Best Gender Bender Anime (Top Picks)

As far as animation goes, Anime continues to be one of the most varied kinds of entertainment since Japanese animators have various ideas about genres and cliché. 

For example, the gender-bender Anime subgenre continues to be popular with lovers. 

However, despite the fact that all gender-bender Anime have the same fundamental premise—a person changing their gender—the ways in which their narratives are structured almost always vary.

Since there are so many gender-bender Anime accessible to watch, it might be challenging for Anime lovers to select one that’s worthwhile of their time and money. 

Thankfully, some gender-bending Anime succeed in standing out from the crowd. Let’s check them out.

1The Minami Family
2Kokoro Connect
3Secret Princess
4Cinderella Boy
5Your Name
6Ouran High School Host Club
7Ranma ½
8Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
List of best gender-bender Anime.

The Minami Family

Although The Minami Family itself doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on the gender-bender subgenre, its freeform slice-of-life structure has more than enough flexibility to allow the genre to be included into the primary plot. 

The investigation of the lives of the three Minami sisters, Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki, who live independent lives with few relatives, serves as the main focus of The Minami Family.
The investigation of the lives of the three Minami sisters, Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki, who live independent lives with few relatives, serves as the main focus of The Minami Family.

The central theme of The Minami Family is the exploration of the lives of the three Minami sisters, Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki, who lead autonomous lives with few relatives. 

Because of this, the sisters’ often unoccupied home is frequently occupied by friends and classmates who all have some strange or amusing relationship with the sisters.

Makoto, often known as Mako-chan, is one such classmate who has a major crush on Kana Minami. 

The two other sisters believe that having him constantly cross-dress is a good idea in order to get closer to her. 

Although this unique perspective on love is intriguing, Makoto and his struggle to accept cross-dressing as a part of his daily life are inspirational, especially for people who just want to be themselves.

Kokoro Connect

There aren’t many members of the Student Cultural Society Club at Yamaboshi High. They actually don’t give a damn, though. 

After all, Taichi, Iori, Himeko, Yoshifumi, and Yui founded the club since they didn’t fit in any of the academy’s other clubs. 

There, though, things aren’t quite so straightforward. They start shifting bodies suddenly and without any obvious cause. 

Aoki and Yui switch at first, but eventually, everyone has at least once walked in the other person’s shoes. 

They all have their own dark sides, and nobody wants their secrets to be revealed to the public, so this doesn’t help them get closer.

Compared to the other games on the list, Kokoro Connect takes a little bit of a more serious tone. 

It addresses both the troubling aspects of realizing one day that your body no longer corresponds to the gender you identify with and also that it isn’t your own body. You are a friend of the person whose life you are currently occupying. 

All 13 of the episodes in the series are a tremendous treat because this is taken in some very intriguing areas.

Kokoro Connect adopts a little more somber tone than the other games on the list.
Kokoro Connect adopts a little more somber tone than the other games on the list.

Secret Princess

The Manga series Secret Princess, often referred to as Himegoto, follows the life of Hime Arikawa, a high school student with a significant debt that he had no way of repaying. 

Hime’s debt is paid off thanks to the student council at Shimoshina High School. Hime now has to put on a girl’s outfit and work for the student council for the remainder of his time in high school, though, as payment.

Secret Princess is still a good slice-of-life Anime with fascinating stories that explore friendship, camaraderie, and even a little bit of romance, despite the rather outlandish approach to the plot. 

And in keeping with the gender-bending Anime trend, Secret Princess includes a large cast of individuals with distinct characteristics who all eventually open up to Hime and give him the chance to help them develop into better people.

Cinderella Boy

An really entertaining animation called Cinderella Boy is based on a Monkey Punch one-shot Manga. 

Contrary to popular belief given the name of the main character, it was really written far earlier than the well-known Ranma 1—even if the Anime was created much, much later. 

Ranma and Rella were different people, so even though their bodies changed gender, they still reacted very differently to how they woke up—typically wearing the other person’s clothes. It’s a very funny take on the genre. 

A short, charming, and highly amusing series that will make you smile at least once per episode.

In the futuristic yet hazardous Kirin Town, Ranma Hinamatsuri and Rella “Cindy” Shirayuki run a private detective business. 

