A Portal To The Anime World (Can It Happen?)

We’ve all had moments when we wish we could just jump into the universe of our favorite anime. A world full of characters you admire, heroes you idolize, dangerous enemies you must defeat, and a whole new world to explore. Most of us think it sounds like heaven.

So we’re trying to find any means to get into the world of our dreams, but is it even possible?

In a nutshell, yes, but not in the way you might expect. It is unusual and involves the use of lucid dreaming.

Here’s a table for my top picks of worlds I’d like to live in according to their genre.

RomanceTonikaku Kawaii
Fantasy Black Clover
DarkAttack on Titan
AdventureHunter X Hunter
Table of my top picks and their genres

Join me as I investigate the possibilities of this “what if.”

Does the Anime world exist?

The anime world might be the ideal world we wanted to live, but sadly it is the world far from where we are.

Yes, anime may exist in another universe, though it’s far-fetched.

I don’t associate the parallel universe with the multi-universe idea. A parallel universe is based on the concept of choices that we could have made but didn’t. We branch off in a parallel universe, and our self branches off and follows the others.

Consider this: we all have layers to our personalities, and our personalities evolve. While we will have standards or ideals that we will adhere to, we are also people who are influenced by our surroundings and circumstances. Given the situation and whatever side of the bed we tumbled out of this morning, we may find ourselves acting differently toward people or making different decisions.

A parallel universe contains the aspects of ourselves that didn’t get the chance to manifest because we were preoccupied with the aspect that we chose. But we ALL have to make decisions, and those decisions frequently entail more than one item we would want to have done or do; if the circumstances were different, you could choose the thing you didn’t do ‘this’ time.

If someone had the concept to make Anime here, some ideas are floating on time currents. The thoughts are out there, just as a thought can travel from one side of the world to your brain.

Anything that exists here can also exist in other universes, however, they may or may not be the same.

YOU may be the anime that someone else produced. You may wonder how that is possible.
It has to do with the nature of binary and digitalization, as well as energy, pulses, neurons, synapses, and so on.

In a parallel universe, the digital could be just as ‘real’ as biological beings are here.

A multi-universe situation could be the same in that we exist in both worlds, but it doesn’t have to be.

The multi-universe notion could be, and most likely is, completely independent from what we know here (I could say ‘IS,’ but this is a word that requires scientific confirmation for something to be affirmed with certainty).

Parallel travels parallel to us and each other, and some are completely backward from what we know. The multi-universe would be greater, and also further ‘out’ than what our space can reach. Worlds distinct from ‘us,’ as we know ‘us,’ out there in the vast beyond.

Is Anime Real?

There’s no reason why not, and once again, Anime might be the genuine truth, while our makeup and everything we know are their fabrication.

Of course, there is another thought that we haven’t addressed here. Everything you perceive in your universe is entirely in your head; you’re your universe.

Your body is the cosmos in which your mind resides, but even without your body, your mind might still exist in some other form as electrical impulses, which means that, yes the anime that you know here can, does, or will exist at some point in the future. The more you can conceive, the broader and deeper your space and Universe become.

What exactly is the anime world portal?

Anime World Portal is designed to introduce you to the world of online games via Google Maps.

The search result displays the location that Google pinned. I have directed my investigation toward gaming and, surprise discovered it. That it is nothing more than a Japanese-developed online video game.

Because of its remarkable features, this game is becoming increasingly famous around the world. The developers of the Anime World Google Maps included many features to make it more pleasant.

Where can I find anime world?

Portal to the World of Anime People utilizes Google Maps to find information about Japan’s anime series, Anime World Portal.

People are searching for it on Google Maps using the term. They use it to determine whether it is a restaurant, museum, or tourist attraction.

Anime is a Japanese webpage dedicated to animated dramas. We discovered this important knowledge after bringing attention to each piece of information and connecting each lead.

Is it possible to travel to the Realm of Anime?

Even if we try to, there is no known portal or any means to travel into the anime realm.

No. It’s a definite no.

Even if the multiverse infinite reality theory is right, we would still be living in a three-dimensional world. We, as three-dimensional beings, can’t travel to a two-dimensional environment.

Although there may be anime-like realities, forget about violating the laws of physics; even if all humans have spiky hair and strangely big muscles, you can’t travel faster than light or make energy from nothing.

We can’t access other realms or universes with our current rudimentary technology, and we can’t even physically reach the next closest galaxy, Andromeda.

Although, in a few eons, when humanity learns how to control the fourth dimension, namely time and space, by tinkering with black and wormholes, we may be able to make long-distance travel instantaneous.

There is, however, still hope. While anime cannot physically exist, it can live in our thoughts and as a virtual reality that we can access.

