Sin practitioners.


Shiro is a clumsy, vivacious young woman. She consumes just sweets, which is probably why she has so much energy. 

Her lifelong love of sweets, especially cookies, is evident, and her sweet appetite might be a method for her to maintain a connection to her younger years. 

She has a very innocent perspective on life, which prevents her from understanding much. 

Shiro, for example, had a very simplistic understanding of love and didn’t even understand what a girlfriend was.

Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Magi Puella Madoka Magica has significantly tainted the cherished genre it is modelled after. 

Its female characters can be far more twisted and weak than any Sailor Moon heroine would ever admit, its take on the magical girl profession is far riskier, and it transforms the once-adorable mascot figure into a key antagonist. 

In the beginning, Kyubey emerges as a mystical creature that children see as a fateful encounter in most other fantasy tales. 

But despite his claims of granting wishes and guarding the planet, Kyubey is truly only after the girl’s intense feelings to appease his people. 

Despite how cuddly Kyubey appears, this little cat has caused other girls to endure anguish, misery, and even death.


Despite having a somewhat human appearance and voice, Kyubey is an Incubator and has no personal experience with human emotion. 

Kyubey and the other Incubators do not seem to have a unique sense of self, even though they appear to be individuals.

The Incubators are an emotionless race that aims to generate energy and stop the Heat Death of the Universe, which is the ultimate demise of the universe, by taking advantage of the thermodynamics-violating emotions of the human race. 

For the Incubators, it makes little difference that the method they employ to gather this power—Magical girls and Witches—would be viewed as abhorrently evil by people. 

They select this approach since it will help them achieve their objectives the fastest. 

Since they can not feel or comprehend the emotions necessary to act in such a way, none of the actions they conduct are ultimately wicked.

Megumi Shimizu (Shiki)

The story of how a small Japanese town ends itself in the heart of a vampire pandemic is told by Shiki.

Loved ones vanish, a fatal illness spreads throughout the neighborhood, and the new family that has come into town sparks widespread suspicion. 

Megumi Shimizu is the one to spook even the creepiest vampires in this series, albeit there are lots of them. 

Megumi, who was the first victim of the new vampire family, swiftly rose to the position of one of their most devoted operatives. 

She develops a deadly fixation with her high school love interest and tries to destroy all he cherishes. There are two types of crushing: having a crush and being crushed.


Megumi had a tendency to be selfish and frequently considered herself.

She detested Sotoba and felt as though she didn’t belong there; to make matters worse, the locals teased her for wearing nicely in a location like Sotoba. 

Although she pretended to be respectful and polite to the villagers, she secretly despised them for their lack of concern for how outsiders would perceive them. 

She frequently became irritated by their opinion that anything outside of Sotoba was strange and that her hopes of one day residing in a big city were irrational and a waste of time.

Gantz (Gantz)

Gantz is one of the strangest and most terrifying death game series available.

It uses recently deceased individuals and pits them against bizarre aliens of all sizes, shapes, and levels of dread in frightening sci-fi conflicts. 

Gantz, the balled-up man inside the black orb, is the true puppeteer, not the aliens that the characters appear to be fighting. 

He is in charge of the program and, if somebody offends him, he may get pretty irate. 

An individual may wind up as one of Gantz’s hunters or the very hunted of his deathly game, depending on whether he or she likes them.


When within the Sphere, Gantz’s humor is dark and caustic, calling the Hunters derogatory names like “Bitch,” “Titties,” and “Homo” on their profile screens, and frequently making remarks about how poorly they played the Game when awarding the points. 

It’s unclear if this characteristic applies to all clones or if the Tokyo Clones are the only ones with this sense of humor.

Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi: When They Cry)

When They Cry is already a surreal story that explores the sad motivations and pasts of its major characters as well as the horrific occurrences that they can bring about. 

Shion Sonozaki is at the core of several of the worst incidents in the series. Shion may seem like the kind, upbeat girl next door, but when the mood strikes, she can be incredibly vicious and unforgiving. 

Shion has developed into a cold and cunning person as a result of being exiled from her family at an early age and sent to attend a harsh and rigorous private school. 

She can utilize her intelligence and contempt for humanity to inflict mass agony, humiliation, and death when she develops Hinamizawa Syndrome.


Due to her education at St. Lucia, she appears to be more dainty and sophisticated than Mion, but she is actually more cunning, delinquent, and manipulating. 

She despised St. Lucia, calling it a “factory for creating ladies,” and frequently got into conflict with the law for different infractions. 

She researches all of the school’s security measures, guard rotations, and administrative staff actions to flee, to the point where she can influence them by spreading a rumor that she is having an affair with a male teacher. 

In Watanagashi-hen, she takes advantage of every opportunity to influence Keiichi to tease Mion and make her envious.

Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Lucy is also known as Kaede.

Lucy is a friendly, weak girl who hardly speaks, as Kouta and his friends may know. 

But a monster lies in wait to avenge the world beneath her pink bangs. The diclonius are a species of superhumans that Lucy belongs to. 

Although they have sharp horns, their main menace comes from their telekinetic, invisible arms, which have the ability to rip through a human body like ribbons. 

In particular, years of government testing combined with Lucy’s harsh background have warped her. 

With every reason to despise the world and abilities beyond human comprehension, Lucy has evolved into the ideal killer.


Lucy suffers from dissociative identity disorder and has at least three different identities. 

She was young when this illness first appeared. Her three primary alters are Nyu, Kaede/Lucy, and the DNA voice.

Mamoru Uchida (Perfect Blue)

What many Anime fans—or lovers of any media—afraid to become is embodied by Mamoru Uchida

He is a silent, lowly man who is frequently avoided due to his poor social skills and intimidating appearance. 

When Uchida hears that his hero Mima has switched from singing to acting, he becomes upset and more and more fixated on her. 

As a result, he begins to pursue Mima, write her ominous messages, and even make an attempt at killing her. 

Even the most devoted otaku may hesitate before purchasing that next figurine because of him. 

He is the kind of fan that every celebrity dreads will be waiting outside their doors.


Mamoru is a cruel and psychotic man who would kill anyone or anything that stood in the way of his plans. 

He revels in the suffering of others, saying that he experienced a similar feeling many years earlier. 

He is insane, and until he achieves his major objective, he will only pay attention to that.

Also, check out this video to know more about the creepiest Anime characters.

Hope it helps!


  • Unfamiliar viewers may compare Anime to other animations that are typically made for children. 
  • This might be because people believe that Anime is always filled with cutesy characters and garishly colorful graphics.
  • Anime does have a few characters who engage in dubious behavior that would even frighten fans of horror films, confusing both younger and older audiences. 
  • These frightening individuals make us squirm in our chairs with their disturbing presence while gasping at their unique persona in the face of likable heroes with an unwavering moral compass.
  • Some of the creepiest Anime characters are Lucy, Gantz, and Mamoru.

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