Due to his propensity to accept cases not because they pay but rather because he is a gentleman and Rella is highly affluent and loves being in perilous situations, Ranma has a lot of problems. 

However, since a car accident, neither has seen the other and what’s even more concerning is that they both experience 24-hour blackouts during which they are unable to recall anything they did yet wind up awakening in really bizarre circumstances.

What they don’t realize is that the doctor who saved their lives after their accident ended up putting both of them in the same body. 

As a result, when the clock strikes midnight, they switch places with no memory of what the other person accomplished.

Your Name

Your Name is a riveting tale of two star-crossed lovers and is arguably one of the most captivating Anime movies of recent years. 

Two unexpected personalities are compelled to live in each other's bodies after exchanging bodies.
Two unexpected personalities are compelled to live in each other’s bodies after exchanging bodies.

The animation, which takes place in 2013, features Taki Tachibana from Tokyo, who just wants a quieter life in the country, and rural girl Mitsuha Miyamizu, who wants to live as “a Tokyo boy” in her future life. 

The following day, they unexpectedly trade bodies and are forced to live in each other’s bodies. 

As the series proceeds, the two of them frequently write one another notes to interact with one another and quickly grow close. Their fates become entangled with the approach of the comet Tiamat, despite the fact that their separation makes it possible that they will never be able to meet.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is a thorough and lively interpretation of the love aspect of gender-bender Anime, and it may be considered a classic example of the genre. 

The focus of the Anime is on Haruhi Fujioka, a student at the exclusive Ouran Academy. 

Haruhi discovers an abandoned music room that the Host Club, a group of male students who provide tea and sweets to female “clients” as entertainment, utilized while looking for a quiet spot to study.

Haruhi is forced to pay back the loan as the Host Club’s errand boy after she accidentally breaks an antique vase in the room. 

Unfortunately for them, despite Haruhi’s gender-neutral appearance, they are unaware that she is a female. 

Haruhi gradually gets to know each member of the Host Club as a result of the antics and hijinks that come from this. 

Because of the cast’s chemistry and the charming approach to the genre that this slice-of-life gender bender takes, it’s worth watching.

The gender-bending anime series Ouran High School Host Club is a detailed and engaging representation of the romantic side of the genre.
The gender-bending Anime series Ouran High School Host Club is a detailed and engaging representation of the romantic side of the genre.

Ranma ½

The story of Ranma Saotome, who is cursed after falling into Jusenkyo’s cursed springs while on a training journey, is explored in Ranma ½, which is arguably the most iconic example of a traditional gender-bending animation. 

According to a legend, anyone who is cursed by the springs would assume the form of everything that drowned there many years ago; Ranma does this. 

Fortunately, exposure to either hot or cold water will change him back into their other form. 

Sadly for Ranma, this starts a strange adventure as he tries to reconcile his life with this newly discovered supernatural gift—or is it a curse?

Given its unique blend of slice-of-life, light martial arts, and romance, Ranma ½ is still a delightful watch today despite its age. 

Ranma’s continual form-changing antics are hilarious, especially when he begins juggling the several relationships that are entailed in the process.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches continues Ryu Yamada’s exploits while delving deeper into the supernatural aspect of the genre. 

A typical high school student, Ryu accidentally falls upon Urara Shiraishi, causing the two of them to trade bodies. 

Due to this strange event, the Supernatural Studies club is reactivated, and Yamada and its members learn that there are witches in the school, each of whom has unique skills and talents.

They soon learn that Yamada’s kiss performs additional magical functions in addition to triggering the witches’ powers. 

Unfortunately, a number of catastrophes begin to occur near the school, and the club must find a way to halt or prevent them. 

For fans of gender-bending, this magical girl’s take on the subject is incredibly distinctive, making the Anime a must-watch.

Top 10 Gender Bender


  • The Anime genre known as Anime Gender Bender has a lot of fresh and intriguing material. with the Anime series Gender Bender, which has characters with switched genders. 
  • For whatever reason, the male character changes into a female, and the female changes into a male, leading to a variety of funny events centered around the characters’ new lives.
  • In the Gender Bender Anime genre, it was this gender switch that produced a novelty that drew a lot of attention from the public.

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