We have already developed VR gear and games that are frighteningly similar to reality. With our current progress, it wouldn’t be shocking if we improve Virtual Reality to the point where it can’t be distinguished from actual reality.

There’s also the possibility of dreaming, and I mean true dreams. I’m sure we can all attest to dreaming about kicking some villain’s ass and having that dream feel very real. Scientists and sleep specialists are working tirelessly to unravel the mysteries and workings of the human brain.

Once we’ve done that, we should be able to adjust or recommend our dreams in such a way that we’ve power over them. Dreaming while asleep, we could create our own realities, narratives, and waifus.

Also, some worlds may not be a field trip living in. For example:

Top 10 worlds no one would live in

What is the most effective way to enter the world of Anime?

Quantum shifting and infinite reality haven’t been confirmed yet, and presumably won’t be for decades, and VR isn’t yet advanced enough to be fully indistinguishable from reality, leaving us with only one option, lucid dreaming.

My recommendation is to learn how to lucid dream. Simply described, lucid dreaming is the ability to recognize that you are dreaming while dreaming. There are several levels of consciousness in a dream, but the more conscious you are in a dream, the more real the experience becomes.

If you practice lucid dreaming sufficiently, you can change the dream environment at your leisure. Some things you can do that I’ve done are as follows:

  • Flying in a dream is something that many people wish to experience. Try it. Have a good time.
  • Control the surroundings and bend them to your will; if you want to go somewhere else, simply imagine that you will be somewhere else, and you might end up there.
  • Take command of the elements. Fire lightning from your hand. Believe me, it’s entertaining; I’ve even performed a Kamehameha.
  • Create anime-style characters and plots.

How to Lucid Dream?

Lucid dreamers have the ability to manipulate their dreams while sleeping.

There are numerous methods for learning to lucid dream; my recommendation is to thoroughly research your options and find what works best for you.

But for now, I’ll provide you with what I personally practiced.

Step 1: Begin a Dream Journal

In the morning, begin jotting down your dreams.

Before you do anything else when you wake up, write down all you remember about your dreams. Your “dream recollection” will get better gradually with time.

We dream numerous times a night, so if you say you can’t remember any in the morning, don’t panic, the simple desire to remember your dreams will force you to remember them over time.

Step 2: Conduct Reality Checks

So, now that you have a good dream memory, you may proceed to step two, or if you already have a good dream recall, use this in conjunction with step one (dream journal).

A reality check is exactly what it sounds like: a test to determine whether or not you are in “reality,” or waking life. You conduct these reality checks throughout the day, about 10 or so times a day is a nice number, but not required, and this will become such a habit that it will transfer over into your dreams.

As a result, when you perform a test to see if you’re awake, the outcome will be different in a dream. A simple reality check would be to check your hands to see whether they are normal.

In most nightmares, you’ll have a lot of fingers, or they’ll be extended or discolored, or otherwise malformed in some way. Look at them when awake and consider if you are asleep or awake. The more thorough you are with these, the more likely you are to have a lucid dream.

Step 3: Induction Methods

The last thing I’ll tell you before I send you off is to look into some induction tactics. These are some additional strategies to increase your chances of having a lucid dream. The MILD approach, which stands for a mnemonic-induced lucid dream, is one example.

A mnemonic device is simply a phrase used to help you remember things. To use this strategy, just before going to bed, repeat to yourself in your brain a sentence like “tonight I will recognize I’m dreaming” to increase your odds of actually discovering you’re dreaming.

Don’t overdo it to the point where it keeps you awake all night, but it should be the last thing in your thoughts before going to bed. This is just one example, and it’s not for everyone; if you want more, look into FILD, WBTB, or WILD methods.

Another good idea is to establish a consistent sleeping habit. You’re required to sleep 8 hours! If your body has a regular sleeping pattern, you are more likely to have a lucid dream.

Don’t worry too much! This should be an escape for you, and developing this talent takes time.

Some people learn it faster than others, but once you do, it’s entirely worth it. Another simple technique to improve your chances of having a lucid dream is to read about it. In your case, you’ll be able to escape reality by entering any fantasy world you want.

Dreams are experienced in real-time, and your longest dream cycle will be around an hour so that you might have an hour of no constraints, rules, or restrictions, just pure happiness.


  • An alternate reality where every anime character lives could be real, but it’s far-fetched and we’ve no way of conforming nor accessing such reality.
  • We can instead opt for virtual reality and lucid dreaming, both quite potent.
  • Technology for virtual reality is developing at a fast pace, and it won’t be a surprise if we can create a reality indistinguishable from our own, filled with characters that we adore so much.
  • Lucid dreaming could also help achieve that goal, but it takes some work to get used to.

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