The Next Generation: What Is Kara’s Goal In Naruto?

The story starts with Boruto who is a child of Naruto Uzumaki, who aspires to be a powerful samurai like his dad and his comrades. Boruto has always been eager to distinguish himself in the ninja community and escape his dad’s influence.

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The article provides a brief explanation of the type of organization Boruto founded, known as the Kara group.

Despite Naruto being a fantastic warrior, the plot centers on a younger generation of warriors who are prepared for the spotlight and are led by Boruto, Naruto’s actual kid.

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GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Volumes18 lists of Volumes
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In the article, the kind of organization formed by Boruto is briefly explained which was titled as Kara group. Keep reading to have a detailed knowledge of the Anime.

What is Kara?

Kara is a secret society that was once commanded by Isshiki tsutsuki and afterward by Code.

The group is divided into “Inners” and “Outers,” with each Inner in command of a specific region. Each Inner has a Roman numeral tattoo on his or her face and wears a black hooded cloak with colored lining that is tied at the right shoulder with a metal button; all Inners are considered entirely monstrous in power.

The Inners are the organization’s backbone; if all of them were to go down, the Outers would practically cease to function, and Kara would come to an end.

Outers are persons who, from the outside, support Kara’s beliefs and perform objectives assigned by the Inners, functioning as conspirators, sleeper agents, and spies.

What is Kara Clan’s goal?

A bunch of individuals that engage in dodgy dealings in the covert while awaiting the right opportunity to accomplish their goal make up the organization known as Kara. The main members of this enigmatic clan, whose initial goal is unclear, are exceedingly strong, and the group’s leader is incredibly powerful.

Moreover, it now even happens to be immensely wealthy and powerful politically. Letting their wishes become a reality is Kara’s goal. The Chakra fruit, which is the product of the Lord of Trees, can be obtained by finding and gathering it.

Regardless of the lack of actual assurance that this is actually correct, this group will not ever challenge the claims of its commander since they firmly think that somehow this chakra of fruit will accomplish their goals.

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Who is the members of Kara?

The “Inner” and “Outer” members of Kara have been given below.

“Inner” members chart have been given below.

InnersStatusRoman numeral
DeltaReprogrammed for Konoha’s use by AmadoI
Koji KashinDefectedII
BoroKilled by Momoshiki-possessed BorutoIII
Jigen (leader’s vessel)Killed by Koji KashinIV
Amado SanzuDefected to KonohagakureN/A
Isshiki Ōtsutsuki (leader)Expired from improper revival; soul extinguished with no vesselN/A
VictorKilled by Koji KashinV
CodeSurvived to next iterationVI
Deepa (Anime only)Crushed by falling debris, later revived and killed again by AmadoVII
Ōga (Anime only)DefectedVIII
The members of the “Inner”.

“Outer” members chart have been given below.

AoKilled by Koji Kashin
BugSurvived to next iteration
Garashi Tōno (Anime only)Committed suicide
GarōKilled by Kawaki
Iwa Doctor (Anime only)Absorbed by Victor’s God Tree
Kiseru Gankubi (Anime Only)Survived to next iteration
Victor’s Secretary (Anime only)Killed by Orochimaru
The members of the “Outer”.

How the Kara members can be categorized?

A sad anime opening scene from Boruto.
The group’s internal members are more educated about its strategy and main objectives.

Under the leadership of commander Jigen, the members of Kara can be seen categorized into two which are the inner members and the outer ones.

The internal members of the group are more knowledgeable about its strategy and key goals. Members participate in significant conferences with the leaders to discuss problems faced in their group. Participants of the interior organization adhere to a uniform policy and have particular facial tattoos and marks. Kawaki describes them as being absolutely powerful beasts.

The inner members include Jigen, Delta, Victor, Code, Boro, Koji, Deepa, and Amado.

In contrast to their inner representatives, the outer personnel is not always given the same or more detail. They don’t show up at the crucial discussions for the corp. The core representatives give them orders to complete tasks on their behalf. They include Ao, Bug, Garo, Ada, Secretary of Victor, and Iwa’s doctor.

Are Kara members Otsutsuki?

Yes, the members of the Kara Clan are Otsutsuki as they blindly follow their leader who is Otsutsuki.

Interestingly, there is a link between the Kara group and the Otsutsuki gang. When Kaguya Otsutsuki eventually arrived on Earth, it is stated that she was coupled by a certain member of Otsutsuki. This Otsutsuki participant has been really reflected by their commander, Jigen.

It is indicated that at a specific point, he turned to Jigen as his carrier even though it is tough to determine where he has been or how well he has been able to survive. Interestingly, the Kara representatives, like Amado, don’t hesitate to obey him despite their knowledge that he belongs to the Otsutsuki.

Who is the strongest in the Kara group?

Among all the Kara members, Code may be considered the one having the most powers.

Code is the strongest characters in the Kara group from Boruto.
Code is viewed as a complete monster.

In regards to power, Code is thought to be an absolute monster. The entire level of his powers is uncertain, but according to Amado, Jigen’s maximum fighting skills fade in comparison to his, rendering Kara’s mightiest warriors. He has demonstrated expert hand-to-hand fighting skills, skillfully dodging and deflecting Kawaki’s blows.

Code can turn certain body parts of his into weapons. He has the ability to change his fingertips into incredibly sharp blades that can easily pierce the skin. The special power to combine blood and chakras to form and disperse innumerable black bands, such as the ones wrapping his arms and face, too was granted to him.

Those bands would stick to everything that they touched and function as a private doorway through which he can walk over, whether partially or entirely, enabling him to attack from whatever position the bands hit.
Code had further adjustments as limitations to curb the immense strength he got out of White Kama.

Final Verdict

  • The story of mentioned Anime is you can say the successor of one most notable Anime, Naruto, as the son of the same Ninja became the reason for the progression of the tale.
  • To pursue their goals and wishes, the coming generations of Boruto formed Kara, a group of people organized to accomplish their tasks through any means.
  • Each member of the group has its own powers either less or more than the other.

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